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  • Polecicie build?

    bartiz - - Ogólne pytania i dyskusje


    Ja uzywam pochodni, swietnie sie komponuje z pasywka w toporze, ktora co atak zwraca zdrowie.

  • While you do this chat fix are you aware some of us, especially those logged off at islands are stuck on character screen and are unable to log in? Just wanted to make sure.

  • Quote from Ravelian: “kto spotyka w lesie dzika... ” ...ten po gaciach ze strachu sika! tak?

  • Hello forums! I just started playing today using my laptop but when the missus stole it I decided to install it on my new tablet-top (2in1 laptop/tablet) and give it a shot. Quote from MsMushy: “ It is a Lenovo MIIX 310 running Windows 10 with Intel Atom X5 Z8350 Processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage which cost me around £260, performance isn't close to my laptop at a steady 20fps but it has done me fine the past few hours just running around harvesting with no stuttering. Performance drops slight…