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  • Quote from Mandulf: “Content is content. I'm glad SBI did some balance changes to improve the crystal arena experience in the past and see no reason why they should revert those changes. ” I mean with current crystal arenas there is no need to make balance, ppl just play what they want (at least u see a melee on hellion jacket spam kek), as ranking up has zero valuable rewards nobody will play 5v5 meta comps, given the case devs should reawaken some of those dead weapons that have been killed cu…

  • pair daggers

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    Quote from kekewx2: “what to play if i want a good game? ” then quit from this sheet lololololol

  • Quote from Mandulf: “Isn't the werewolf one of the non-artifact staves though? I thought it was, but can't check it right now. ” nope but it's rune weapon, kinda cheap compared to soul, relic and ava

  • pair daggers

    Fabrizziou - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    play deathgivers if u want E mobility lul

  • don't care too much about shapeshifter cuz all of they are like artifact so everyone will be very decorated in terms of non-artifact weapons if we compare a recent weapon line like wargloves and magic staff rework they have some nice details on T8 instead of just being white like most other weapon lines in T8

  • Quote from BigManOnCampus: “Seeing newer 1h dagger players donate me gear vs double reflect build is pretty funny. ” make cringe triple with spear + hunter hood + inferno shield lolololol

  • Quote from Asheraxia: “Should be redesigned along the lines of the Hellion Jacket. It should have had a 'Vampiric' assignation, where instead of bleeding the user out, it should have induced a bleed on the target, and life steel for the user. Diminish the attack strength accordingly but make it a health regen sustain AOE weapon. ” another weapon for solo'ing group dg and statics lets go boiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Quote from Quagga: “uncounterable dmg spell idk what is worse old mage cowl or current ava cowl.. ” mage cowl, it had the uncountereable dmg issue but on top it was cheap unlike ava cowl and even more unavoidable as it was point and click

  • any esports chance for Albion will die with CLC fading away kekw no separated balance for instanced contents and no weapon/armor bans in "competitive" scene

  • Regular Bow

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    Quote from Quagga: “At this point I would stop changing E and remove knockbak from multishot, this is spell from where all bow problems started.... spammable cc with high dmg. ” if they remove remove knockback and change it for a slow then multishot will be just a better spear Q1 (aka frost Q3 2.0). Spear should be reworked as well? Or what should daddy Retrochad do? I mean multishot wouldn't stay as just raw damage, bows will end without a cheap option for kite melees

  • Quote from Asheraxia: “LOL It's been OP since the Dawn of Time, but has a specific play-style and is fine within that. It's the ultimate Ratting weapon, and of course pretty handy for gatherers also. It has trouble with real 1v1 weapons though, so niche, yeah, a Ratting weapon par excellence... Should have been nerfed years ago, but someone in the development team likes it too much, so it is what it is. ” I know I know, just wanted to fulfill fate predicted by the guy above my post

  • Skill issue(?) Demonfang isn't designed for 1v1. For fame farming just spam first two attacks, anyway u get the spell back in a shorter cooldown

  • Quote from Mandulf: “I don't think this is a good idea. Unlike abilities and potions this cape is a passive that triggers automatically. It would be way to easy to accidentally use an ability right the moment it triggers, making you waste your cape. While you could of course say 'skill issue', it is the opposite of a user-friendly situation. It would be like wasting your fort sterling cape on NPC stuns, but worse. ” then make requirement of two spells to reveal yourself? kekw Oke out of jokes I …

  • Quote from Quagga: “50% shorter time only in the mist... yep yep ” separated balance for instanced content u mean? Heh, like if that's going to happen

  • Make it get revealed when u use spells just like assassin jacket, so if u want to disengage u need to fukin walk

  • Quote from Painball: “The biggest problem with spear is we exist in a hyper mobility meta and Harpoon is utter garbage. A very difficult to hit skillshot that cant even reach the targets its intended to counter. Harpoon Range - 16M (+ about 1 second to reach max range). Frostbite Range - 18M (Frost Q) Searing Flame Range - 18M (Fire Q) Bow Frost Shot - 13(+2)M Warbow/Badon E Range - 26M Multishot Knockback Range 12(+6)M Chain Missile Range - 17M (Arcane Q) When your opponents are kiting you back…

  • Quote from Mandulf: “You want a safe PvP region that has no safe zones? ” I think he means to a free-pvp map but with knock down instead of death

  • Maybe harpoon can get as a "group hook", instead of a throwing spear pulling one single enemy u can launch a big pp spear thrust where u make damage in all the way and pull to you all enemies in the spear returning path (maybe capped at 5-10 players) so u stand still a bit while the thrust animation happens, also maybe the tip of the attack could stun so u can guarantee a pull if u hit ppl with the tip and the others in the way of the attack have chance of escape with mobility kinda of similar t…

  • A solid option is giving roots the power of disabling dash and blink spells for it's duration Anyway it will be trash for groups as merc shoes is super meta Also I would like to see duskwaver armor turned into a spell like MLBB Minsitthar's ult, a field that aside from purging movement speed buffs (or maybe giving hard slow for balance) it disables any kind of dash and blink spells, in consequence it could get it's radius reduced