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  • Quote from RicFlairIsBack: “Quote from DaLi: “Quote from Eltharyon: “We're actively looking into hosting alternatives and other partners to better deal with these problems in the future. ” I really hope the new hosting is in Europe, and not like now.I hope for a speedy solution to this problem. ” not gonna happen. NA Servers for life ” But EU servers are so much better quality wise.

  • 1) A bounty system, where players can create bounties on other players (Player initiated quests) - add kill amount (Kill person X, Y amount of times to Receive Z amount of funds) - If two people add the same requirements, the initial bounty is raised by the added bounty of the second person. 2) Premium days to 31 days to compensate every month for the 30 hours down time 3) Random dungeons should be really random (see path of exile map generation system) with 5 maps the can generate around a few …