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  • Hallo, Ich versuche mich möglichst kurz und dennoch informativ zu halten. Alles folgende ist persönliche Meinung und Erfahrung, da egal welchen itembuild man verfolgt ohnehin alles subjektiv ist, egal wer dir diese Frage beantworten wird, spielt dies aber eher eine untergeordnete Rolle. Sofern du solo unterwegs bist ,am Mobs hunten, gibt es in diesem Sinne keine Fernkampfwaffe. Egal welche Waffe du wählst, die Mobs werden immer an dich rankommen ehe sie sterben. Der Bogen besitzt die höchste Aut…

  • Frazzle Damage Nerf?

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    Hi, maybe it sounds like a stupid question, but i simply hope your 'testing' was not in t6 expedition? Expiditions are softcapped now and therefore you make way less dmg compared to prepatch expiditions. (If you tested it openworld, maybe in noncapped blackzones, then i'm sorry.)

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    Quote from tabooshka: “ lmao, bzs already have full nodes everywhere and better enchant rates You make milions of gathering daily combained with journals in blackzones, dont know what your issue of rewards is lol redzones are only good for mass pking noobs ONLY RISK IN BLACKZONE GATHERING IS FEW THOUSNAND SILVER BECAUSE YOU USED YOUR INVIS POT, THERES 0 RISK IN TERMS OF DYING, YOU CAN WATCH TV SHOW ON 2ND SCREEN and not die once in a month. ” Well, seems a betaplayer, that started of day1 with a…

  • Teasy, unser Beiträge farmer! *push*

  • Maybe instead of changing YHG, change Red ones? Cut em off from BZ ones. Gearcap RHG to 6.0 - with the already existing fullloot. Then it'd be the middlepoint between noncapped Blacks and no fullloot yellow ones? YHG are that popular BECAUSE they are not fullloot and still give a good amount of reward with the pve part. Even with Arenas implemented in the future (which are a good training ground but hard to find good rewards for), non Fullloot YHG will still stay popular because its the combinat…

  • If you'd have an iron deposit that has got 30 (+15 premium) ore in it. And you could continue farming without running around searching - you'd have (depense on your farming gear) the ore within 5-15 secs. With higher tiers its getting easier to farm the low materials at a much higher speed and with more profit out of 1 swing. While with refining and crafting you dont have this oppurtunity. Just with Focus you can get materials back, thats it. I also cant understand why you are complaining. If yo…

  • Na zufälle gibts. Ich habe so leicht das Gefühl das wir uns aus Wildstar Online kennen, TeASy. Ich weiß nur grade nichtmehr genau wie ich dort hieß. Waren nice Zeiten damals mit der Raidallianz. (Habe einen Esper gespielt) Werde heute im laufe des Tages mal auf dem TS vorbeischauen. LG Clarex/Trima/Cronu (weis nicht ob dir einer der Namen etwas sagt ^^)