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  • Dev Talk: Awakened Weapons

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    Following our recent introduction to the Island and Farming Rework coming with the Wild Blood update, Game Director Robin Henkys takes a closer look at a massive addition to Albion’s sandbox world: Awakened Weapons. (Note: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.) To read a written summary, click here:

  • Updated September 22 Wild Blood Update Note - Android users can download the staging APK at this link (clicking link will start the download): Shapeshifter Weapons - Shapeshifter Weapons are a new Staff Weapon Line on the Hunter Weapon Tree - Allow players to transform into creatures (called Shapes), each offering different stats and abilities - Brings a new unique playstyle to Albion, as players can change form mid-combat…

  • Beyond the Veil Patch 12 Season Winner Statues The statues of Albion West Season 19 winners Paura and Albion East Season 1 winners Fr Bailand are now visible in their respective server’s Conquerors’ Hall. Furthermore, the four most recent statues now always appear on the uppermost floor. Changes and Improvements - Knocked-down players can no longer challenge other players to duels or accept duels - [MOBILE] With Virtual Controller, when selecting your attack target by dragging the attack button,…

  • Guide: Zone Types and Flagging

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    4316a25cd9202b9e74a51a8b31466a78eee73253.jpeg New to the game, or haven't played in awhile? Check out our updated guide to Zone Types and Flagging in Albion, covering zone colors, Faction Warfare, special areas, and more: Stay tuned for more guides in the coming weeks!

  • Beyond the Veil Hotfix 11.1 Changes - [DESKTOP] Added BattlEye anti-cheat software to the client for increased security and anti-bot measures. After this patch is downloaded, BattlEye will run automatically and does not require any further setup or login. Note: Mobile clients remain compatible with this version.

  • The Living Legacy has Returned

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    fba550db5089195e5e078e71975da6f47b1849e6.png With Albion’s sixth anniversary just around the corner, the celebrations continue apace. Decorations adorn the cities, adventurers enjoy some birthday cake, and the statues of Conquerors’ Hall are back out in the open world! For the next two weeks, you can fight these living monuments to Albion’s history in the Living Legacy event. And to mark this special occasion, we’ve created a brand-new trailer: Rich Rewards In add…

  • Quote from GongShou: “1. Moose mount translation in French 2. French 3. String is translated incorrectly in my language. 4. Élan 5. It should be Orignal because élan technically is an elk (european) not a moose (north american). The moose depicted in the game is very noticeably the North American moose which would be un orignal. Canada day just past and we would appreciate the correct translation in French. Please see wikipedia article for ” Hi, thanks for…

  • Quote from Ji_nius: “Language: Korean Error: guild apply translated as "적용" is wrong. "적용" is to adjust or execute something to fit a specific purpose. In order for it to be "apply to guild" it should be translated as "지원. ” Thanks for the report, these will be adjusted in an upcoming patch.

  • 4b487b0d370e68b0b23149535e7699c351f7dcc3.png It’s not all conquering territories and killing mobs, you know. While some swashbuckling adventurers spend their time slaying mobs and fighting over castles, some lead a slower-paced life, tending the land on Albion’s long summer days. But these rural folk need companions too - and luckily there’s a friend they can rely on: Ol’ Betsy. Yep, for the month of July this benign bovine is available when you refer a single friend! This brand-new skin turns y…

  • The Undead Challenge Returns

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    60b25fbc89db873dd26fcab3de3ac54c27004c0e.jpeg The dead just won't stay buried! For the entire month of July, take the Undead Challenge to unlock fantastic rewards. Earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Spectral Direboar. Learn more here:

  • 30 June: Combat Balance Section updated with introductions / explanations, a new Roving Bastion change, and several small adjustments.

  • Guide: The Destiny Board

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    b63024d9dd0469dfd11ab8b63d148e2e3b159f66.png Hello all, The Destiny Board is your skill tree and progress guide through Albion Online. In addition to tracking progress, it illustrates what activities you must complete to unlock skills, wear stronger gear, or gather better resources. It is a vital tool, and while it might seem overwhelming, it will become easier to understand after you spend time with it. Because understanding this fundamental game mechanic is crucial to your success in Albion On…

  • Beyond the Veil Patch 11 General Changes and Improvements - Faction Warfare: - When a zone becomes a backline, all outposts now automatically change ownership to the zone owner - An attacking Faction that becomes cut off can no longer progress the capture of a zone, even if that Faction holds the majority of Outposts in the zone - Added separate options to hide spell channeling bars for allies (same party/guild/alliance) and/or enemies (all other players) - Crystal Arena / 5v5 Crystal League mat…

  • Quote from Ji_nius: “Language: Korean Error: There needs to be a unification in translation. In some area, Plate Boots is translated into "철신발" in other area it is translated into "플레이트 부츠 ” Thanks for the report. The translation of "plate" here has been updated. Note that this string is "Plate Shoes" in English in the Marketplace and Daily Bonus UIs, as it uses the most general material + armor slot formulation. So while "plate boots" is used elsewhere, here the string would be 플레이트 신발.

  • Quote from Ji_nius: “Language: Korean Suggestion: In-game mail translation for "close delete reply" is "닫기 삭제 댓글" however it needs to be changed as "닫기 삭제 답장" Reason: Reply can be translated into two different words: "댓글" and "답장". "댓글" is more like a reply comment and "답장" is reply for a letter. ” Thanks, this has been updated.

  • The Titan Vanity Bundle is Here

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    75830a487e28d21b9aec88e0d687cfa0d9cf0794.jpeg The Titan Vanity Bundle is here! This brand-new premiere bundle is available to buy now, and includes a full costume set along with the Titan’s Warhorse Mount Skin for your Armored Horse base mount. The Titan is a towering, storied warrior, feared and respected by all in Albion for its battlefield prowess. With thick, rock-like plating, it seems as ancient and elemental as the mountains of Albion themselves, and from within emanates a crystalline blu…

  • Beyond the Veil Patch 10 - Ver. 22.100.1 - June 19, 2023 This patch includes changes for the current Guild Seasons. For a full rundown of these changes and the reasoning behind them, as well as the season schedules, see this forum post: Hideout Energy and Power Changes - If a guild owns a territory in the same zone as their Hideout, that Hideout's Energy depletion rate is reduced (i.e. it holds its Energy more effectively): - Level 0-3: -12.5% - Lev…

  • Quote from Gagadok: “Will Hideout Energy Changes work for Avalon hideout as well? @PrintsKaspian ” Yes, these changes will also apply to Roads of Avalon Hideouts. These Hideouts cannot gain the Territory Bonus due to there not being Territories in the Roads.

  • Beyond the Veil Patch 10 This patch, which includes Guild Season changes, will go live shortly after the start of the upcoming seasons. For a full rundown of these changes and the reasoning behind them, as well as the season schedules, see this forum post: Hideout Power and Energy Changes - If a guild owns a territory in the same zone as their Hideout, that Hideout's depletion rate is reduced (i.e. it holds its Energy more effectively): - Level 0-3:…

  • 250d2245ae7f5750007719d922758c2868389781.png The dust has settled on another Guild Season - and for the first time in Albion's history, this one played out as two dual full seasons on Albion's two servers. Congrats to Albion West winners Paura and Albion East winners Fr Bailand! Read on for a summary of how these seasons unfolded on each server, and see the top-ten ranking for each at the end of this article. (Thanks to @Robinhoodrs for the season summaries below.) Albion West: Newcomers Take th…