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  • "Too many login attempts"

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    I'm getting the same thing. Sometimes I'm kicked off the game for over 10 minutes. I'm almost 100% sure my password is entered correctly as well from the first attempt.

  • Bump. Also, please mention your roles in the text channel or post a picture of your best build (or the build you wish to scrim with) so I can assign you the roles in the discord.

  • Graveguard Sacrifice Bug

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    I've posted about this before and been killed by it many times. I guess it's intended...

  • What I like about 2v2 hellgates is that any 2 person composition can be countered, similar to dueling in town. I truly don't believe there is a "Best" comp and never will be. Obviously, there will be some weapons that don't perform as well as others consistently, but even these weapons can shine in the right comp or vs the right people.

  • Demon Helmet Silence

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    Oh, I didn't know it was intentional

  • Demon Helmet Silence

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    Not sure if this is a bug but the silence on auto attack from the demon helmet seems to be delayed for about a second after the auto hit where it used to be instant.

  • Zitat von Trogdor: „Link expired “ Ah, I have made it so the link no longer expires. Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know. I have updated the post with the new link as well

  • Also, please post your preferred or possible roles and equipment when you join the discord. This helps us organize and assign roles to the new fighters.

  • We have created a discord channel for players who wish to practice 5v5 compositions against other teams in the form of a scrimmage. This discord can also be used to find a GvG team or GvG teams to fill a spot they may be missing, or to test a weapon in their composition in a scrimmage. If you are interested in joining you can find the channel here: Scrimmages will be held in the arena where both teams of 5 que up at the same time until they are matched together. If they are no…

  • Same for arcane's damage abilities... at 9m its tough to get in range to cast my subpar damage lol

  • I noticed this as well, I made a post about it in the testserver forum post but on the test server it seems to still be doing 40% even though tooltip reads 28%

  • I noticed the arcane frazzle debuff was changed from 40% to 28.571% in the tooltip, but I didnt see this change stated anywhere. edit: did further testing to find that the debuff is still 40% but the tooltip is just wrong. actaully 39%-42% depending on number rounding

  • basilisk OP?

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  • In the "Cleanse" ability it mentions that it dosen't work on damage over time spells, but in "The Void" ability it says all negative effects, wouldn't a DoT such as burning or curse stacks be considered a negative effect? So then the skill description must be wrong.

  • None of the negative effects of battle mounts are being cleansed by the arcane artifacts "Void" ability.

  • Zitat von Targun: „@BRiCK you approach the problem from the wrong angle. It's not the content in the city that keeps players inside. It's the lack of fun and meaningful OW content. “ Yeah I don't see any incentive for anyone to bring 8.3 gear into the Open World when there's no guarantee of a fair fight... especially with battle mounts in the state they are now...

  • Been killed several times this week by battle mounts in "drive-by" style ganks and every time I hear the call that there's a battle mount I clench my butt cheeks so hard that I shit diamonds. And then I prepare for the imminent walk of shame that we will have to take. I actually have nightmares of lizards terrorizing me at night.

  • There is the risk of repair bills. Having cleared some level 9s and a level 10 myself I can tell you that the risk of running with a subpar group can cost me 300k+ per map in repairs. Typically costing me more than we make in silver on the map itself. Also, the rate of fame is not that great, open world is better fame typically.

  • I made a post on these changes similar to this before they went live: New Arcane Changes Looks like they added a little bit of damage to the Q spell since then, but even now I feel like my casts are too slow, and the range is short, and the damage is subpar to be an effective dps.

  • New Arcane Changes

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    Zitat von gmatagmis: „Did you test, how much damage changes from full to zero mana? Does manadrain + new frazle plate looks viable? “ The damage at 0 mana is quite nice. The damage at above 80% mana is quite terrible though. The damage at low mana in plate is compareable to the damage at full mana in light id say. I don't remember the exact numbers, I'll have to check again. Zitat von heyw0od: „is frazzle still on w? would be nice to see it on q so can take purge as well. “ Frazzle is still on t…