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  • I think the key to having fun is to play your way and make do with what you have to do it. Take breaks when needed. I ran into issues and was off for most of year but have returned to still find the game fun time sink. I still like the thought of my bow hunter gathering hide and chopping wood to make my own little hunter shop. Only thing the game is missing in my opinion is the option to have a local store set up on a plot in a city. Would love to have a place not attached to markets where peopl…

  • Not at all, people have lives outside the game. And it is a game, putting regulations demanding people have to play is not a good thing for what is supposed to be peoples recreational activities.

  • Bump, had some duels in the guild island arena after successfully getting a red zone chest - Come join the fun all.

  • Guild Island is in Caerleon, a lot of members live in Lymhurst but we have some in the other cities as well.

  • Hello all, If anyone is looking for a guild that does everything (dungeons, expeditions, PVP, crafting, and just hanging out) apply in game. Everyone is welcome but we do prefer you use discord for communication. We have a T6 guild island and are currently working on getting all the buildings T5, Tier 6 next week! Guild tax standard is 10%, and all guild buildings have no tax for guildies. Good Hunting, Valcin

  • Outlands Scaling

    Valcin - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Hi Devs, Just want to say my first week has been great, I am loving it.. I do believe that your game turned out so successful that there might have been some under forcasted starting players for the game over all. I know your servers get a little choked due to the high population in cities and zones. Help us help you.. Give us some room to spread. Your outlands you designed is meant to scale. Scale big and give us (small, medium and large guilds a chance to get out of royals.. It will help all i…

  • As I said they said these new worlds can be expanded, and that's what they need to do. I never said new world.. I just said the older larger worlds would fair better then what we have now. .They claimed with new world they could scale it to the player population so they need to starting scaling it fast.

  • I think its more the accumulation of people in the cities.. Back when the world was larger with Queensmarket and Kingsmarket along with tons of other cities would hold up better to the world population because the world size was a lot bigger. They said they can scale these new maps to have more zones.. I think they should do that very fast if they want to get people spread out to take some stress off the zones.

  • But you are assuming that people bought the legendary for all the rewards.. Most Legendary are like me I bet, they bought it for the mount.. If it didn't have a horse, I wouldn't have bought it. So I ask you, how would you feel to buy something only to find out that it is given to everyone else for free?? Also I am not against people getting a mount, a tier 2 mount is given away at the end of the tutorial and I think that's perfect.. As for people staying poor I wish for people to get what they …

  • Now look at it from the other side, Imagine the people who DID spend the extra $50 just for that mount.. How would it be fair to them to all of a sudden give that to everyone? You feel it isn't worth it then there you have your answer.. For some of us it was.. There is nothing unfair about this.. Some people chose to pay the extra for that.. The others get the tutorial mount which I think is a great add.

  • Quote from jackthien: “Quote from Valcin: “You too, safe travels and stay out of red until you get a mount P.S. You called Legendarys assholes in the other thread first ” Hmm, I actually didn't spend much time in red zones, because I was busy playing in black zone in all of my beta. I didn't play much doe bc the gameplay was repetivitve and I didn't want to burn out. P.S. Ya, some legendaries are asshole because they think they are elitists (example u?) and always try to harm us peasants :). if …

  • Quote from Navaji: “How the hell can you cap out in a week... In beta, I played 12 hours a day for 3 weeks and I still only made it to tier 6 just at the end. I don't know of many people who can do that. Perhaps 1% at most can invest that much time. Is there some kind of power leveling I'm missing? ” If it took you 3 weeks at 12 hours a day to get to tier 6 you must be gathering 11 hours a 30 minutes a day because tier 6 is doable in 3 days.. Do you group fame or solo? I play maybe 15 hours a we…

  • This would have been good before UI upgrade but now if you go to the create guild tab in game you can select it all right there before ever paying any silver so now it might just be wasted time.

  • You too, safe travels and stay out of red until you get a mount P.S. You called Legendarys assholes in the other thread first

  • Head-Start Debate

    Valcin - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Donkey quest is fairly new, like past 6 months I thought.. just this beta wasn't it?

  • Quote from CMaelstrom: “Leave him alone. Clearly he's suffering enough if he's being subjected to Gilmore Girls. ” She bought this big ugly box, 7 seasons.. All I have tonight is boards and booze..

  • So I argue the opposite of you and you think I am worked up.. You yourself keep replying. So does that mean your worked up as well then?? OR are we just 2 people that have opposite views? I am a person who believes life owes me nothing more then I have earned / paid for.. You are a person who believes life should give you whatever you wish just with a breath of your whine lol. Don't worry about me Jack I'm just fine and enjoying myself thoroughly.

  • Jokes on you chief, I aint pissed.. I just drinking and posting on the message board to kill time.. Wife got Gilmour girls on the big tv so booze and boards is about the next up best.