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  • Standtime on melee is annoying

  • Quote from Stormlord: “A gift from our Russian Allies unknown.png im not sure who he is but he seems friendly and welcoming XD ” He is the new leader of the ”free” world.

  • The sounds remind me of a scene on Clockwork Orange. KInda creepy to be honest.

  • Mac Client - fps drop

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  • What's up with this gank 7

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    @Player112 you have not been very non-toxic either... But respect for sharing your adventures in good and in bad. It has been entertaining (at times). Good Luck btw: I can take your stuff

  • What's up with this gank 7

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    @Player112 did I get this right? On a routine trading trip to Caerleon, you decide to harass a random red. And when more reds appear, you ignore them? I have no idea how you got dismounted so quick but you were waiting for something to happen. It just happened faster than you expected. I often accidentlly quaff potions and food when meaning to hit Q and W. Maybe you did hit A to dismount by error? It happens. or you clicked on something on the ground? The invis guy was next to a corpse or someth…

  • What's up with this gank 7

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    Quote from SHARKY: “If only someone could link this to the killboard. ...very much doubt this even happened though. ” maybe this?

  • premium by silver also counts

  • Quote from Nausk: “What I'm trying to say is that rotating the upcoming Wardrobe items is different from the challenger mounts, since the Wardrobe items ain't gonna trash, unlike the Challenger event mounts. @Ravenar ” I have not given much thought for rotating consumable skin items. But I did now for 5 minutes That seems rather weird mechanic. Player population is not going up. Almost everyone will have one of them each season. For trashable non-consumables it makes sense. But for consumable se…

  • Quote from Nausk: “Imagine if the Challenger Event mounts wouldn't trash, but rather be consumables. You would only need to own every Challenger mount once and then you could just use them when you feel like rolling with a 'rari. ” Hmm... I try to be open with most points (if I read them) Nausk being respected known person with concise posts I usually do read them So, if Seasonal Challenge mounts would be consumables. And you would activate this "Ferrari" and die. There should be some cost and c…

  • Did a minimal daily grind. Equipped my basic set 100/100 (not spec ), auto respec on 100.000 silver Did a quick T5 solo expedition came out with 106.969 repair costs 549 (no change? was expecting double) royal sigil 50-60k tldr: +60k silver in 10 minutes and 99% adventurer bonus not bad.

  • What is silver bag? ah those... +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 +1000 yea, removing them would be fine.

  • Quote from DoomRawrus: “I would like it more if it wasn't spectral. I think being fully solid maybe with some of the glowing affects on the back would be fine since the panther mount I do love. ” I agree. The spectral mounts seem like cheap versions of cooler mounts. Probably because Ghost Wolf and Spectral Wolf. That makes this also look bit cheap

  • I take it back, the occult cougar looks pretty good in the game. That picture in the topic does not give it justice. It is basically Black Panther reskin and I like it I would not mind if more seasonal mounts would get a referral reskin.

  • New way repair

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    Actually, I think you can setup a repair station on the island. Not sure if it is possible on a city plot. Last I checked you could not set the rate. This is an interesting idea @Korn

  • As a way to inject more gold to the game and remove some excessive silver why not do something like this: 1) Add Limited time Mount / Equipment Skins to Vanity Store that can only be purchased with cash -> same amount of gold added to market somehow => More Gold 2) Maybe simpler alternative: Same as above but purchased with silver. Static silver price so if gold value is high these are cheap to buy using cash / gold. Oh wait, collectors were not a thing in this game anymore... Wait why is the va…

  • I have to agree I did not even read the whole post. But the general idea is awesome! Maybe the guild bonuses given by Guild destiny tree would somehow work better with smaller guilds and make zergs split to smalle guilds... Not sure how but that would be interesting thing to desing

  • Quote from Eternalhaze: “I sincerely want this game to succeed, but as a long time player I've grown to distrust SBI's vision for Albion's direction. ” Funny you say that.... I made a thread about loosing trust in SBI on the RT. I got interesting response. The people there had no idea what I was talking about. It is interesting because I do not agree about your points. I am casual. But I have drawn very similar conclusions.

  • Quote from Dc1a0: “Quote from Xanadeus2: “Some people should not be allowed to post in forums. ” So you're going to quit posting then? ” @Xanadeus2 This Topic is dedicated to most retarded in forum Dc1a0 Last guy who stuck in argument with this guy

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Quote from Ravenar: “I think the amount of silver should be closed. (rough idea) So no new silver in added to the game. Instead the silver dropped by mobs and the silver generated by black market and others should be equal to the silver taken out through the sinks mentioned in the OP. Silver in -> (zen) <- Silver out After you make it a closed system you can start thinking about managing the balance. Adjusting sinks vs faucets. Problem solved. Email me so I can send my bank …