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  • In having killed 10’s of thousands of rabbits, if not hundreds of thousands from alpha until now in the name of testing, I have already had my fill of rabbit slaughter. However ... Be aware, it is possible to injure a rabbit without killing it, using an almost fully damaged tier 1 tool. The injured rabbits will not fight back. Please don’t be cruel and make them suffer too much. Best of luck to the participants!

  • Possibly @letwolf , there are non-English languages that have gender association with articles. In German for instance, der is masculine associated, die is feminine associated, and das is neutral. I believe the article in German for university is feminine associated.

  • If you are looking for Youtube videos @Raithe, I indexed all publicly available material from the first 3 alpha tests and before: Indexed Videos from Albion Online At the top of each video post, you will find an index to navigate between them. Best of luck.

  • Islands are meant to be a foundation or anchor point for players entering into the world of Albion. From the very beginning, the Development Team has consistently held that islands will be the least economically advantageous for use; land in cities or in guild territories will always offer better returns. You can read more about the last major change in island cost methodology here: The Role of Private Islands There are a few other things to consider: 1. Buildings on Islands do not lose durabili…

  • Quote from the CEO from last year: Zitat von Bercilak: „Relatively simple, any kind of client manipulation is not allowed. Kr, Stefan “ Two posts below this quote, in the original thread MadDave further elaborates a bit, however, the message was fairly clear that: client manipulation = perma-ban.

  • Idea suggested in the past that may resolve this:…alable-Package-Item-Idea/

  • That is against the Terms of service, and if discovered would lead that account being banned.

  • I wrote a long time ago on the elements that small guilds might focus on for success (quote below), in a less savory thread overall. Achieving success in these elements should lead toward a good guild, but I would be remiss to not acknowledge that achieving and maintaining synergies between guild members is an important factor in its own right, which might be factored as culture, guild interaction, or a feeling of belonging by others. Otherwise, as I wrote in 2014: Zitat von Zetecua: „Organizati…

  • cheats?

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    Hey @lustweed , What part of "does your setup give you an unfair advantage? If yes, don't do it." don't you understand? On this very page of the thread there is discussion about such setups, so I don't think that part is out of context. While Korn did not directly say, X action will lead to Y outcome, if a developer says to not do something, yet you choose to ignore that warning, well, you might have to live with the consequences of your actions.

  • cheats?

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    In regards to screen resolutions not officially supported by the client: Zitat von Korn: „ ... If you run a screen resolution that is not officially supported by the client, then yes, you are in danger. Now, an easy test is this: does your set-up give you an unfair advantage? If yes, don't do it. When it comes to detection, here is the thing: If you are cheating, and are not auto-detected right now, any time the game is updated could be the end of your account...Do you want to risk it? ... “

  • A quote from a recent enough forum thread: Zitat von Zetecua: „Zitat von manniL: „Zitat von Fartbutt: „According to the rules, when someone is perma banned, they are no longer allowed to purchase the game again. Unless they get the copy nefariously, like the gold farmers, they are gone from the game. “ Where is that written down? “ Terms and Conditions Excerpt: 14.8 In case of extraordinary termination by Sandbox Interactive, the User is not permitted to create a new User Account if his account(…

  • I believe this post, from 7 days ago, has a part of the answer: Gold Seller & Friends I suspect that the number in that post does not include freelance support staff or volunteer moderation team members.

  • Pins on map

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    OK, there was a map pins suggestion in 2015: Pin places on the map There is some discussion in that thread. In the second post I link to another thread from 2014, also about map pins. Hope the additional reading sparks some thoughts @Zarek !

  • Please see the official thread about zoom hacking: Zoom Hacking Please continue discussion there. Closing this thread.

  • Contact for assistance for an issue of this nature @Whitney01

  • I am sorry Albion...

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    @Speakmore , If we are to believe the language historians, rhyme is rarely used in Classical Western Civilization. The technique was likely introduced in the high Middle Ages from Arabic influence. If you look through the lens of today, my use of rhyme is absent, yet if we look through the lens of the period Albion might be set in, your use of rhyme would seem a bit foreign.

  • Ode to the Unwritten Post

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    TL:DR - You are amazing, TLDR Reader! Join the forum journey and let your awesomness shine. Zitat von Stormlord: „-_- you have no idea as to what you have triggered.. “ P_zpsc6d56c9a.jpgarsing words and smithing phrases, offending all yet none together Veteran and Recruit both to partake in a journey of awkward balance of varying ideas and positions. A_zps6a49598b.jpg Diplomat, A Warrior, a Champion, a Fool: their roles to partake on the stage of diction. A Spy, a Lurker, A "Like"r, A Socialite:…

  • Cross Post from Dec 2016 that I made, with edits noted Alright, lets talk silver, gold, value, sinks and sources: Sources of Silver: (1) Killing Mobs (regulated rate of regen & silver caps per mob, [This now also includes expedition related mob kills, noting an adjusted source rate]), (2) Salvage (regulated by resource rate of regen & resource spawn caps), (3) Player knockdown / death (in effect similar to salvage), (4) Royal Army Quests (regulated rate of regen, maximum cap, & time-gated quest …

  • The silver dropped on death is only a portion of the silver required to repair the item, thus it is a net silver sink if the item is repaired. It is also effectively a value sink, considering durability as value.

  • I will not speak on the potential clawback of value from that guild, but, that someone would be permanently banned.