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  • Ban account (ios purchase)

    ProfessorZee - - Bugs


    Hey there, Please reach out to the Support Team via so they can assist you further with your purchase issue. The Forum Team is unable to assist with purchase or account issues. Thank you!

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  • Nick name

    ProfessorZee - - Beginner's Questions


    I believe the cool down for character name reservations lasts 72 hours. Hope this helps

  • Welcome to AO & the Community!

  • Hey @matmareso, If you want to appeal your mute and/or find out more information regarding why you were muted, please contact the Support Team via or open a ticket directly here: The Forum & Moderation Team(s) are unable to assist you with account-related concerns. Due to this, I'll be locking this thread now. Additionally, I removed your Email & Account name from the post for security reasons. Thank you, ~ Zee

  • Does support even care?

    ProfessorZee - - Forum Banter


    Hello @ntz_, Unfortunately, the Forum & Moderation Team is unable to assist you with account issues. Only the Support Team is able to assist you with these issues. It seems you have already contacted the Support Team so I would recommend you continue those conversations with them. Due to this thread being a Support-related concern, I will be closing this thread now. If you need additional assistance please reach out to for account related issues. Thank you, ~ Zee

  • Hey there @LunaPani, Sorry to hear about your situation regarding Pending Payment Ban. You have done the correct thing by contacting the Support Team. Right now they are receiving a high volume of requests and responses are currently delayed. Please do not continue to send in additional tickets as you only need one ticket to be open. Additionally, try not to respond to your ticket until Support responds to you as it will push your ticket to the back of the queue. Madma's guidance is correct here…

  • Quote from Duckiies: “Same here, it has been the 3rd or 4th day. No one is lifting the gold limit for me . Ticket has been setup, no one is attending to it….. really no efficiency at all… ( Stated in-game within 24 hours ) LOL ” Quote from Lilali: “Good day! Its been 4-5 days since i bought my gold pack and cosmetics so i could utilize the gold i bought. I really like the game and i would like to get help from someone. I also sent a ticket to the support team 2 days ago. ” It sounds like you bot…

  • You'll need to wait patiently for a reply from the Support Team. Support Tickets have an average of 7 day response times currently due to an influx of tickets. Please remain patient for a reply from the Support Team as we cannot assist with account issues on the Forums. Thank you, ~ Zee

  • Hey there, Sorry to hear you're having issues with a pending payment ban. This usually takes place when a payment is returned after purchasing something. Account Issues cannot be resolved on the forums. You will need to reach out to the Support Team directly. Email them via from your registered account email address to explain the issue further. I will be closing this thread now as the Forum Team cannot assist with account related concerns. Thank you, ~ Zee

  • I agree with this suggestion, I feel as though the mute list should be longer. I'm not sure if an unlimited variant would be possible due to coding constraints but at least a higher limit would be nice. It used to be limited to like 25-50 people but has been expanded once or twice in the past.

  • Quote from MorsHs: “I have a question about getting mass reported. is there a chance that i get banned by getting mass reported? I'm giving a headache on Gathering bot owners that i keep downing their alts and prob mass reported me (they will bring their 6.3 or 8.4 geared main with no specs if they snapped LOL) ” All Reports are independently reviewed by the Support Team and action will only be taken if you are breaking the Rules or Terms & Conditions. Simply being reported, without a breach of …

  • Welcome to AO & the Community!

  • Hey there, Your question would best be answered by the Support Team as they can give you clarification on exactly what would and wouldn't constitute as a violation of the Terms & Conditions. You can reach the Support Team via email at or by submitting a ticket directly here:

  • Hi there, Currently the Support Team has a high volume of requests and it may take some time to receive a response. Only the Support Team will be able to assist you with an account deletion so I would ask you to remain patient and wait for their response. Thank you, ~ Zee

  • Quote from Edderino: “Quote from Malanthrope: “This bug was fixed in Beyond the Veil Hotfix 8.1. ” Thanks. Will there be anything done to recoup the lost materials due to this bug, similar to how you gave us gold for deaths due to avalonian road bug? I have a video showing exactly how many buildings were lost. ” You might be able to reach out to the Support Team as they are the ones who handle any type of compensation. You can contact them via email at or visit this page…

  • Hello, Unfortunately discussion of Account related issues, including Bans, is not suitable for the Forums as this is a Support Topic and must be communicated directly with the Support Team. Please continue to discuss your Account Ban with the Support Team, the Forum Team is unable to assist you with these Account issues. I will be closing this thread now. Thank you, ~ Zee

  • Quote from uAchapCe: “Everything you're claiming about the scouts is assumption, there's no way for you to know any facts about the characters in question. Report them when you see them, that's what I do. SBI will take a look and decide if they're violating TOS. ” uAchapCe is correct here. We, as players, have no way of knowing if Scouts are indeed multi-boxing on multiple accounts at the same time which would be a violation of the ToC. Scouting in itself is not bannable, so long as you are not …

  • Why put up with swolebenji?

    ProfessorZee - - Forum Banter


    This thread is not going anywhere productive, even for the Forum Banter section. I'll be closing this thread now. Thank you, ~ Zee

  • Quote from Ashiye: “I m accually happy to see this announcement I have seen that the Turkish community is bad these days because of the election If I be usefull to our game it would be honor to me. Furkan Gürler / 28 / Mech Eng. ” Hey there, Make sure to fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a Moderator: The Community Management Team will review all responses and get back to you if they think you will be a good fit!