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  • Quote from Owlsane: “It has potential in the current state of the game yes. It just need imo to give combat fame based on what the guy is wearing and not wearing+has on his bag, it will inhibit stat-padders to actually abuse the system. With that in mind we can put factors to balance risk vs reward like ip differencial factor, n+1 fights factor, add something to reduce combat fame earned on repeated kills in the same victim on the same day, etc... (all in all in the mind that PvE fame should be …

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Quote from Equart: “Dreaming on any 1v1 direct content. No @Retroman - Duels are not content, i still remember your statement on video interview long time ago , and it still hurts ” I doubt that someone called duells content ever... This is fake least I hope so.. ” Actually Retro did said this in one interview long time, when i asked about solo content. Evoque was community manager in those days , i miss her From what i remember - He said that 1v1 Hg would be har…

  • Dreaming on any 1v1 direct content. No @Retroman - Duels are not content, i still remember your statement on video interview long time ago , and it still hurts

  • Wait a minute.... giphy.gif * November 13 * Avalonian Mobs appear in the Outlands * November 16 * Standalone Guild Season Start - Territories become claimable, Avalonian Mage World Bosses appear * December 7 * Territory Reset Day #1 * December 21 * Territory Reset Day #2 * January 4 * Territory Reset Day #3, Scores Doubled * January 11 * Territory Reset Day #4, GvGs End * January 13 * Territory Reset Day #5 * January 15 * Territory Reset Day #6 * January 16 * Territory Reset Day #7 * January 17 …

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Claymore is still a S tier weapon for GvG. Carving is still one of the best weapons for solo dungeons / solo dungeons diving. You are just mad because your W skill lost 1 effect. ” There's some truth in his words.

  • Heh , this remind me situation with "parry" xD Jokes aside. RayOfLight , when it was added to the game it was OP spell for along time in small scale/solo pvp. Right now - it is between "Balanced" and "Op" W ability, many changes were made in Albion , from other weapon/armor balance , to global changes like MS buff and HP buff. Ill repeat myself again - right now it is too late to nerf it , like ,15 sec CD (make it similar to split Slash ability, on swords) , or any other changes. Retro should do…

  • Yeah, ofc if Devs did not changed plans.

  • Now i want to be an Avalonian.

  • Quote from Calesvol: “Quote from gmatagmis: “You are the guy who chasing warbow staight line like train with oil on rails? Gl hf. ” The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. If you have zero ranged abilities, you cannot afford to play dodge game with warbow because Poison Arrow or even Deadly Shot is enough. All funny business aside, 10 sec CD for two high powered skills (even if they are skill shots) is just way too short. CD should be at least 12 seconds for both RoL and MA, i…

  • Was telling it since this ability was added to the game, in myown threads and in dialogs in other threads. But it is too late to nerf it now , too many changes were made during Albion life. The best decision, but the hardest - is to make all other W/E spells on other weapons playable, and some armor type spells.

  • Fractured MMO

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    Опробуем , спасибо за ифну =) P.S Опробовал ,даже не запускается клиент на слабом ПК,хотя игры более высокого уровня тянет на ура Жрет ресурсов ПК как трипл ААА проект ,оптимизация на нуле. Вообщем беда. Будем ждать дальше,пока ничего интересного кроме самих идей нет =(

  • Quote from Gimbo: “Battleaxe rework similar to that would be pretty sweet. It's fairly bland as it sits. ” Actually it is not Cd is too long ( for such spell) + stand time + 150 pure damage ( if it will have same mechanic as on blackhands it will be a disaster) + we dont know hitbox AOE (probably it will be bad), on top of that we dont know speed of this projectile - thats why it is horrible spell on paper . Dont know who's idea it was - but i can ensure you , he doesnt know anything about balan…

  • I agree , Right NOW , in current state of the game - it is good suggestion.

  • @Captainrussia It does not matter , is it weapon AOE weapon or Single target. This two categories are do not affect solo PvP and not related between each other. It is a myth. During last few months , solo meta is between AOE spells and High mobility , due to the fact most people are roaming as 2 man + . Value of direct spells is extremely low now. Quote from Captainrussia: “Clarent is an AOE weapon - of course it will be great for anything "AOE related". ” And it is not even close to great for e…

  • Game is dead

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    I hope you understand that steam community is just a tiny part -

  • Ganking..Risk vs Reward

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    Trash rate 90%, balance it for solo players. So even if you was killed by zergs/3+ people they will get nothing. I dont mind to die in pvp fair/unfair fights , but snowball effect for such hunters is huge.

  • Quote from solventh: “@Mytherceria could you please somehow make david salz read this message? only 2 to 5% of the players read the forum. questions like these should be asked once like the monthly awards when players login so people could react better. the game needs a UI like that. ” Great idea!

  • Quote from Tabor: “I think that having a swords choice with a decent range covering AoE on a short CD is a good ability. It is just a little clunky in its current state. I think just a very slight increase in the damage per stack as well as removing stand time would be enough to make it decent again. ” Atleast as a first tiny step probably yeah.

  • Quote from Rictusempra: “if you remove stand-time in E clarent will be a good weapon again ” Agre , + right now Clarent is only good at PvE lvling and in some small scale PvP fights in limited builds. In my opinion there are only 2 ways how to make this weapon viable. 1. Rework E spell 2. Add new "valuable" effect on E spell on top of damage.

  • "A player’s wardrobe follows the same visibility rules as the mount skins system." --> you can found it in the first post. -------------- @Romsterman And i was not telling the opposite. Yes it is going down due to a new silver sink mechanics , but it doesnt means that we don't need other tools to make it more lower.