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  •…-32-bit-Windows-Versions/ -Talion

  • Translation Bug

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    I fixed the first thing. The second one will get tossed over to game design / loca. Thanks for the report. -Talion

  • Tried to buy Gold

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    If you haven't done so yet, I suggest you mail for assistance. They can look into the failed payments into more detail. -Talion

  • bug with write file

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    To add to that: check that there is sufficient space on the hard drive where the game is installed, and your system hard drive (for good measure), left. -Talion

  • Hey everyone, As announced here, we'll be having an extended maintenance on Monday. We expect it to last from 10:00 to 13:00 UTC. During this time, game server, website, forum, wiki, so pretty much everything, will not be reachable. -Talion UPDATE: Quote from Elsa: “The game is now back online, however, some services are still performing slowly (including logging in). We are currently investigating these issues and will keep you up-to-date as soon as we have more information on the matter. ” UPD…

  • Wrote an update regarding timeline. -Talion

  • Hello everyone, It has been a little while since our last update regarding our network infrastructure improvements, and I’m here to give you guys a status update. For the past few weeks, we have been busy working with our current partners on improving the situation for the people suffering from disconnects and unstable connections. As this includes trying to fix problems that are outside our own area of influence, it is a slow and frustrating process for us, as well as for those still affected. …

  • Olá pessoal, Aqui está outra atualização sobre o assunto: 1. Estamos em contato com vários ISPs (Provedores de Internet) sobre os problemas de roteamento. Isso parece ter ajudado alguns usuários. 2. Ainda estamos trabalhando ativamente em nossa migração de Data Center. Com essa alteração no Data Center, o roteamento será automaticamente diferente, já que será fisicamente em outro local, o que pode resolver a situação ou melhorá-la significativamente. 3. Como uma solução provisória - até que os p…

  • Updated with additional info to keep in mind throughout the day. -Talion

  • Updated the OP, as the server is back online. -Talion

  • Dear Albion Players, Unfortunately Albion is yet again under a series of DDOS attacks, clearly directly focussing us and using an entirely new vector of attack. Since the attacks are ongoing and are leading to an extreme degradation in service, we’ve decided to deactivate the game until we can properly adjust our defenses again. Implementing a solution is expected to take at least half a day, so its not worth staying up waiting for the game to come back online for tonight. Sincere apologies for …

  • Clarification: Recurring subscription billing will happen three days before your Premium time runs out. This way, the system factors in if you, for example, get yourself some premium days via Gold or like in this case. -Talion

  • Olá pessoal, Vocês poderiam, por favor, enviar os resultados de um teste de rota para, ao nosso e-mail, para que nossos técnicos possam investigar? Para realizar o teste de rota, no Windows, abra a janela de comando e digite tracert e nos envie a captura de tela com os resultados. Obs: eu tive esse texto traduzido e não falo português. Não poderei responder a perguntas, desculpe. -Talion

  • Quote from Sawyun: “Well the day is almost over and I did not get the boots nor the 7 day compensation. It is items dropped into our inventory or something by mail? I was running around with my inventory all full for quite a while today. ” To quote Dagother: should be all finished today (thursday). The Boots will be attached to a mail and not just dumped in your inventory. -Talion

  • Hello everyone, As we have announced in our last post, we are moving our servers to a different data center. This is currently in progress and, the steps we have taken so far on that front, have shown great success. We also mentioned that we would be talking about compensation once we are confident that the issues are resolved. Well, we are on a very good path here and aim to roll out all the following with a Patch on June 12. This is what we have in store for you: Every account that has logged …

  • Oberon Patch 6 - Ver. 1.14.381 / REV 142250 / 13 May 2019 Changes - You will be locked out from removing your Portal Binding for 48 hours starting 11:00 UTC on every Reset Day - You can now start typing destinations into the Travelplanner or Realmgate UI dropdowns and they will be auto-completed Fixes - Effects of Undead Arrows and Enchanted Quiver are now removed when the item is unequipped - Obscured Highlight settings no longer jump back to default after restarting the client - Fixed Sounds i…

  • Hello everyone, As we are committed to keeping you in the loop about performance improvements, it's time that we post another update. In our last update, we mainly talked about server-side improvements. Today, it's all about the client. The biggest improvement today are optimized overhead text messages (damage numbers, etc.). This should lead to significantly improved performance, particularly in large fights. Additionally, we have implemented several minor tweaks with the character nametags whi…

  • Quote from TriMoon: “Quote from Talion: “Hello everyone, 24.04. Update 2: Another issue with the free offer has been identified. This will need a fix on game-side which we will deploy tomorrow, 25.04. Afterwards we hope that both the Steam issue and the issue of the free offer not showing up have been solved. -Talion ” The Linux native client does not open a webpage in external browser, so it's not working for me... ” My best guess as someone who has absolutely no idea about Linux: No default br…

  • [Complete] [25.04] Network Tests

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    Hello everyone, Starting today at 12:00 UTC, we will run a few Network tests in an attempt to improve performance of the game under load. Since this is specifically to test how certain components in our infrastructure behaves under real conditions, we have to run these tests with enough players online. Some users may suffer from connectivity issues or lag during the test. If all goes well, we will continue the test with the increasing player numbers towards peak time in the evening. -Talion

  • Updated original post again. tl;dr: fix incoming tomorrow. Hopefully fixes all remaning issues. -Talion