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  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    Super bummed. I thought this was the next major update where they were adding Asian inspired lands into this mix and bringing Ninja swords into fray. Just a different server. Lame.

  • As the title suggests, please bring back the displaying of who crafted the item in the Auction House. I'm a total snob when it comes to this. I don't like having items crafted by individuals who choose crazy or weird names. Thanks!

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “you dont see the new backgrounds and new palm trees? ” Ok, maybe I'm seeing the palm trees. The backgrounds don't look all that different and it's really hard to tell because they unlock the camera for this footage and so it's hard to tell if what you're seeing is a product of something new or it just appears new because the viewing angle is 3D versus 2D.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “terrain changes look sick ” Where do you see terrain changes in the video? Nothing in the video looks different to me aside from their unlocked camera angles.

  • I don't think players are as dumb as yall think. When you factor everything in -- cost, progression, loot, TIME, stress, gear, enjoyment, etc. -- yellow zones have a lot to offer. If it were just about maximizing profit and progression, the yes, black zones are a player's best bet, but those are not the only factors for why people play.

  • This is one of the most frustrating and obnoxious features of the game:…9036babeefe6fae64f22e9070 When you try to leave a dungeon to a cluster that is overcrowded, then you get this top dialogue box which makes you wait 1 min and 30 seconds before you can click Accept. Waiting out the timer and clicking accept, just brings up the bottom dialogue box which prompts you to do the same process. This happens over and over and over again. There's no way to escape this du…

  • Clarent Blade new E

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    It doesn't do the bleed anymore. 3 stacks just adds additional damage once. - Heroic Charges: 1|2|3 - 1 Heroic Charge: Slows by 20% for Xs - 2 Heroic Charges: Silences for Xs - 3 Heroic Charges: Deals additional X magical damage[/dmg Some dev forgot to close up their bracket there, so they got nice little tag there at the end. I guess you could log that as the bug.

  • Michel Foucault, is that you?

  • Quote from Sponik: “You are basically walking into a sushi bar and telling them they should switch to a pizza place since you don't like sushi. (you want to make the game not full loot) You also tell them they should remove all the chairs since you like to eat while standing up. (you want players to stay in the yz like SWOOOOOOOOOLE BENJI) In addition, you show them an amusement park and tell them that it makes more money and has more customers even tho they are two different things (you compari…

  • This is a dumb change, IMO. Just a ripoff of Bloodletter. Are we that devoid of ideas that we need to copy now? How about this? - Bloody Reap (Infernal Scythe) - First Hit Damage: 74.45 - Second Hit doesn't apply the DoT anymore; applied on First Hit instead - Second Hit Damage: 74.45 - Second Hit adds debuff that causes DoT to do double damage when target is moving. Everything stays the same except the DoT is moved to the first hit and if the second hit lands, it adds a fester debuff that cause…

  • Sir Palamedes was a Saracen from Turkey who was a knight of the round table in Arthurian lore; not quite Asian but maybe, just maybe there's room for some Eastern influence.

  • The Paladin Vanity Bundle is Here

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    Could we get a Vanity set that is trim and tight? All these sets are so bulky. Tired of every piece of armor with some sort of drapery that needs to extend below the knees. Also do we need the chotskies? The books, the scrolls, the potions on every set?

  • How many Shephard skins are in circulation? 100K?

  • I just did an expedition for the first time in ages and noticed there is still the huge IP cap and 10 minute cool down. Is that still necessary? Given that you can go to any yellow zone with no IP cap and smash through random dungeons that give 3x the fame, does it make sense to still have this restriction on expeditions?

  • The use of "one shot" in this game is like crying wolf at this point. Helm, pot, W, Q, followed by E is hardly "1 shot". More like five shot combo?

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Calesvol: “Guys, the topic no one is talking about is the Chimera. People, think about it... Chimera? East? Asian mythology? Is it possible that this is a hint, a little easter egg? Expansion? Are we getting some ninja weapons? ” I think you’ve got a tin foil hat on ” And I suppose it's just coincidence that the Creator Spotlight is none other than Ninja Academy?

  • Guys, the topic no one is talking about is the Chimera. People, think about it... Chimera? East? Asian mythology? Is it possible that this is a hint, a little easter egg? Expansion? Are we getting some ninja weapons?

  • I don't understand the Cultist Cowl thing. 1. If you want to shorten the duration because a 7 second debuff is too long to wait out for some builds, then fine, makes total sense, but whatever % you are shortening the buff to, you should increase the damage by the same amount. Reducing the duration by 40% but only increasing the damage by 9% is a pretty severe change. 2. If such a severe change needs to happen, then how does this go unchecked for as long as it does? I mean, Cultist Cowl has been …

  • This evening's example. Log on. There's activity right outside Lymhurst in Yew Wood. Fort Sterling has come to play. Join the Lym blob and drive them out, retaking 3 of the 5 outposts. Proceed to push this same FS group about 5 zones, tetaking every outpost and cluster while knocking down 10-20 people in the span of an hour. What do I get for all of this? 9K faction points. Log off in yellow just outside Fort Sterling. Come back several hours later and spend the next hour just fighting whoever I…

  • Does anyone understand this? Aside from the measly points I get from capturing an outpost or killing/downing an enemy, which is clear and straight forward enough, the bulk of my points seem to come from Faction Defense Bonus, which just comes out of nowhere. I can be sitting in the bank 30 minutes from the last time I did anything for the Faction and I randomly get a bonus. And then, the bonuses make no sense. My thing lately has been to ride my ass to Bridgewatch from Lymhurst and down/kill wha…