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  • [Service] Farm plots for rent in Caerleon!

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    How many plots do you have left and how much do they cost?

  • Massive Giveaway

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    IGN: Bajoli Anime: Dragon ball Z


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    37 stacks of 999 cabbage, am i counting that correct? I am offering you 3 million silver for 37000 cabbages.

  • 1. Inventory sales contracts 2. Hauling goods contracts 3 Arena observer mode and gambling office

  • Game won't start even after reinstall big problem!

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    I am trying to launch the game. I get a black screen and the following error (also after repairing and reinstalling): Oops! The game crashed. The crash report folder named: "2017-09-22_224248" next to game executable. It would be great if you 'd send it to the developer of the game! But i can't find the crash report.

  • There is no assumption in gold pricing, there is just history repeating itself. It will always keep going up, because the past has shown this. Especially because there is no end of beta any more. There will be no wipes. Gold is the only scarce good in the game that has real value in euro's or dollars. Everybody tries to play albion for free. Look at games like EVE online. The plex price kept going up for 10 years until some insanely big war happened. Even then, when the market went down the pric…

  • I have 55k gold to invest, that is about 30 million silver. I need idea's to invest in. I have been looking at the markets a lot, but i am searching for bigger trades. If you for instance are running a guild and you have a ton of resources, gear etc and you are in need of silver to pay for the upkeep of your territories, contact me. Ofcourse i will not buy anything above market price, there need to be a profit margin.

  • Zitat von Saya: „I am offering my services as a neutral third-party for investments, financial services and high-value trades and exchanges. I am available in any city or starting village on the Royal Island. Why trust Saya? I ran Albion Release Investments #1, the first and ONLY successful public investment offering in Albion Online. I have also been offering third-party services since Albion's release. What kind of Services? 1. ASSET MANAGEMENT: I manage an amount of silver on your behalf and …

  • Lets say i would trust you. I wouldn't accept any calculations based on silver. 50% ROI is made in 2 days if the gold market gets kicked up or by trading it effectively. All should be calculated in gold and gold only, except when there is a simple buy-sell transaction with no time in between. But i have another thing to offer. I would like to buy all your T6.2, T6.3 and T7.2, T7.3 refined cloth. I mean ALL of it guaranteed if the price is set right ofcourse.

  • When the markets collapse even further, it will be a great investment for me thanks to all the horsebreeders!

  • DDOS Attack (latest Update UTC 18:39)

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    Zitat von KaMuK: „DDoS will stop at 5min. before Daily Maintenance, and will start again 5min after server launches. 100% info “ Delete KaMuk's account and block his IP and the ddos will be over. Look at his image, he is with Anonymous, which is a group of hackers that like to use the vendetta mask. Besides that he only recently joined the forum.

  • Zitat von tabooshka: „Zitat von Bajoli: „Isn't there any way to work out a solution around this ddos attack? I mean, one IP adres is sending insane amounts of traffic= throw him out? Or "proof that i am not a robot" type of things? “ oh boy, people are so uninformed when it comes to these things... “ I mean, ddosing tutorials are so easy to find on the internet, everybody could learn it within an hour. There must be an obvious way of working around it like all the other mmo's do.

  • Isn't there any way to work out a solution around this ddos attack? I mean, one IP adres is sending insane amounts of traffic= throw him out? Or "proof that i am not a robot" type of things?

  • Functions of the other cities: - The other cities have zones close to them with T2 and T3 resources. All T2 and T3 in Caerleon have been hauled there from all the other cities. - Providing a safe place for newcomers who don't wan'to be forced into pvp, which is the case for caerleon. - Providing more city plots. Imagine someone monopolising the city plots in Caerleon, in such case it is very nice to have 5 other cities. - Having direct acces to t3-t4 dungeons and a chance to acces yellow zone he…

  • I had a queue position 5k+ once. I don't know if it is because the game is a crazy succes, or the server a large underestimation.

  • Thusfar the server has been doing awful. I have seen waiting times to login for more then 1 hour or 5000+ players.

  • Gold Disapearing!

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    Don't forget, only the gold you bought with real money will be returned to you. I had 60k during last beta, but i know i will only get the usual amount of 4500 from my epic pack.

  • Albion does a lot of things other games don't do. And there are allready 250k founders, just imagine all of them playing around the 3 starting days. That allready would be crazy! But yes plenty of new players should be comming in with some decent marketing. I am predicting that the server will crash but when it is all fixed the biggest armies ever will fight at caerleon.

  • Hellgates are DEAD

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    Look at how beautiful the timer ticks until wipe and launch: Ofcourse a lot of players are waiting right now. Having enemies in your hellgate sucks as a pve experience a lot of the time. So you killed the boss? So what here i come and i oneshot kill you....I would like to say: enjoy the hellgate pve experience while you still can. By the way i played a hellgate quite recently and it turned out to be pvp.

  • (GvG) Red Army vs ZORN #1

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    It is wo2 all over again.. Germany vs Sovjets.