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  • Zitat von Azlorn: „Zitat von MingSenpai: „I would like to hire someone to protect me in the blackzone “ How much ya payin? “ With whats hes wearing and carrying.

  • Maybe Wipe The Game

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    Learn something new everyday, before this i didnt even know humans r capable of such unintelligent thinking. Server wipe, wow, just wow. Oh sht ive a bad day, and some other ppl just won lottery, damn we should all go back in time. Human race as a whole have absolutely no chance of surviving the next 100 yrs, ppl getting stupider by the day,

  • Lol.... the stupidity of some ppl never cease to amaze me. Server wipe, u gotta be extremely and i dont mean it lightly, i mean uve to be utmost unintelligent to even come up with something so downright stupid.

  • Stupid thing to do tbh. All the premium $ and time wasted, u know, its better tomsimply use the sub money to just u know, like buy the gold directly and play lol. Logging into multiple island, farming, selling, watering, transfering, auctioning, all these takes at least 1hr+ or even longer per day. Im saying serious time wasting issues, could even be 7-10hrs per week. All these time could be better spent on your main and get that artifact specialisation to 100.

  • Zitat von mewsuaykat: „Zitat von agrias: „plenty of thread for u to go perform your grammar nazi activity, sad little child. Dont blame u for being stupid to only know one language in your sad pathetic life, i mean how sad can a tard be that they need to go around on an online forum to look for grammar fault. Lol! Makes me laugh This sort of stupid trolling only applies for those that has nothing else to give but find faults on, grammar lmfao. Go back to your basement, boy. You have to be extrem…

  • Thats why i demolished my entire island and moved to caerleon, lucky i only upgrade my isle once

  • Zitat von Dygenn: „They are not instanced. They are subzoned. There is still only one bank and one auction house in each city. You can still arrange to meet another player there. There is very little instanced content in the game. Thank goodness. “ dont be stupid, the load time is bad enough now u have to do TWICE from banking to auction house, worse if uve to go back bank again.

  • Zitat von mewsuaykat: „Zitat von agrias: „What a moron, grammar nazi much? Go get a master degree in english before ure qualify to make such idioitic statement, or maybe ure one of those low intellect trash who only know one language their entire life? “ You really are terrible at insulting people as well! *tssk tssk* shame shame You can't complain correctly, neither can you insult people properly... it's not looking good for your career as a crybaby Sir/Miss. Please work on these deficiencies a…

  • What a moron, grammar nazi much? Go get a master degree in english before ure qualify to make such idioitic statement, or maybe ure one of those low intellect trash who only know one language their entire life?

  • Seriously one of the most stupid idea, dunno which idioit came up with such thoughts, instancing bank chest in city then instancing auction house. Use to be simple click bank chest and go auction house. Now ive to go thru not one but TWO instance. God how stupid can these ppl be, r they even players?! U want us to go thru TWO INSTANCE LOAD for this?!?! What theh heck ppl.... Surely they think the albion offline experience, multiple server resets isnt bad enough they want u to waste more time ins…

  • go buy the item in auction house. Im pretty sure u can find someone selling that anchor to make the house

  • IOS Release

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    Months R u seriously ***king kidding me. Insane 3 yrs delay on release and months for ios when the game is selling as a cross platform, as incompetent as it can get

  • Zitat von Kclikola: „Zitat von Lobram: „ “ Nope. Same thing, game or no game. “ Rare to see ppl who gets it. Very rare actually. Zitat von Lobram: „Zitat von Kclikola: „ “ Oh really? Well I guess you go to jail for assaulting players and killing their characters - oh wait you don't because this is a game. Just because markets do work that way in real life doesn't mean they should in the game especially when you're talking about a currency that dictates whether people can effectively play the gam…

  • Come on people, everyone knows this. This is nothing new ffs... been how long now? 2-3 yrs? To be honest its pretty pathetic, all that farming gold/conversion etc.. If udo that math its like $5 per hr or something lol, or even less, theres thread like this all the time. Theres one that actually done the math, it is really really sad. I rather go work 1hr in real life, even the min wage u still be earning $20 with a net profit for $15 per hr, u can also use the $15 to buy even more gold. End of t…

  • Seriously dont even know what to say to this. Im a real life day trader, ure saying 40% in 4 days is unfair. Bro... have u even seen ppl making 2000% in 1hr lol, and thats just stocks. Dont even get me started with cfd... U know how many arms manufacturers gone crazy just because trumps going to start ww3? ya well u know, welcome to real life, its really not that uncommon for ppl to just buy 100k gold if they feel like it or some windfall happens to them. I can hold my stocks for 4 days, if they…

  • @Eron Omg thats horrible. Its exactly what i thought when we get into early excess, grind hard and buy gold. Thats till i read about what u said, that is horrible, all that grind for pretty much... i dunno, $3-5 per hour?! Thats like working as a slave gold farmer. Rather really just pay $60 for 12.5k gold and buy like 4 mil silver later on and power lv everything and build up island. Seriously for $60 that is dirt cheep... wow sell a mount like $40 or something lol.... Also as with all mmo limi…

  • Old Runescape vs New Runescape

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    This is Huge! I started Rs in 2004, 13 years ago and is STILL playing the game from time to time. When the game forced everyone into new runescape back in around 08, i played it for 2 more years before abandoning the game after spending thousands and thousands of hours on it. Only to return when they released old school. #1 VERY DIFFERENT, new runescape over the years has evolved into Wow - Graphics and interface changes(old school barely has any interface, most stuffs is right and left clicks) …

  • Flail animation

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    Lol its stiff af. Knew someone would post this sooner or later, but im pretty sure everyone notice this already. Theres barely ANY game that has a working flail ever in games. Theres NOT a single flail i remember in any game, prolly cept verac flail. SI needs to learn from the upcoming ubisoft for honor. Their conqueror has the best flail animation

  • Zitat von solventh: „Zitat von agrias: „What a total retard, must be first time beta testing. Ive been in tests where the game gets wiped EVERY WEEK. Its call testing and bug fixing, content testing etc. Good god, i be killing myself if im a mod here, going thru all these nonsense. Prolly should pull the ban hammer on the retards calling for refund and hwile they r at it, suspend all these low content thread poster. Seriously this isnt even a discussion, how can someone thinks rubbish like this …