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  • The intent of solo dungeons is to run them solo, group dungeons to run with 5 max, and the new elite with 20 max. With that said to somewhat even the odds why not just apply the "blob" feature you already have in game to this content. Any group size larger than the designed group size for that particular dungeon would show on the map as a blob. In a solo dungeon any group of 2 or more would blob, group dungeon 6 or more, and elite 21 or more. It should be easy to implement as the feature already…

  • Shozen

    Tabor - - Rants


    There is no way around it that this event was a shit show disaster. With that said the people that are saying they are quitting the game over this event is equally ridiculous.

  • No Mounts in Town

    Tabor - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Perhaps they can just add a mute mount sound option. That would be easier and more practical.

  • Carebear?

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    What is even more funny is of course this "warning" system is only in the zerg dungeons. So the solo guy running a dungeon or the standard 5 man group can still get ass pounded by larger groups running in behind them but of course we need to protect the zerg dungeon runners. This game really needs to stop providing incentive for N+1 shit. For the record I just think there needs to be consistency on this one preferably with no dungeon types receiving warning. I will keep saying it the only way th…

  • I like the idea of hideouts being hard and costly to destroy. Conceptionly hideouts were introduced to allow many more guilds to base out in black since the previous city plots were hoarded by zergs. More guilds based in BZ should mean more consistent traffic in BZ. If it was easy to just destroy it would go against the goal of getting more activity migrated out to black.

  • The 1h spear speed build is also all over the damn place right now in low man PvP. Inner focus is actually a pretty broken OP ability that spear users have finally just started using in the past few months consistently. Getting major damage and speed increases for extended periods on short CDs allow 1h spear users to dictate fights easily.

  • Mobile: Planned Improvements

    Tabor - - Mobile Version


    I still have zero idea how anyone could actually play a PvP MMO on a damn cell phone but hey if they can do something that works for you folks it is always nice having more people out in the world to fight.

  • Gear swapping disabled in gates would be a fun change. People would actually have to think of how to work around their opponents strengths instead of simply swapping to the gear counter. Let's add skill back to the gates!

  • Dev intervention needs to be mechanics based. Ever since launch zerg alliances have hoarded territories because the mechanics allow that functionality. If they find these new changes still do not improve that situation (if they even think that needs improving) they can further change mechanics by making incremental territory holding more costly. Examples would be silver tax, much higher food consumption, things of that nature.

  • Haha that is hilarious Roccandil. That is just not how they operate.

  • I noticed like like half of Albion streams are now of shit players playing 1h spear running in circles ratting 2s gates. That content is in such an embarrassing spot SBI really needs to stop sitting on their asses with this. An immediate change is needed even if temporary while they work on an overhaul. Once again this has been a problem for ages getting worse and worse over time so I do not want to hear any Devs working on Queen cop out excuses.

  • Exactly above. More variety of guilds are gaining territory atm simply because most large guilds/alliances no longer care. They have secured their season point goals and have little reason to hold territory until Queen. It will be interesting to watch Queen but any content that is advantageous to just N+1 zerg will most likely end up that way. Time will tell.

  • The challenge this has is the fact that people have real lives. They cannot always be online to prevent other people from taking their stuff if that type of environment existed. That has always been the challenge with truly harcore loot games and why they often die quick deaths. Albion has a decent balance of full loot PvP while also having safe storage options. I do however agree with the OW crate. It is silly to have the option to destroy that and not get the loot inside. The new Queen update …

  • Claws Can we please just nerf them already

    Tabor - - Rants


    You are correct Acoustic that a group of claws players will easily die to any normal other group setup. However they also know this so just never take group fights. Hence the main issue with ganking they can easily kill outnumbered opponents with little escape counterplay available on the targets side (I agree with cleric robe however that typically gets purged right away) while also easily just dipping if any other group runs by. That is why the increased trash rates driven by highly unbalanced…

  • Neef do you actually solo PvP on a regular basis as curse? I tested again recently and verified sickle is trash in solo PvP as once again the vast majority of builds are mobile and can easily avoid your double stack sickle. Additionally even if that was not true the fact you need to spend time in general to stack damage as a DoT class and your opponent can simply use his helm and all your DoTs are removed while he also takes a heal offsetting all damage you previously inflicted is a nonsensical …

  • I believe the Crystal League timer situation today is driven by the fact that they have season points/incremental rewards tied to them. What they could do is still leave that in place but allow a custom death match to be fought at any time. These death matches could be launched similar to the scrim feature today and just would not have any additional rewards tied to them other than the gear of your opponents. This in theory would solve the issue presented in gates where often your opponents are …

  • I am not sure what you mean by this? If you are referring to the "mastery" line that just unlocks the tier use of the weapon/armor while the outer 'specialization" is available for you to unlock at the specific weapon/armor spec.

  • Owl all those things could happen true if all the mentioned alts had premium. However as I mentioned in my post that could also happen today and no one does it. In fact it is more risky today being you can be dove by several players and yet no one is using alts to watch dungeon entrances in SRDs.

  • T5 red zones back to yellow

    Tabor - - Feedback Testserver


    I would trade being killable everywhere if I was flagged red if the trade off was I also did not receive reputation loss. But otherwise that would be a big no and overly punishing to solo/small scale PvPers who already take a huge risk flagging up.

  • great holy staff

    Tabor - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    They could do that but in reality an AOE big heal that also knocks back opponents at a 20 sec CD is OP in general. Your point above just illustrates this. The team should have to fall back to you for heals as the healer but right now it is so strong that often the healers just no brain bonzi into the fight and push E because of the knock back feature. Double healer in general should not function strongly unless the healing output of healers is just to strong which may be the case based on feedba…