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  • i honestly like the idea as well, but 8 seconds is awfully too much. specially when the longest silence in the game on 1300 ip is like 3~5 seconds, and some weapons literally require said "movement skills" (actual weapon skills) Fiend cowl exists to deny sprints as well along other stuff. but anyway it would be fun to see even if it would come at a nerfed version then adjust as it goes.

  • Hello there. check this post for more information How to become an NDA tester


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    Quote from Manu4i20: “Esses moderadores do chat PT são uma piada total, dão ban em quem é de esquerda, mas quem é assumidamente racista, machista e NAZISTA só ficam de boa. Sem contar que nunca entram no chat e quando entram é pra dar boa noite. Eles deveriam, de fato, moderar o chat. Não me importa ser banida se infringir alguma regra, mas parece que não é aplicado para todos. O chat é cheio de gente sem educação e preconceituosa que passam de boa. Quem fica o dia inteiro mandando "BOLSONARO" c…

  • Moderators do have their rules that are followed strictly. Any LFG/trade in EN according to the /rules and would be muted. Plus im pretty sure you always get a warning first before you are actually muted, so i assume you choose to ignore that. you can also reffer to Emii's comment I QUIT

  • Diminishing returns work on their base cc type stun will DR with other stuns silence with other silences etc. its all at the start of the CC and the timer is currently 15s. as for armor of valor i think the duration is always the same.

  • nice chat moderation SBI

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    Quote from Midgard: “Quote from ISTILLLOVEU: “Basically, Respect other's and their belief systems and cultures, Even if you don't agree with them or fully appreciate their struggle. Regards, ” Problem is, often people are insulted if you do not agree with their religious dogma, no matter how respectfully you say it. ” What Hendat is talking about is actual insults to someones religion. People considering themselfs "insulted/offended" because you don't agree with their religion is not an insult o…

  • Quote from Cathlin: “Quote from Mandulf: “177 years mute? That's rough. Quote from albionPlayer1234: “Even If I did say "find third-party site or player and pay them real money for in game silver", I did not specify any website or player. ” Oh, if you did indeed tell someone to commit a bannable offense, I can see why you got muted. ” SBI albion moderation strategy is a joke. So are the security or game development strategies thus it is not really surprising.First, there you have hundreds of use…

  • Ironbreaker missing values

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    Hello. i've been checking stuff and apparently there's mob damage missing from the hammer's iron breaker tooltip it should have player damage and mob damage like other weapons since its different values.

  • Hello. one user in discord reported that currently the new items like mistwalker helms are not filling fletcher's journals for example…397517996245014/image.png I've also confirmed in the API that they are missing in the list.

  • Heavy mace Battle Howl (E) unsure if bug

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    Hello, so i was meddling with heavy mace spell a bit and noticed that the ability has dmg when its not stated ? even tho its just 10 dmg on base spell its still damage and not showed on tooltip

  • So i was playing with 1h holy and E show's 7.58s with omelete and mistcaller, yet when you use it, the UI says 10 (the timer is right tho its just the text thats wrong)

  • So i was looking around armors today and noticed that graveguard armor's ability has a weird spelling. "Targets that stay within a 30m radius around you for 2.1s will be pulled toward you." this seems weird and i think it would come better as : "If the target stays within a 30m radius around you for 2.1s will be pulled toward you."

  • Probably unintended zone access

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    +1 i tried it and it works super weird and you can exploit it a "bit" but nothing to serious while inside you can go through mountains, climb the said moutains and some other buggy stuff as mentioned by Freed. passage in question is in the South of the dungeon below the 4 squares tower, in blackthorn quarry

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from RenKatal: “I though they solved the self referral problem by having the mount skins bound to your account, as opposed to being saleable? ” They are not account bound. They cant be claimed until after referral season ends, and can be sold as normal. This in no way deters self referral. ” all that i can say about this is 6.11. No self referral. Users shall not create an Account via a referral link belonging t…

  • Welcome !

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “Csnt believe stupid people think cleric robe must be the answer to any damage received SO theres no problem to buff damage to any weapon. Yeah. Nice try to think everything is ok. No problem lmao. ” its simply the most effective one for most builds, cleric cowl, guardian boots, soldier helmet, hunter hood, any boots that out sprint or blink away from it. need more ? the weapon does not need a nerf.

  • Quote from Taladome: “noxmortus--not worth a reply. ImaDoki--should learn to read. Tired of repeating myself, as a solo mobile player, from tier 5 onward the only pve content available(of tier) is in HCE which you must group for, or in pvp zones. Tell me where I can wear my tier 8 gear and solo vs tier 8 mobs without going into a full loot pvp zone? Maybe you 'hard core pvpers' do not understand that pve presents it's own challenges. That many people enjoy the thrill of pve strategy. There is no…

  • Spell Casting

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    Quote from Grenark: “When trying to spam Smite my cast will continually start over. (With the changes to healing in CD, we priest role players are gonna need to be smiting more) UI Logic to stop this would be: Simple Fix private void CastSmite() { if (isCastingSmite()) { return; } StartCasting(); } Fancy Fix private void CastSmite() { if(isCastingSmite() && (CurrentTarget == TargetOfCurrentSmite)) { return; } StartCasting(); } Happy to open a PR - just need repo access Looks like ya'll might alr…

  • Advice

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    Quote from Justtoask: “No, but i am just saying this could be one time thing so everyone could have a second chance. ” im not saying i totally disagree with you. but some cases should definitely not be unbanned period. about the 2nd chance if anyone wants to get it will be from support, "Users having had their access disabled or having been banned may not create additional User Accounts without Sandbox Interactive’s prior consent."" shows that they are willing to do so.