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  • I do understand that point of view, but it's really angering for those of us who don't abuse the system and think a fee is going to be manageable but then get hit with an overcharge of four times the value. We should be informed of the fees - transparency - tell me I'm going to be overcharged over four times, so I can make a different decision to bite the bullet and spend a day transporting instead of losing it all. There is absolutely nothing I can do now. I can't put them back and make the tra…

  • I decided to leave a guild, transported everything out except the resources, left the guild, and recovered my resources which I could pick up for a fee after the wait period. I waited the timeframe, excited to finally be able to get my resources and do all my saddling that had been building up. What I saw when i went to pick up my resources angered me so much.. I have to now pay 23.2 million to get my 5.71 million of resources back.. what the actual hell? I spent all that time gathering everythi…

  • A Fearless Figure Emerges

    PepLou - - News


    I'm loving the mists and the new city, so I'm super excited to see the new vanity set!

  • Question of the Week #8

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    I love and feel most comfortable in the roads roaming, gathering, and doing some pve. I like the way they look with all the twisted off paths from the road, the npc's along those paths now, the upgraded nodes are great for the gatherer in me, and I can still roam solo for some of the activities. It's like a secret spot that only a few know about but there still danger around. I feel much more confident in the roads than the open world because of all those twists and turns. I learn how see certai…

  • I think they are both beautiful options and if we were able to implement both in certain areas of the roads, that would be perfect! If I had to choose just one though, it would be the brighter version just because it's easier to see for game play. I think that certain turns or dips in the road could be the darker version and the majority of the areas could be the brighter one - just hints of beautiful dark areas.

  • Why did all the pretty red Autumn Tree Decorations turn green with the update? Can the next patch fix the tree colors please? I bought the Autumn Trees because of the red color! *laughs* Thank you!

  • Hello! I am looking for a guild with a Hideout in the Avalonian Roads or a quieter black zone. I am a PVE Gatherer, Roads Adventurer, and Crafter. (GUILD FOUND - NOT LOOKING ANYMORE)

  • Adventures of PepLou

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    Dancing Naked in the BZ I made a little journey last night for the first time on my own and although I was very anxious, it was so much fun! I have been going into the BZ with guild friends and last night decided to see if I could make the journey on my own. I put on my Transport Set, used the Fort Sterling portal in the Conqueror's Hall, and headed North. I picked up everything from my chest tab in Dryvein Oasis, then from there headed to Arthur's Rest. Once there, I sold what I could with a pr…

  • Quote from AieNovis: “Skin , refine the Hides in Martlock city. refine the Lumber in Fort Sterling. Since you are in thetford you are in the middle of both so yeah you are in the right city. save travel time instead of going around the royal continent to refine things proficiently. Go Blackzone much safer during down/off times of zvz guilds. just check each zone prime times. or you can stick to t4 zones. t4 horse/stag are always in demand. I dont know about the oxen, tried those years ago and st…

  • "Best" city overall?

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    Quote from burrex1: “The ONLY downside to Martlock is as you say, it's far from Mercia. That being said, it's the only royal city that has easy access to all kinds of resources through their BZ portal. The refining station prices are incomparable to other cities. Would definitely choose Martlock ” "The refining station prices are incomparable to other cities." Incomparable how? Is it better than other cities?

  • Hello, I have been playing the game for a few months now and am currently based out of Thetford, where I have my island. I am mainly a gatherer and do PVE content. I raise Horses, Oxen, and Stags as mounts, so the resources I focus on most are Skin and Lumber so I can mount them at the Saddler. I know this is mostly based on perspective and there isn't necessarily a "best" city for everyone, but IN YOUR OPINION, what is the "best" city for someone like me who focuses on Skin and Lumber in 2022? …

  • Thank you for your advice. In your opinion, what is the most profitable farming activity, as in Breeder, Herbalist, Farmer, etc.. PepLou

  • I have three farm plots on my personal island and there are many options, so I need a little advice, please! What type of personal island farming is most profitable? By type, I am referring to Raising Pasture Mounts, Raising Rare Mounts, Herbs and Potions, Planting Veggies, etc.. Thank you for your advice! PepLou