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  • Something like this Frost Bolt: -10% Damage in exchange for a 30% Slow Hoar Frost: -20% Damage, Instant Cast Frost Bomb: -20% Damage Enemies within the detonation area are slowed 50% before detonation. Frost Nova: 8m range Frost Beam: Deal 150% more damage, Instant non Channeled, Slow 35% Movespeed, 25% Attackspeed Freezing Wind: +40% Root Time Hail: -20% Damage, +30% Slow Ice Storm: Reduce Travel Distance, Increase Area +20% I actually think that the Hoarfrost Staff and Icicle Staff have accept…

  • Zitat von Eron: „The idea of hellions "life steal aura" skill is nice - as its a merge of both the Stalker (dmg) and Merc (bloodlust) armors. But its actual impact/strength isn't powerful enough vs other leathers. E.g. PvE running small mobs: Merc Jacket with bloodlust - I can melee or +axe whirlwind to take down the mob, and be down appx 200 to 300 health. Stalker Jacket with electric field - the skill DMG is much higher and I end up about the same 200-300 health. Hellion's life steal - taking …

  • I think one of the best Risk/Reward aspects of a Hellgate is grabbing the other team's gear. Sure if you only fight people in T4 maybe you only get ~150K of gear. But if you fight people your tier, and win, you win your ~2M of gear. The actual Hellgate loot really should just complement your victory. And I think we need SI to somehow lessen the overall artifact drop rate. Make that shit rare! (and valuable)

  • Y'all are missing an important factor. It's almost been 30 days since the start of this Beta. Some people's premiums are about to wear out. Gold is skyrocketing because the demand is increasing in anticipation for Friday (Which is I think when premiums wear out, if I did my math right.)

  • Zitat von Sharkesha: „If you think fire or frost doesn't do damage I think you need to look At the user instead of the weapon. As someone that mained fire last beta and started frost this beta, damage is something I never felt I was missing. “ I don't really want more damage on Frost Staff. In fact I'd sacrifice like 20% of the damage for a 15% increase in CC.

  • It doesn't actually hit very hard. If you encounter someone with this weapon equipped, the best thing to do is to bait them with your horse as long as you can while they run out of mana. Once they finally dismount you, ENGAGE. The biggest mistake people make against Double Bladed is they run. Unless you have FrostShot/Dash you are most likely going to have to fight, so start right away. Drop all the damage you can in a hurry because they are going to run, but hopefully not far because they will …

  • Has anyone had the chance to try the Icicle Staff? I feel like it's E is more on par with what I think Frost should be than the rest. Frost staffs feel a little underwhelming, Fire can do more damage and the CC from Frost is mostly negligible.

  • All we need is a hotfix that does the following: - Makes Gathering and PvE give the regular amount of fame. - No Fame Loss in Yellow Zones. Make these "practice" zones. This would make being a Red Zone player a choice, and not forced upon you. And regaining access to the lower zones is actually achievable. It's a temporary fix, but it would solve so much

  • Reputation System Changes

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    @Korn when might we be seeing these changes? A few of my friends, as well as myself, have recently tried our first take on PvP in the red zone, and now we can't go home. Cannot visit home city =/= what is the point. Is your recommendation that we wait the 5 days it will take for our rep to get back up? Because that's 90% likely our plan.

  • PvP Ranked Arena

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    Zitat von Vagabond: „Arena ranked should be without full loot, it is pure skill based arena not an economy war, small guilds can't compete if they will lose their gear so the Arena winner will be the best skilled players, not the players with infinite resources “ Just make it so that players fight others with a similar Average Item Power. This way even someone in t4 could be the king of the arena by winning the most matches, not necessarily by just being "top dog"

  • Zitat von Mugyou: „Zitat von Heppernaut: „ “ What do you suggest the chests do then? Still drop artifacts? If Hellgates were the only place to get Artifacts they'd definitely become hot, but at the same time those ruling would continue to rule (I don't 5v5 so I don't know if that actually stands). “ Artifacts, see below Zitat von WRK: „Zitat von Mugyou: „ “ HG -> HG artsChests -> Arts + ess + souls Mobs -> ess + runes Elite mobs -> ess, runes, souls “ HG -> Enchanted Artifacts (Used to craft .X …

  • Hellgates should ONLY drop 1 Artifact every run, and they should be the only way of getting artifacts. Hellgates should also only be found in black zones. (Thus making hellgates something REALLY valuable for the high class guilds.) Dungeons should ONLY drop Essences/Runes/Souls, and they should be the only way of getting those, however they should be adjusted to have a similar system between Hellgates and Expeditions. MAX 2 groups can enter a dungeon instance, and dungeon instances are full loot…

  • Hello all, I've recently joined a new guild, and I am most likely going to leave that guild because they are based somewhere other than where my player Island is. I realize, this is simple, I just demolish my old player island and build a new one. But what about my Explorer's Anchor? As it currently stands, players who build a Legendary Explorer's House are bottlenecked into either staying sedentary with their island forever, or losing one of the perks they paid for. This isn't really a problem …

  • Zitat von Gank: „Essences should be a random proc on non enchanted gathering. “ Essences AND Enchanted materials. Hit a t5 Node 2% Chance to get an Essence 1% Chance to get a .4 3% Chance to get a .3 6% Chance to get a .2 10% Chance to get a .1 80% Chance to get Flat Make Runes have a 1% chance to drop from PvE, that way PvE still has a source of something to advance gear other than Silver. *Edit: And remove enchanted nodes completely.

  • There's quite a few models for builds like this out there. They are all still specialized in some way, because they don't fit into the typical composition set up. (Meaning a classic 5-man group wouldn't necessarily benefit the most from one) Helm: Soldier - Emergency Heal (Great to swap out with Demon Helmet for HUSH which would give you some form of CC) Chest: Mercenary - Bloodlust (Great to swap out with any other Leather armor as they all give such unique abilities) Boots: Soldier - Wanderlus…

  • I'm not a blackzone player, though I would like to be, I feel like enchanted mats should only be available in Black Zones. This would give them real value on the market, as well as give incentive to traveling traders to have valuable routes.

  • I have two questions to throw into the mix: 1. Are Alliances causing less OWPvP because larger guilds see eachother as a threat and align? 2. Should Guild sizes be capped at ~50 players (assuming they remove alliances) forcing even "larger" guilds to have external supplements from the market? My 2cents

  • Hey Rardrok, I like a similar playstyle to you I think, sort of Nasus/Udyr/Mundo type gameplay (LoL) (haven't played in 4 years) I've been toying with a few different builds that offer a lot of what I think you are looking for. Build 1: Helmet: Guardian - Emergency Heal Chest: Mage - Ice Armor Shoes: Soldier - Shield Sprint Weapon: Great Hammer I find this build gives me a lot of damage, while still having a comfortable amount of CC, mobility and tankiness. Build 2: Helmet: Assassin - Howl Chest…

  • Hello Devs/Readers I currently think that the Frost line is lacking a little love. It has some solid gameplay at times, but unlike many other weapons in game, it isn't as adjustable to a wide variety of builds. I think the following changes might help it's case. Frostbolt Great skill, currently does not need changing. Hoarfrost I believe that if Hoarfrost was Instant but had a 1.5s cooldown, it would be much more useful. I also think it's damage would have to be adjusted for such a change. Frost…

  • .1 bow

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    Zitat von angrad: „.1 is actually fine. The only problem with it is what plagues all .1's and .2's. Item power doesn't scale as well as .3's. “ There is a post somewhere in the nethers, I believe from December, in which they said this would not be the case come release.