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  • finally some good update i heard from albion. Allright keep that way your updates i will come back inside over a long time. territory capture system changed > that is the best thing you ever made in albion.

  • i still dont play albion since the caerleon patch. The problems of caerleon and teleports : - The whole game have to focus on same spot. - Theres no local territories and markets and actual feeling of it. - I understand Teleports being in game. Lets say theres magic in Albion. But All teleports are in same spot. even tho you color them and try to populate other cities; it doesnt feel that way. - You should rework Teleport idea. MY advice is let guilds build teleports and make it a sandbox elemen…

  • this place is dead as fuck

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    oh hey, their data feedbacking them

  • This game is a sandbox illusion

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    dont worry guys i planned a game : moba-ish sandbox mmorpg that player-driven-economy, full-loot, conquare game and without TIERS. There will be races - more competitive world - less grind(at least enjoyable grind. Not to wear higher tier) and i will satisfy everyone inside a hardcore game with realism. and create your second life. just you wait.

  • anladımki

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    albiondan adam olmaz. devler baya kalın kafalı. Ama onları anlıyorum sonuçta bu tür işlerin en büyük sıkıntısı tek başına karar verememek ve işi yapanların hepsinin aynı fikirde olmaması. Kimisi para odaklı düşünüyor kimisi oyun içerisinde rage e bağlamış gibi updateler atıyor kimiside "yav şöle şu oyun gibi bişi yapsak nasıl olur yaf" diyip oyunu cümbür cemaat meyve salatasına çevirmeye ant içmiş gibi takılıyorlar. velhasıl. Oyunu bırakıyorum updatelere bakarım ama roadmapta görünene göre 2 yıl…

  • Dont get me wrong. Your priority should be the map and removing teleports. but you try to make this game dead i think. Well you will have players anyway but you will never be succesful as much as the games that wrote a destiny. i will drop here my expectations and i will leave the game for 1 year(will back to check) - Walking mounts. - No teleports, bigger map, ports. - Themed places(you can only get certain artifacts from these places so trade interactions here) - Adjusted map (for example : ri…

  • What about having a "War Declare" feature like you have "Alliances" in the game. What i mean is lets make some roleplay adjustments to the game and that would add blackzones a realistic way to conquare and meaning to the fights in a realistic ways. If a guild declare war to a guild they will see their members as orange-color like now we see all people inside blackzone however other players would be seen like normal players in the blackzone as white-colored. What is the purpose? : in recent game …

  • Quote from Korn: “We are happy to respond to this. Be warned though that those critical about the update won't like the response. Note that when you say "public outcry" over the changes, it's far from it. Every change that has the potential to be controversial will always trigger a decently sized thread from those who are against it. The fact alone that such a thread exists is not an indicator that a change was bad. I can assure you that if we changed the system back from Caerleon to how it was …

  • Rename the Game

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    Filthy caerleon duels online - Afking caerleon nights online

  • One more wipe PLEASE

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    baby one more time we can do it ;)))) lets g0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • map need lots of events, actions, secret places, themed places, reasonful placements and some size increase. absolutely not teleports : ( i actually cant find a reason to leave caerleon recently or live in another place. i cant change my life in albion : (

  • im pretty tired and bored the recent game. Caerleon pushed back albion like 1 year. New content expectations became dreams because game need lots of fix, rework and serious talks right now.

  • keep dreaming brah

  • Caerleon is so trol! i put lots of soup to refine my resources into the REFINER. and there lots of people i cant even see there some people that uses the food i put in house XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD im so pissed off. Why it is so hard to rollback and improve? just fix what you spit to albion.

  • spears are fucking op

  • her zaman! *gecenin karanlığında yavaşça kaybolur*

  • Hello i agree about that dual-swords are really underpowered. e cast time is so long and dealing damage by "q" stacks. I ran that build for dualsword : leather hunter helmet : reflect and armors mage armor : frost shield leather shoes : dodge and that build actually worked right if i use interrupt(after 3 stacks of "q", increases your attack power %30) as "w" skill. In same build if you wanna be more tanky you can change mage armor with scholar armor but still should be using frost-shield skill.…

  • Story

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    And the other said "go and show us your trick then scrub"