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  • This thread is really making my head hurt, so I have a few questions? If you got banned, have you been banned in other games before? Did the thought cross your mind that this is too good to be true, or man those guys at SBI are stupid for letting me salvage these for way more the I paid for them? If you answered yes to either then you knew what you were doing was possibly wrong and should have not done it...

  • Zitat von Snowy273: „This guide can help you know all the names of the fishes in albion and where you can catch them also hope it will help you…1eb2d7b6274714c3bab67d94f “ Great info. Does anyone have info on the buffs each fish gives if consumed as fish?

  • Zitat von Silks: „Zitat von Fred_the_Barbarian: „Zitat von Silks: „Zitat von Fred_the_Barbarian: „According to Merriam-Webster, bug can be defined as follows: an unexpected defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection. Clearly the effect of the price change on journals was unexpected, and given the derailing effect it could have on the economy, I think it's appropriate to call it a defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection. It's a bug. People exploited it to get money they shouldn't have been able to get und…

  • Fisherman Armor Screenshots

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    Zitat von Saya: „Zitat von Kejima: „'Fisherman' - shows female version, hmmm ... But yeah, looks cool. “ sorry, all three of my characters are female... “ Don't be sorry, so are mine!

  • Zitat von InsaneDayD: „Lel. 1 . Only one holy heal build is viable in the actual gvg/hg meta (1h holy, merc hood, ccloth robe, royal shoes, eye of secret), druidic is underpowered, and all natures in general. And others holy staffs are shit except for zvzs. 2 . Staff of balance ccs are way too strong, he has bump, stuns, and with fiend boots can switch positions. These are all major ccs cuz they interrupt casts. Hammer has stunt but that's way less stronger that the shitamount of bump a Quarters…

  • Man at Arms Reforged

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    Not sure if the Devs have seen this youtube channel. Getting these guys to build one of the AO weapons would be a great way to get AO exposure.

  • Zitat von InsaneDayD: „well, i cant call dev another way, that's what they are with what they're doing atm with the relics and the nerfs and unbalancing. But i guess i should not even post on forums. Because i dont really respect any of the people that actualy come here. You're giving a feedback about a precise combo that makes it impossible to heal, and people are like "i can heal through it" no dude you can't. I can heal most situations actualy, but SOB and halberd are a combo i cannot heal at…

  • Zitat von Caideroth: „Why are healers in this game essentially gods? I dont know why but it seems in 1v1 combat beating a healer is not up for debate. They can sustain themselves forever and they never run out of energy, as far as i can tell there is no downside to them. Everytime I ask this in game I get told "what do you expect 1v1'ing a healer" well last I checked healers arent suppose to be this way. The traditional rpg healer is a mage-esqe character who can provide support to allies as wel…

  • wandering mob feedback

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    Zitat von Shevarage: „I'll try to make it short. => Mobs are imbalanced. T6 and T8 sorceress do to much dammage compared to other mobs. They all have mecaniscs you can dodge to reduce there damage by a lot (without needing a special setup), on the other hand, sorceress swarm you with bats. => T6 and T8 maps are gonna be deadly for gatherers. Lot of mobs and range, hit really hard. I know the mobs are hard to agro, but trust me when you have mobs blocking chockes, you won't have an other way out …

  • Zitat von Korn: „That won't be easy, and might in the context of risk etc not be worth it - if you camp the enemy mages too much, it would give the other guild ample time to organize a counterplay. I highly doubt that defensively camping your own mages is the right strategy in this context and I don't think that entire guilds passively camping their own territories for 60 minutes prior to each fight is how it will play out - if it does, that would of course be awful, we can all agree on that. On…

  • Zitat von Ravenar: „Zitat von solventh: „as far as i remember desyncs started to piss us just after the devs implemented their anti ddos mechanisms around august 17. do u approve? “ So we had connection issues before the ddos mechanisms and after that we indeed had this "desync" issue. So there has not been a time when connection actually worked...? Well, in the last beta it was not so bad. Yes. I have same feeling that this is related to the ddos mitigation stuff. I wanna say packet loss, but I…

  • I did not see where you could craft the new cloth.

  • /r to Reply does not appear to work

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    /r to Reply does not appear to work

  • Tome of Insight

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    Every MMO is a social experiment. Humans believe they know what everyone will do becuase that is what they would do. We will just have to wait and see how this turns out. If you really want to make Tomes interesting make them drop in PVP also...

  • Zitat von solventh: „i didnt say it was about wireless. dont use wireless while playing online games. it should be ur last hand. “ I play from wireless all the time. My ping to my ISP over my wireless connection is 1ms and ping in game is 50-52ms. Your ISP sucks...

  • 100% agree!!

  • Player Population

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    Zitat von sirina: „Zalrenic I think what hockeyboi meant was: 1) New players will be discouraged to try and compete with someone with 30m mob fame 2) New groups of players will be discouraged to try and compete with someone with the wealth of let's say money guild 3) New market players will be discouraged to try and compete with people already having 100k gold or even more. “ I think the single solution to New players being able to catch up is to change the Specialization Bonus from 2 > .2 and r…

  • Yep you were close it is 0+0

  • Reduce the soul crushing grind... I played part of the last 2 betas and have played since launch. I have a ton of time invested, I just don’t see new players starting this far behind and staying. Without an influx of new players the population can only do one thing. Increase solo PVE opportunities. Increase solo PVP opportunities that don’t end up 1v8.