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  • Combat balance changes are not posted to the Round Table. You can see planned changes posted publicly here.

  • Quote from keyfouyr: “Stop replying with "great change" without having idea how it will affect the ZvZ and GvG! ” GvGs are being removed with the next content update; replaced by open-world territory fights. For more information see the Queen Update Introduction DevTalk (07:18)

  • Quote from SHARKY: “BUMP Still want to know when we will be able to sell these items at market again? ” With the coming Queen content update. For the time being, you can buy/sell them via direct player-to-player trade.

  • @Hollywoodi The Avatar Ring can be exchanged for an Adventurer Token at the Vanity Merchant. You can then use Adventurer Tokens to get new Avatar Rings and Avatars that aren't available anywhere else. Quote: “New This Month: Adventurer's Tokens Since adventurers who took part in last year's Grim Challenge may have already unlocked this month's Avatar Ring, we've given all players the option to trade in Avatar Rings that have not yet been unlocked for Adventurer's Tokens at the Vanity Merchant. H…

  • Hey there, There was a server wipe at the official release of the game in July 2017. It was made clear beforehand that none of your progress from Alpha/Beta will carry over into the official release of the game. Any Gold or Founder Packs you have purchased prior to the official release have been returned to you, however, so you may claim them again now. Should you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!

  • Golden Border ?

    Elsa - - Beginner's Questions


    The style of the nameplate depends on your Founder status: tdkhXKS.png In order: Regular Nameplate, Epic Founder Nameplate, Legendary Founder Nameplate Founder Packs were only available for purchase before the official release of the game in 2017.

  • Quote from Sas3bg: “Can ask does MODs are SBI employments or they are just regular players ” Moderators are volunteer players, however, all their actions are carefully overseen by us and other Game Masters. They cannot ban players, only temporarily mute them when rules are violated. You can find out more here. Quote from Sas3bg: “How much regular player can be bad to recive more punishment than gold sellers and new players. ” Silver sellers are permanently banned as per our zero-tolerance policy…

  • Quote from MestreDoGadoAW: “How many points gives the boss? ” See Patchnotes: Quote: “For the duration of the season, killing Avalonian Mage World Bosses gives Season Points based on the Outlands region in which they appear:- Anglia/Glouvia: 50 - Cumbria/Siluria: 70 - Mercia: 90 ”

  • [RESOLVED] Server Issues

    Elsa - - News Archives


    Servers are now back online and running! Please let us know if you experience any further issues.

  • [RESOLVED] Server Issues

    Elsa - - News Archives


    UPDATE: The server will go down for a quick restart in 5 minutes to address these issues.

  • [RESOLVED] Server Issues

    Elsa - - News Archives


    UPDATE: The servers are now back online and running! We are currently experiencing some issues with the servers - particularly you will be unable to enter islands or connect if your character was logged out on an island. Our developers are working on resolving the problem and we will keep you updated. We apologize for the trouble. Elsa & Dev Team

  • Welcome to the forum @Alexsos! Can you please elaborate on the issue you are experiencing? What exactly happens when you try to use OBS to stream the game or attempting to use Shadowplay? There should be no issues using these programs to stream/record your gameplay.

  • [22 November 2019] Percival Hotfix 10.2

    Elsa - - Patch Notes


    Percival Hotfix 10.2 Fixes- The pop-up window after tutorial completion now correctly populates with text.

  • Quote from Ravenar: “So the "Adventurer Frame" ring is not achievable until next season. Am I correct? ” No. You can trade in any Adventurer's Challenge Ring for Adventurer's Tokens at the Vanity Merchant. If you have stored Avatar Ring Unlock items from previous seasons for example, you could potentially already trade in two of them in order to unlock the Adventurer Ring.

  • Quote from Gank: “That name was changed months ago.. ” Correct. There is currently no character with that name in the game. You can only see it on the Killboard, because there it's not that easy to get it updated. As usual, if you see any inappropriate names or messages, please report them directly in-game via the report function or write to

  • Hey Aviir, it's great to hear you wish to become more engaged with discussions about the game. First of all, I want to clarify that any player is more than welcome to provide their feedback and suggestions in the aptly named Feedback & Suggestions forum section. We read every thread and forward your feedback to developers. The Round Table does not offer advantages in regards to making your feedback more valid, as any suggestions made there are placed under the same scrutiny as any other suggesti…

  • Quote from Ravenar: “I seem to have a spare ” You received one per each Founder/Starter Pack you have purchased. Guessing you had multiple

  • Quote from Ravenar: “Is "Seasoned Adventurer" the ring of last season? ” No, the Seasoned Adventurer Ring is a reward you received if you purchased the game before it became Free-to-Play: Exclusive Avatar Ring for players with Founder or Starter Packs

  • Quote from MMOLIFE: “Can you let us know how many Season Points are awarded for the Avalonian Bosses? ” See Patchnotes: Quote: “For the duration of the season, killing Avalonian Mage World Bosses gives Season Points based on the Outlands region in which they appear: - Anglia: 50 - Cumbria: 70 - Mercia: 90 ” Glouvia gives the same amount of points as Anglia, and Siluria same as Cumbria.

  • Items Disappear

    Elsa - - General Questions & Discussions


    Hey, Please reach out to - they might be able to help you locate the items. In my experience, items usually get misplaced in a different bank, so please make sure to check any banks and chests that you frequently use (make sure to scroll all the way down in the inventory as well). Another way things can get lost is when players walk out of the city with items in their inventory unknowingly. They then lose them when they get killed by another player. You can go through yo…