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  • I craft every day 120 blacksmith journals, 30 tinker journals, 30 fletchers, need corresponding associates fees...(blacksmith, fletcher, tool maker) Can work out a price or you can just profit from the sheer amount that I craft.. PM ign SweatySpaghetti, discord: Newfie#3841, or reply here

  • What people do is they will be careful not to show their nametag too much then flag up so you always have to have off screen names on largest they can go and hopefully u can catch a glimpse before they inch back and flag.. I've gotten like 30-40~m fame from solos since they been out so pretty familiar with all the cheese

  • BUMP -- Still having this issue even after getting a new PC.. Possibly my character is glitched?? tried being patient but I haven't heard of anyone else encountering this and it won't go away by itself lol

  • Maps like martlock, solo dungeons all have 350~ ping while others are chilling at steady 100 ping. Stays like it till the second i leave the lagging map. Then wa-la its back to 100. It's been happening for 3 days in a row (15th,16th,17th) fairly frequently. Don't see anybody else having the same issue?

  • Stuck even after relogs blackscreen martlock bank

  • Black Screen martlock

    SweatySpaghetti - - Bugs


    Hey just tried going to market now im stuck in blackscreen in martlock market IGN SweatySpaghetti

  • Hey I've been having this issue since I've downloaded, haven't tried reinstalling yet but whenever I'm knocked up/back/pushed aside in arena, duels, pvp zones, or even mobs. I'll fall through the map as I'm airborne unable to see anything till I land.. My PC sucks Radeon r200 GPU and this game is one of the only that run well ( besides this very anoyying issue ).. Also people are invisible while they are airborne aswell making them nearly impossible to track.. spamming spacebar atm lol... I've m…