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  • Quote from Norgannon: “Without wanting to disrespect the players of SEA/OCE. Most of the comments about it come from accounts created even today... Don't spam with fake accounts, it's ridiculous. ” LOL they are not fake, you can search their name on

  • Edit: You have 60% winrate and still crying ?, what do you want? And my guild is full of FTP players too bud, not just you.

  • Wait for the delete

    ChocopieAmeniac - - Forum Banter


    In-game there are many trollers thats ruined our experience in the game. When we are fame farming, some naked retard with T4 gears come to troll us, make us get killed just by pulling mob to us. Make us lost our expenisve gears, and im fooking sick of these retard. If there is a dive ganking, its ok cuz its fair, and trolls, they are foockers