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  • The Castle times are awful for anyone who works for a living. They should be in prime time.

  • Nice and vague update. Hey guys We know stuffs wrong; please spend 5mins watching me list all the shit features which you have all reported to us numerous times since Beta 1. Don't worry though as I will provide little to no answer on how we intend to improve the current situation. This wasn't an update. This was pointing at flaws in the game and giving 0 indication on plans to solve them. I thank you though as it took 5mins away from my actually playing the game trying to find shit to do. A lar…

  • Is NERF the new ARCH?

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    If you mean irrelevant. Then yes they will be.

  • It's terrible and provides nothing that a pole hammer won't give you but improved.

  • Nothing new but nice to see a vid of it in action. You should use the royal head to stack damage as well whilst fury stacks for even more burst.

  • Territory updates on login.

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    please remove the territory fight win / loss prompts on login. Everyone just skips past them. You have a guild tab which details 'upcoming battles" with the GvG fights stated. Add a new section below this for 'recent battles' which details fights fron the previous 24hours. You already surface this information on the killboard. It's be nice to have this available in game. Thanks

  • Diplomatic Map - Webpage

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    After playing darkfall for years; it was always helpful to have a diplomatic map available external from the game. I'd really like to see this in albion. I can't login all the time to check maps and gvg but would like to see the map, territories controlled, upcoming gvg etc. I know you can see the gvgs from the killboard but I'd like this visually on the world map. In a nutshell, surface the in-game map on a webby in conjunction with the other character creation and killboard tools. Thanks.

  • Server Event idea

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    Server Event Idea 1 hour no lag.

  • I would rather see something implemented so that groups can only see blobs of larger groups. So a 6man group can see 7man and above blobs. But the 7 man group wouldn't see them as a blob etc etc I guess this isn't possible though. The blob mechanic should look at groups on the map and flag them accordingly. Rather than just increase the blob size when groups get close to each other. They should be still be there own distinct blobs. Well if I'm honest... I hate the mechanic as is and id just remo…

  • This change will force the current small groups to form larger groups or risk being hounded on every map as they are a visible blob. Zitat von Hidei: „Zitat von spindrift: „ “ That's exactly a carebear behavior. Man up and go with a 5 men group or less if you don't want to be seen as a blob, or be visible and assume your zerg group. You have discord or mumble, you can divide your 10 men group, into two 5 men groups, don't stay near each other on the map and the blob won't appear. You have a 6 me…

  • All this proposed change will achieve is make the current 6 man groups rage as they are now visible on the map to be zerged by the current 10man + groups who pre change would never of know they where on the map. If the aim of this change is to reduce group sizes to <6 it will have the complete opposite affect. This change will force the current small groups to form larger groups or risk being hounded on every map as they are a visible blob. Make the change. See what happens.

  • Zitat von Hidei: „It looks like this thread triggered the zerg 10+ type players whoring around portals with T4 rags. I see them trembling, they will actually have to take risk now and only play at max 5 zergling (Versteckter Text) “ no. The 10 man group will still do exactly the same only now SBI have provided them with the ability to see your smaller 6 man group. Thanks.


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    eu server. Thanks.

  • Sigh. NO.

  • pings can only be seen by your guild. Useless for alliance allies who you arent guilded with. Mao coordinates be a big improvement.

  • Spear - inner focus

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    Agreed. Terrible skill due to the fact you have to be immobile to make yourself more mobile... brilliant! Id prefer it be an instant cast and the speed increases over time much like wonderlust on boots. Perhaps something like: 7 sec skill duration; building up to full movement speed buff after 2 secs. So you get 5 secs of max speed increase.

  • Join 8 Team! Great group of players with activities every evening in openworld.

  • The Armour is great. Is there any scope to put skills on the tools in the future. I have a pure Gatherer alt which I want to kill golems for stone but I haven't skilled a weapon. I will have to skill a weapon in current beta but I really can't be bothered and ideally I'd much rather have skills on the tool. You could easilly make the tools do bonus damage againt the mob of that tools type and keep the skills weak vs players so there's no PvP cross over.