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  • love the idea of a marketplace connected to your towns market.

  • Hi Guys, I'm going to provide a bit of a precursor and justification but it's still going to sound like a whingy grab for "stuff" so I'm just gonna throw it out there anyway. These days when services provided to a customer are affected by; connectivity issues, extended maintenance, unforseen rollbacks or any other interruption of service something gets thrown at the customer to say "hey its not necessarily our fault but regardless we're sorry and hope you'll come back" (like it or not this is th…

  • To craft or not to craft?

    TheNoniTrader - - Beginner's Questions


    Edit: just noticed you said using focus.. yes 55% resource value is generally less than market price. If you are not using focus to craft: It is almost never cheaper to buy the resources

  • Hi guys this weekend i will be building a significant number of buildings and will require a deal of stone. Can accept raw or block form. Add me ingame to discuss. IGN: Feliron

  • looking for 7.2 bag

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    if you havent found this by tomorrow night at this time i should be on t7 bags then. IGN is Feliron

  • To craft or not to craft?

    TheNoniTrader - - Beginner's Questions


    generally you will want to be able t craft up to t4 in your main spec although it is almost always cheaper to buy the gear than craft it now. Beyond t4 its really a personal choice. If you like making your own stuff then level crafting for your gear (3 armor pieces + main weapon combo) It is however a personal choice now and in mo way necessity to be able to craft anything at all its generally less than material cost or if you can find the materials... then most crafters will make the special it…

  • 3 premium characters, 1 got 7 days the others got 0 Just updated ~5 mins after login, 2nd character 7 of his 14 entitlement. Also, Black screening in Caerleon market/storage zoning.

  • Not ever in the history of MMOs has banning currency traders resulted in anything other than churn. You are eating up the lie the gaming houses feed you in order to keep making money from the sale of cd keys/accounts.

  • Zitat von doshha: „In all my 20+ gaming years, all the popular games has had continued gold sellers. They have always found a way to make real money if a game is very popular. This problem has never been resolved, and has ruined every game economy. “ The only way to "fix" that is to allow everyone to participate in the gold buying/selling.

  • Zitat von Vulix: „Dear Sandbox Interactive, There are many people angry at you recently because they lack understanding of what a DDOS attack is. These same people are calling you incompetent and demand compensation. Don't fret. Many of us understand the situation is out of your control and that DDOS attacks can't be defended against easily, especially the more sophisticated attacks. Take your time to nurse the servers back up to health. There is no rush, the land of Albion isn't running away. F…

  • Zitat von Gawerty: „Zitat von TheNoniTrader: „I kinda assumed when I first read it that you had already contacted the authorities but... just in case.... You're in touch with your local enforcement agencies about the ransom demand right? “ They more than likely are, all things considered. This is a rather common occurrence across multiple new MMOs these days. It happened with SWTOR, it happened with WoW in 2004, it happened with Eve Online, etc. They'll get it fixed, and this'll be just another …

  • I kinda assumed when I first read it that you had already contacted the authorities but... just in case.... You're in touch with your local enforcement agencies about the ransom demand right?

  • Zitat von Percyvelle: „Zitat von Korn: „Zitat von Scamnicitus: „Lmao is so easy to trigger people. Also I'm not the first to make this accusation, that it's not ddos related at all, but more of poor planning, weak server architecture, and bad coding. Also what ever happened to the apache problems causing black screens? Where did that problem go? “ We fixed the DB issue on Wednesday.How much are you willing to bet that the DDOS was not real? I offer you 10 to 1 odds, betting up to 100k USD, takin…

  • All I wish is that so close to maintenance with the servers unreachable for most.. they would bring down the servers entirely, conduct maintenance and continue to work on the safeguards for denial of service attacks.

  • Gonna be great!.. when the servers come back up we'll have a good 30 mins to play before they go back down for daily maintenance.. Glad to pay for 30 mins a day!!!

  • Zitat von Primitive: „Zitat von Eltharyon: „We're currently experiencing connection issues on the live servers. We're aware of the issue and working on it with our datacenter. We will keep you posted. “ Some reason the server isnt just being restarted?Friday night primetime US,.......... “ Likely answer: Because it is not actually to do with the servers. It will be a broken node/connection on the way into the servers. The server is still up, only most of us cant access it as we're mostly going t…

  • Please provide a latest mod/dev/gm post button.

  • So, 12 pages into this thread is a message from a dev about the *Current* inability to reach servers.... Can we please get a "Latest mod/dev posts" button/forum/sticky. We're 3/4 of the way through 2017 guys.

  • Really need a way to filter posts by mod/gm/dev responses. Anything in this thread ?

  • ... Why did you not just put a time limit of 7 days on trading currency (gold or silver) player to player after it has been purchased from the store? Generally the stolen credit card transactions are identified within 7 days. Effectively the funds would be held in escrow or usable only for "personal" use within the 7 day period from the last gold purchase. Thereby quarantining the gold to the account it was purchased by until the fraud check completes on the transaction. This way we do not hampe…