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  • Queen Update - Ver. 1.16.392 / REV 158262 - 20 January 2020 Features New Outlands The Queen update completely reworks the Outlands, with lower-tier zones at the outer edge and higher-tier zones at the center. This allows guilds of different strengths to compete at their own levels, and alongside numerous additional new systems such as Hideouts and Open-World Territory Battles (see below), allows guilds to truly live in the Outlands. The updated Outlands continent contains three small towns: Arth…

  • 16b7aec4c97ea3ec5a7841121d77c2109d4b6d35.jpeg Hello all, With the Queen update going live on Monday, we've reposted important info about player and item migration, as well as player amnesty, due to the Outlands rework. Click here to read more:…em-migration-queen-update

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “…n-World-Territory-Battles access denied? ” Apologies, the link was incorrect. Here's the correct link (also fixed in the original post):…n-World-Territory-Battles

  • Dev Talk: Hideouts

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    The Queen update arrives on January 20, bringing a huge number of new features. One of the biggest and most anticipated of these is Hideouts. In our newest Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys covers what Hideouts are, how they work, and the range of new opportunities they open up for Albion's guilds. [url][/url] No time to watch the video, or prefer a written summary? Click here:

  • crjhn2c.jpg Guild Season 8 begins on Saturday, February 1st. Read on for important dates, plus information about what's new this season and how to earn Season Points. Season 8 Changes Season 8 will be a more traditional season in terms of its structure. However, all the new mechanics and the new world will keep it exciting and fresh. The focus of this season will be on the new Open World Territory Battles, Crystal League and Castles. Additionally, we have also increased the total Guild Challenge…

  • During today's maintenance we deployed a small patch to improve game performance. This should be the final patch before the Queen update goes live on 20. January.

  • [url][/url] This Sunday, Caerleon makes its final stand. Read more details here, and join the fight:

  • e55f9b1c96e3693aab692b7d28e7da5636504c4e.png Rex the Red checks in from Mercia, where events have taken a deadly new turn:…rt-3-spiraling-into-chaos

  • Quote from kamilasd1: “1. Item description 2. Polish 3.String is technically correct but the wording is incorrect. 4. PL: Można wymienić: NIE ENG: Tradable: NO wymienić means swap or replace in the literal sense. 5. Można handlować: NIE ” Thanks for the report. After consulting with our translators and checking the strings ingame, both versions of the string were actually too long. We've updated 2 strings as follows: Można wymienić: (YES/NO) -> Handel: (YES/NO) (Should be clear since this only a…

  • We will be launching several new wallpapers when Queen goes live - look for the updated links here and on our News page sometime during the week of January 20-27.

  • 2ddb70c883888e95cf504851edf80e0177cfcec3.jpeg Queen is coming! This update brings a complete rework of the Outlands, open-world territory control, Hideouts, Elite Dungeons and Avalonian Armor, the Crystal League, Wardrobe Skins, and numerous additional changes and improvements. See the official update page for more information:

  • Changelog: Avalonian Invasion Third Phase - 4 January 2020 - In addition to the Avalonian Mage world bosses, which will continue to give Season Points, the Avalonian Construct, a new world boss, will appear in the Outlands. They will appear at random throughout the Outlands, spawn approximately every 5 hours, are suited for groups of 10-20, and give Season Points as follows: - Anglia and Glouvia: 80 Season Points - Cumbria and Siluria: 112 Season Points - Mercia: 144 Season Points - In addition …

  • Quote from MMOLIFE: “@PrintsKaspian Is the points listed in the article, before points are doubled? Thanks! ” The doubled points mentioned only apply to territories. So points earned from Avalonian World Bosses will remain at their quoted levels throughout the season.

  • 6ea069acbc58b4ac6bc7c3c05f8091139639243d.jpeg Saturday marks the third Territory Reset Day of the Avalonian Invasion Standalone Season, with a new type of Avalonian world boss appearing in the Outlands. Read more here:…ns-bring-fearsome-new-foe

  • Happy New Year, Adventurers! Start the year off right with the return of the Frost Challenge – earn Challenge Points, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Frost Ram. DfCzY5C.gif For more details, click here:

  • Hello all, With 2020 nearly upon us, we're taking a look back on everything that happened in the world of Albion over the past year. First off, a look at all things Game Development in 2019: Our year-end Community Roundup includes contributions from the greater Albion Online community, focused on some of the best video content from the past year: And finally, with the Avalonian Invasion Standalon…

  • 17bfce70388c65a1421a35c889692d41501d95af.png With the year drawing to a close and the Avalonian Invasion in full swing, it's the perfect time for a special eight-day Fame Boost! Details:

  • Quote from Liveor: “1. Realmgate (Caerleone in my case). Message window with misprint occures, when you try teleporting to different portals in short time. 2. Russian. 3. String is technically correct but the wording is incorrect. Typo. 4. "В данный момент, вы можете путешествовать только к выходу их последнего использованного портала." 5. "В данный момент, вы можете путешествовать только к выходу из последнего использованного портала." bug_ui_portal_500.jpgi.gif ” Thanks for the message, This s…

  • fd7cd38d923a14f893831726e5130b53166414d5.png The second phase of the Avalonian Invasion continues. Read more and check the AlbionTV broadcast schedule here:…nues-watch-reset-day-live

  • The Queen update arrives on January 20, bringing a massive redesign of the Outlands and numerous new features like the Crystal League. In our newest Dev Talk, Game and Level Designer Dominik Müller discusses what the Crystal League is, how it works, and the role it plays in Albion Online. [url][/url] **Apologies for the poor audio quality on this video - we had a microphone malfunction. You can ready a full written summary of his talk here: albiononline…