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  • No CD Key after Payment

    Talion - - Beginner's Questions


    Hey @Pked! Normallly, Paypal transactions are instantaneous - and a key dispatch automatically happens. In a few cases, like eCheck payments, certain direct bank transfers, Paypal doesn't mark the transaction as "completed" until it's fully processed on their side, which, unfortunately, can take a few days. For more detailed questions about your specific transaction, please drop a message to -Talion

  • Hello everyone, With Lancelot a bug snuck into the game regarding the Laborer Journals. The Bug While adjusting the prices of Labourer Journals, an issue with their salvaging benefits arose. With the increase in prices for Laborer Journals post Lancelot, this leads to the situation that a vast number of journals have been bought pre-update, only to be salvaged post-update with enormous profit spans. Thus, effectively generating Silver out of thin air. Obviously, such a thing should not exist in …

  • 1 Month premium

    Talion - - General Questions & Discussions


    Hey @Michal To cancel the recurring part of the subscription, go to There you can uncheck the automatic renewal. -Talion

  • Test Server Login Issue

    Talion - - Bugs Testserver


    There is no authorization system for new devices for the testserver. If the device / location you're trying to log in from was not authorized when the live database was copied over to the testserver, you will have to wait until the next database copy. -Talion

  • Hullo! Normally, purchases are instant. There is a few cases with Paypal (eChecks, Direct Bank Transfers from North America), where it can take a few days. This might not have been the case here though - last night, our payment processor, who basically handles all the payment infrastructure for the different payment methods, had an outage in their European datacenter, leading to delayed payment processing. My guess is that you may have been caught in that @DoubleDex - this issue should have been…

  • New device email Bug [Test-server]

    Talion - - Bugs


    This is not a bug. New devices cannot get authorized on the test server. You will have to wait for the next database copy from Live over. -Talion

  • The bug is now fixed on our testing systems. With the next rollout it will make its way to the Live version of the webpage. -Talion

  • Thanks! I will toss this to WebDev. -Talion

  • Hey everyone, there is some delay in Apple's review process for today's patch. Hopefully it will be completed sometime throughout the day. -Talion

  • Zitat von Neradas: „love "automatique answers" I just notice a default and understood maybe its just an information file update missing Screen :…GcPGsAab/view?usp=sharing so yes its write compatible Iphone 5s thx for dont care “ The screenshot you link is something that Apple populates, not us - as we can only limit by iOS version on Testflight, *not* via device type. We announced which devices are useable and compatible in our article where you found the signup li…

  • [Done] Forum Maintenance

    Talion - - News & Announcements


    Hello everyone, Tuesday, January 22, at 14:00 UTC we will take down our forum for an upgrade of the forum software. This is scheduled to take about an hour. Forum will be unreachable during that time. -Talion

  • Zitat von Terms and Conditions: „11.2 Multiple registrations, as well as setting up and operating multiple User Accounts at our Services are allowed. However, if the User is playing the Game with multiple Characters at the same time, all of the following rules must be followed: i) the Characters may not interact or cooperate with each other if they are located outside of a player city, guild home territory, personal island or guild island, ii) the Characters may not engage in combat together and…

  • And finally it's reviewed and released. -Talion

  • Just a generic "Your version is still waiting for Beta Review, there are many factors that contribute to the time required"-answer etc. that came in about an hour ago. Quite frustrating for us as well. -Talion

  • Version incompatible?

    Talion - - iOS Test Forum


    Zitat von postlarval: „Who did you piss off at Apple? I updated our company app twice since Saturday and it was approved within a day both times. “ Interesting. I don't know if we pissed anybody off. I didn't do anything. Should ask the programmers... Is your company's app on Testflight or in the store? If the latter, do they maybe have different review processes? -Talion

  • We've reached out to Apple, again, to see why this is taking so long. We've yet to receive an answer. -Talion

  • The version goes to Apple as soon as it's ready. Rest is in their hands. After the issues with their testflight system they apparently have some sort of backlog with testing all the stuff that was handed in. We don't know any more than you do. -Talion

  • Hello everyone, There is a bug that was introduced with Patch #2 regarding the siphoning mages in resources territories at the moment. It looks like they gather more points than they are supposed to (clarification: their respawn times factor into the 'more points than they're supposed to'). Thank you for everyone who reported the bug – we are aware of it, have verified it and are working to get a Hotfix out as soon as possible. As for the additional points that were/are given out during this tim…

  • Kay Hotfix #4 - Ver. 1.10.351 - REV 108124 / 12 January 2018 - Fixed a bug that was causing the Greataxe ability Whirlwind to deal no damage - Ice and Fire expedition maps are now available from Vanity Merchants - Completing Ice and Fire now grants the correct reward (250 Snowballs) - Lowered Marmot respawn time in Good Deeds questline - Fixed spell indicator for Morgana Crossbowman - Fixed a bug that prevented cities from being claimed

  • Hey everyone, Apple is having hiccups in their review process for today's version and it will be delayed. We cannot give any ETA (not even a guesstimate) for it, sorry. -Talion