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  • Hey guys, I've just updated the items.txt on the website. Thanks for the work you did on the executable.

  • Guys, can't try it right now but I saw some uploads today. Devs may have repair the in-game chat.

  • Hello ! The Combat Loot Analyzer just received an update to celebrate the 4000th fight uploaded (ok it was earlier this week to be honest, but still). You can now : - See the latest items (Rubberband, Skeleton set...) - See the kills for each looter. You can now spots the ones that loot and never do a kill ! (Being a tank in ZvZ, it's gonna be hard even for me now !) - You can evaluate your entire haul with one click (not recent but some people may not know that) w7yfzzenmr831.png Make sure to r…

  • @AcOrP You can use the filter for that and enter the victim's name to get his/her loot highlighted. highlight.png

  • Quote from AcOrP: “In the combat log there is also the information from who specific player looted. Can you please add this feature to the Analyzer. Sometimes It is usefull to know who looted and what out of ally body so you know what trashed and so on. ” You can hover the image/loot and you'll get the victim's name and the date. I know it's not visible enough but I didn't find an easy way to display the information. I think I'll add a small popover with the info on click today. @AcOrP

  • Just made an update that add a button to evaluate the loot a player got : evaluate.png You may want to give it a try :…5b0e220650e9919178e8a347a

  • Quote from Mandioca: “Is there any possibility that Sandbox may consider this as cheating and ban my account? ” No there is not, SBI gave confirmation that programs not doing anything else than report what you see ingame via sniffing tcp connection are not against the TOS. You can find the devs response here :…?postID=512670#post512670

  • @solventh Yes it works ! Make sure to get the 2.0 version @Skitted The source code is the same except for the items id. We'll update it soon. (tonight I hope) #edit : it's uploaded. I just made a really quick installation video too for those who needed it :

  • Hey guys ! We just did the update on the loot client, so now the items will be updated automatically and you can find the source code directly on the website.

  • C++ and yes pcap packets but all credit goes to Wipa. That's his part of the job

  • Hey, guys, tonight (EU) we'll make a big update with two things : - automatic items update, if you used the logger last night you may have seen a shift of tier and quality on some items. - source code will be shared on the website for the conspiracy theorist or the prudents ones You'll have to get the executable and install it one last time and you will be good to go. Have a good Invasion Day ! And may your loot stay safe !