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  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    Im not sure why there is so many people crying. The amount of people that DONT PLAY because of ping is an issue. You wont really notice it too much, not to mention my guild of aussies literally roamed BZ for over 2 hours today and not 1 fight. Anytime its even numbers, they always run. What content are you really losing? More to the point. If you all stopped nutcupping and broke up guilds into smaller guilds, there would be tons of small scale content. Instead everyone is too afraid to lose pixe…

  • Hey, I'm Aussie looking for a smale scale pvp guild in my timezone. Not looking to join just any guild, or one that isn't looking to do content daily. 5v5 Hellgates, Crystals, Ganking, Roads, BZ whatever.

  • Ganking

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    This is so stupid, its obvious that the people who complain are just bad at the game. There are multiple ways to not get ganked, what locations to go to, join a guild and gather in those zones etc.... But people want to get maximum reward for little work while relaxing back in their chair not expected to pay attention. Like anything, practice and fixing your mistakes are signs of improvement. If you cant be bothered or even understand what you're doing wrong, dont expect a game developer to make…

  • Still recruiting!

  • New guild in a small alliance looking for new members. We play on all timezones and anyone is welcome, but looking to get a few more active OCE/Aussie players in the evenings. PvP PvE Roads content Hellgates Fame Farm sessions New players welcome. Message: Gizzel

  • Returning players after a year or 2 off the game, looking to find a guild with active OCE members on our timezone.

  • take aussies, and how many members do u have?

  • Looking for OCE guild

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    yes OCE is Oceana, down in aussie land we ride kangaroos, fight crocodiles and have big dix.

  • Looking for OCE guild

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    IGN - Gizzel Looking for a big dick OCE guild lads, haven't played this game in about 8 months but my char is pretty decent, just gota find out whats meta etc for pvp.

  • Why do you make mount abilities go on armour ability cooldowns? I dont understand why a expensive mount like a spec direboar has a invis tied to its shoe cooldowns. So 10 people are out ganking, "because your game is filled with almost 0 content besides zerging", and you cant always juke everything, you get dismounted. Then you're fucked waiting to be a charity case saying "here take my shit". Thats cool. Knowing the guys who just ganked you with 10+ would never roam around with more than 400k w…

  • Cant login, error 203 comes up. Cannot download https:/ Tried re-installing, cant get it working.

  • still no nature thorn dmg on same target nerf? rip.

  • yet it doesnt get changed/reworked/nerfed so 1 in 3 of my corrupts are cancer. Anyone who thinks otherwise are delusional.

  • I really dont understand how the fuck this is still in the game. Imagine a healer standing still auto attacking you down and unless you have a "particular" build, you cant fight it. its actually cancer.

  • Duo Content

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    Curious as to why there is almost 0 duo content. I mean, there are 2v2 Hellgates and the possibility at doing 2 man t5 group dungeons and thats pretty much it. Why are there no dungeons for 2-3 man? its kinda bothersome every night with my friend either both doing solo content and get bored, or do solo content together and get 50% of the rewards. Also it would make being in a guild that much easier, since alot of content is 5 people minimum... finding that in a guild seems time consuming.

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Just stay at the entrance for 90 seconds. Why the hell would you run in 8.3 and not ensure it is safe ? Also, why the hell would you bring 8.3 to t7 ? Come on bruh. That´s too risky, and for what ? ” So i can fight 1v2 1v3? Who the hell expects 15 people to dive a solo dungeon rofl.

  • pretty much this. I ran a t7 dungeon last night in 8.3 gear. I also dont wait the 90 seconds because its a terrible mechanic, anyway 1 person invades me and i kill him. Seconds later 3 guys run in from the same clan, i kill them. 20 seconds later, 10-15 of the same clan run in "all before the 90 second" dungeon closes. Long story short, the gear they were wearing was t4-t5 so basically risked nothing. I lost 15 mill in gear, and i bet if they never came and i cleared the dungeon i would have got…

  • its been like this 3 patches in a row tho, last time was over 2 hours wait before they even posted a thread zzz.

  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN YOU PLEASE POST SERVER DOWNTIME ETA'S WHEN YOU PLAN ON HAVING THE SERVER DOWN FOR LONGER THAN MAINTENENCE. It's really bullshit to have your playerbase sit idle waiting for it without knowing when its coming up, make a thread ffs.. it literally takes 2 seconds.

  • the people who say "do corrupt dungeons for pvp" are retarded. If it was different/randomized maps, maybe. But doing the same shit over and over.. whoever enjoys this gameplay has serious issues. Who wants to join a game thats "be anything do anything" and then throws you into a shitty dark red dungeon because no one has balls in this game to roam in smaller groups.