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  • Galatines Bug.

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    Zitat von SilentNJ: „Because ignoring firewalls is the way to go “ Lol, do that in a GvG. I dare you....

  • Zitat von nicolas2162: „Zitat von InF3RNo: „Zitat von Gagazet: „RIP Druid Spirit Animal: - Heal per tick: 19.18 -> 14.38 -> 11.51 - Max Stacks: 3 -> 4 -> 5 “ This is from an update or something? “ NDA unbalance patch. it's a private test server where they force us to respec to mandatory classes or allow classes like bow to not play 5v5 for 6 months. They are doing a very good job. “ No they arent doing a good job... We were invited to this NDA playtest server a while back on the notion that Game…

  • Zitat von FriendlyFire: „Zitat von letwolf: „@FriendlyFire nice three examples, and most fun that it is EXACTLY 2 of 3 scenarios how you can beat Nature user: -Purge -Overdamage (thorns charges Soldier armor) ambush wont help of cuz but instead you can use Healing Reduction stuff (carrioncaller is the best) “ Neither of those work out with Natures like it does against Merc jacket. The big difference is Nature can basically instantly recast heals if they are purged, and does not need to commit to…

  • Zitat von Majamas: „In this game exist fishing tournaments sometimes? “ Yeah dawg, we compete for all the fish

  • Zitat von UnholyKiller: „Zitat von Fusionbomb: „Edit: Fights at 10:00, 11:25, 16:40, etc “ Just to note, in two of the three fights that you list (11:25 and 16:40) the Fire Staff user has a full two-tier advantage over the person he is killing. Tier-7.1 to T6 and Tier-7.1 to 5.1. “ Regardless, hes proving the point that you have to pick your fights. This dudes running the fire knockback so clearly he knows hes got to have a counter for the Great Nature

  • What Fooky said The bosses spawn points are the same as the regular mobs. So if you dont kill the regular mobs, then they cant respawn there.

  • Zitat von Arviyu: „Zitat von Elsa: „@Kinrad Playing Albion Online FAQ: Zitat: „Can I play Albion Online on my phone? Not officially, no. Although Albion Online will be available on iOS (on release) and Android. This means that it is technically possible to play on an Android phone during testing, but please keep in mind that Albion Online is not a typical mobile title - it is a full MMO experience, and we believe that the game can only be enjoyed to its fullest on a screen size of at least 7 inc…

  • Zitat von Dreamerbg: „No real need IMO. there may be some space for Q heals buff - just lower the IP needed for +1 heal gain. @Retroman A question. Why is it so Holy's flash heal on 3rd "stack" returns energy equal to 1 flash heal cast but nature's rejuvenation applied on someone with 3 stacks returns almost 2,5 times the Q energy cost ? “ Yeah, I still say that if the Nature Q healed what it did in Beta tests, it would be fine. a 6.1 nature with low spec could still heal nearly 100 per tick at …

  • why did i just watch you manually click that 100 times? You know that little check box there is a life saver.... nvm you finally clicked it...

  • Zitat von Wrython: „Hi All! Quick question: Does 'Slow' affect attack speed, or just movement? Thank you! “ Slows are only movement speed. If it lowers attack speed, it will say it in the description.

  • Can I run it?

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    Dude, i think runescape is even more intensive than albion lol

  • < Money Factory >

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    Money Factory is a ripoff of Money Guild....

  • Bloodletter needs nerf

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    Dash should put u in combat. ez fix. close thread

  • All of your damage/armor/cc duration you receive from your Chest piece, your Helmet and Boots do not matter for that aspect. Plate is the highest armor/CC duration with the lowest damage Leather is a middle ground balance with low CC Cloth is Low CC/Armor with High Damage Now each individual chest within each category will have slightly different stats. All you need to do is click on the chest piece and look at it. You can do this by opening the destiny board and finding the piece u want to look…

  • Cursed staff PVE

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    Curse builds typically have a helmet with a good defensive, a cloth chest piece such as a cleric robe, and a good defensive sprint like evasive jump or dodge roll from leather boots.

  • Zitat von Pathos: „just 8 more lvls for t8, then ill be the best “ Ive been there for 3 days now. You're late.

  • Sounds to me like you should swap to the other Fire Q and get some AoE action going

  • When to invest in expensive gear

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    Zitat von DreamGrove: „Thanks for the quick reply guys and yeah t6 might be a good idea the main problem for me is i am always in a black zone, and i will be using the judicator helm in this build; and that has a high price point, along with my other artifacts. (also its a pvp build so yeah i would loose it at some point with the gank/fame farm groups in black areas.Though i may just use it in arena for the heck of it.) “ You dont have to wear the Judicator helmet to get artifact spec for it. Yo…

  • Tome of Insight

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    Zitat von nicolas2162: „Zitat von XKent: „I don't get why the tome of insight price is so high. 10k fame is like 10 mobs in a t7 dungeon in a group of 5. That takes like 1 minute to kill tops. Still the price of the tome seems to be at 150-200k a pop. Do people really pay that much for 10k of fame ?? I have an OK income, much more than I lose in PVP. Still I find it hard to spend my silver on the books. “ Offer / demand market Top guild and trader have often 500m - 5000m in their bank account. F…