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  • Do you even game brah? Get with the meta and have some fun in your life

  • Quote from Ashiel: “Agreed. If possible a favorites tab might be a nice quality of life way of handling such places. ” Yes, that seems like a good option as well. AO has been pretty receptive to making quality of life changes. This is a small one but it would be great to see this implemented.

  • Going back and forth between my island, guild island, friend's island from town requires me to scroll down to the bottom through a long list of places I don't need to go to as frequently (if ever). Would it be possible to just flip the list and put guild island and friends at the top of the list since this might be what everyone utilizes the most? Thank you for considering this change and if anyone agrees please bump the post or reply! Thanks everyone

  • This is my second beta and I put in my share of 12+hour day grinding so I think I have a little footing to also say I agree, resources are way to thin. I have been to two continents and both are equally appallingly thin resource wise. In the first beta there were groves of assorted plants and various other resources were also in abundance compared to what I am seeing. This may be Albion Online's push to increase longevity of the game by making it harder (and longer) to get gear and master profes…

  • Just logged in and lo and behold, I can stack my inventory items. That has cut my inventory space down by almost 75%. Just wanted to say thanks. Now let me get back to farming my little fingers off for the night.

  • I prefer to mass craft resources and don't mind the time it takes. I do however, would like the option of either opening up my destiny board or using my chat box while waiting but doing so closes the process. Is there something in the works that will change this?

  • AlbionOnline_AW_15.jpg Tired of playing solo? Looking for a friendly group? Still learning the game? New, semi casual guild located in Kingspool whose goal is to explore every aspect of the game with fellow players who enjoy Albion Online as much as we do. We tried Albion Online with understandable skepticism from being burnt by other game developers during early phase launches and after only a few days, we realized how amazing this game is and the potential is has to consume our lives for awhil…

  • 1. Repair all button. Also, why does everything else in your inventory also get damaged if it is not even really equipped? Like your tools? 2. Teleportation method back into town. If you die, your durability can be left obsolete leaving you completely helpless on the long trek back home. Basically you just keep getting one shot over and over again until you reach town. 3. The towns are a a big mess. Random shops are scattered everywhere and the map icons are small and not helpful at all. Going t…

  • Dragging items over and back into your inventory and warehouse is a drag. Yes, pun intended. It would be ideal to add this easy and convenient feature to the game.Thank you in advance.