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  • About weapon balancing

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    I just saw the update of NDA balance tests, 2 items, which are OP at the moment, are getting "nerfed". Judicator armor : 30s -> 40s Locus: 30s -> 40s these 2 items are too strong but not due to a short cooldown or whatever. Judicator armor is really strong due to it's combo with the rampant staff, which has already 40s cooldown. Locus is really strong as it literally creates an AoE of half your screen where ennemies can't have any buff and allies are overbuffed. So, the cooldown increase on judi…

  • today's great fight against OOPs

  • Zitat von Lardeur: „Zitat von BRiCK: „Top Players dont want easier, they want a challenge. They're bored of sitting on top. “ Yeah of course, that's why there is 1 thousand people in OOPS alliance, and why they even make pacts with POE for reset days. “ most of oops players aren't top players

  • Two new vids:

  • [Rent] 4 Islands on Caerleon

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  • if that's really how you go to your conclusions, it explains a lot.

  • nah. longbow is a low/mid tier zvz weap bow is a decent gvg weapon

  • Longbow is not "strong enough for ZvZ" atm even with the explosive arrow changes. You must have in consideration that even if it's a short cast, there is still one. the AoE is really smaller than xbow's 13m range is less than most used weapons range (15m average). the damage is not instant burst (contrary to brimstone) You should'nt take SMM as example for ZvZ balance.

  • Zitat von Ave_Cesar: „Avé, Pouvez nous éclairer sur ce domaine : " l'ajout d'un système de respécialisation" ? Pour moi cela reste assez flou, merci à vous d'éclairer ma lanterne Amicalement, César. “ Salut, si tu es à l'aise en anglais tu peux consulter ce thread où tout est expliqué : A Brief Guide to Mastery Re-Specialization, AKA Re-Spec Sinon pour résumer : - tu pourras transformer de la fame d'une de te branches de spécialisation/maîtrise en points - grâce à ces points tu pourras augmenter…

  • Zitat von Seraphimos: „@Thorn-Delwyn So if i farm in gear wich have 100 lvl mastery, i will lose 25% of fame? I was hyped for 1 min, than i realised that it seems i still cant farm in maxed out gear without loosing i right? “ It's still better than losing all the gain. I'm really glad of this feature, i've got a shitton of useless specs and masteries. Btw can we trade fame from a level which isnt completed (for example if i have 30k / 100k on the level 20 of sword, can i still use thos…

  • Zitat von nicolas2162: „Welcome to the current subject, where the bows users are underpowered and everyone shits on us for wanting to play GVG. We strive to fight back and to rise up the ranks, to sit on an equal playing field. So BabyCry, I welcome you to join and fight along side the other bow men/women. “ dude 400 posts and you're still on this?

  • there is no such thing as 800 ppl groups; the biggest fights involved around 600players (but only 500 can be on the same cluster at the same time), and it was for townplots claims in mercia. If by group you're meaning party, then they are limited to 20 (sadly). there is no such thing as leadership skills (honestly this seems really good but i have no idea how this could be implemented) if a battle involves more than 300players it's usually a lagfest, but devs did a great job to improve that The …

  • Video from EU reset: hope you enjoy

  • Even if not exactly the subject, your character's name is something really important in this game as it is linked to your "reputation". A thief, if discovered would have a bad reputation, and his characters name is the only way to identify him ingame, this makes such activities a risky thing (and as it is really rewarding it fits the core of the game:) risk vs reward if people could change their names, you would lose this aspect of the game imo

  • Salut, Ca ne vaut pas spécialement le cout de monter les spés artefact, sachant qu'elles sont plus longues à monter. Après je te conseille de monter ce que tu joueras le plus en priorité Les passifs d'armure sont liés au type de celle ci: - plaques: augmentation de résistance/ durée de cc / résistance aux cc - cuir: augmentation de degats et heal/ augmentation d'AS / réduction de cd - tissu: augmentation de degats + heal/ reduction de temps de cast/ reduction de cout en mana apres chaque armure …

  • If they have a faster mount and risk it they have an advantage. It's the basic system of risk vs reward. Why dont you buy a direwolf too? if you answer "it's not worth the price" then why would you "nerf" something that is already not worth it?

  • le baton occulte est très marrant à jouer, c'est une arme très orientée zerg, car tu n'auras pas beaucoup d'intérêt à gagner juste de la vitesse dans des plus petits combats (peut etre sympa pour ganker, a tester) l'idée est de diriger tes alliés, et de permettre des engages et disengages plus rapide. Il peut etre un peu vicieux par contre car les ennemis pourraient juste placer leurs AoE dessus, donc je te conseille de le combiner avec un baton rampant. Pour ce qui est du PvE, si tu dois tanker…

  • Delayed teleport

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    Zitat von Uncle_Monty: „Why post the tooltip? I've already demonstrated I can read it and it doesn't work? "Your cast or channel will not be interrupted by the teleport" And I've demonstrated that they are. “ no the cast is not interrupted by the teleport itself, it is interrupted by the cast of another spell if you cast your W and then activate another spell (literally any other spell) the channel will be cancelled. As Dagother said the difference between before and after patch can be reproduce…

  • I am sorry

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    It really took you 6 months to understand? this is basic dude.

  • Salut, L'arcane "offensif" (flèches d'energie + tissu..) n'a pas encore fait fureur, l'arme ayant quelques inconvenients: - elle fera moins de DPS qu'un autre mage tel qu'un mage feu en règle générale (tu dois miser sur la mana basse de tes adversaires ce qui est très compliqué à mettre en place au niveau d'un goupe.) - elle avait moins de range ( jusqu'au patchnote d'aujourd'hui) - son kit de sorts est plus axé sur du support (drain d'energie/ beam/ tous les E des différents batons/ cleanse/ pu…