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  • Welcome All Steam Players

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    Hello, welcome and hope you find fun and joy somewhere in Albion.

  • Quote from Midgard: “That’s a neat idea. Can you not get around it by tracking most recent gains? I think that’s an option and will by default list what you’re wearing once you gain in it? ” Yes and no because the issue becomes the cluttered window. So for example say I decide to level my healer build today so I put on cleric robes and a wildstaff. Since its fresh progression it starts tracking it and all is fine. Now tommorrow I work on a tank build just because thats what the group needed or w…

  • I believe it was the Winter Alpha of 2015 that most people raved over.

  • I think he was referring to arena matches. He wants to be able to go out and gather as he waits for the queue and then not be over burdened in the match but in short if you gather on an armored horse as Circe1872 said you will be able to know when you have gathered too much.

  • I really think that it would be great if there was an option for combat progression that just tracked what you currently have equipped. This way when I am leveling up a variety of weapons and armors I can swap gear and still have a nice clean progression tab without having to constantly track and untrack things.

  • Quote from MHRook: “<img></img> ” Please Nerf. Its too overpowered.

  • Not so sure about which dungeons you are talking about because I know Ribcage Steppe, Grisdale, and Arkag Chasm are farmed almost 24/7. A few solo players also farm the small dungeons in Lichendell and Pithouse. Many of the small dungeons however are not that exciting and are very small. The red zone dungeons are also heavily populated and I've seen pvp going on in them a fair bit. They are safer to farm then the blackzone ones though.

  • about War Mount

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    I agree with the clicking silver auto dismounts you but the cool down times are much higher on battle mounts I believe because they are much harder to take down then normal mounts. Its also to discourage players from swapping back and forth between mount combat and their weapon. Also battle mounts were not meant to go gathering in, they were designed for open world battles, preferably ZvZ's.

  • Some very nice improvements, especially the custom roles with permissions for chests / buildings and ect. Also welcome to the community @PrintsKaspian

  • Actually what I always would of liked to see is a special building similar to a house that you can construct called a shop which would function like an AH but with a set of permissions and settings such as, who can buy and sell as well as discount options for VIP's. While this shop would likely not work out for open world too well it could be very handy for guilds. Imagine a Guild island having a few of these shops setup which are run by officers who specialize in different trees such has armors…

  • I thought a slow diminishing durability would be good for the game though implementing it raises a few challenges. As an example items listed in the auction house would need a durability filter and buyers would need to commonly check the durability before buying else that nice item they purchase could turn out to have only a few points left. The current way they avoid dealing with the durability issue is by requiring items to be fully repaired before listing them. This method would not work if t…

  • Feed your buildings either their favorite food or carrot soup, whichever one works out better for you profit wise.

  • As I look at the world map today, I can't say for sure if the changes to the mages has been for the best or properly balanced yet. Before it was indeed way too easy to raid and the mages could be exploited by aggroing them to the outside of the territory for easy slaughter. There were lots of raids going on all over the place. Now today if you look around you will see many territories with a full four mages and no stolen energy. Its possible that raiding has become too hard so now guilds can eas…

  • Awesome, will be in touch soon.

  • Hello From Middle USA

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    Hi Carde, glad you are enjoying the game so far and I hope you stick around. Be sure to find a friendly guild once you get the hang of the basics of the game because much of the fun stuff you do in AO comes from group activities whether its small party roam and ganks to 5 man arenas, or hellgates.

  • As the title says the right click should always move you even if you click on loot, or an NPC. There have been a number of times I get hit by an AoE not because I don't see it but because I go to move and accidentally click on an NPC which causes my character to select them and stand still opposed to just moving. Also had this happen while chasing people in the open world and I accidentally click on a rhino or rabbit which just causes you to suddenly stop. Please make the RTS setup so that right…

  • Why play Albion arena over WoW arena?

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    So your GvG team can practice different compositions quickly and easily.

  • One recruitment thread per guild is permitted in the guild recruitment thread: Guild Recruitment Section Guidelines Locking this thread.

  • Locking this since Lewd Village already has a Guild recruitment thread.

  • This Guild Already has a recruitment thread located here: <TLP>[ Eclipse Clan ] is recruiting again! So as per guidelines of one recruitment thread per guild I am locking this thread.