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  • Wtf.. Now the website is down... Can't say this was a successful start to closed beta, lol

  • Yup i can concur. I just updated the client and tried to log in and now it's saying "no founder status". Didn't the developers know about this no founder status issue for the longest time now?

  • Hello. I am under a founder package. I am trying to log into the server right now and it's saying Failed to connect to server. I can connect to other server, but the new Asian server is broken? Down? Too many people trying to connect? Other? Is anyone else having problems connecting to the new Asian server with the Asian Server Founder pack???

  • Oh my apologies. I don't think you understood what I was telling you. I was saying it's extremely rare to find someone in Albion with almost 900 MILLION silver. Why not ask for a billion? Hey your almost there... Also are you sure that asking for almost a billion silver (( let time for everyone to be notified of the auction)) ? Anyways I see you keep posting over and over and over lowering it more and more and more.. Just wanted to help.

  • The price your asking is just astronomical. You might as well ask for "1 TRILLION gold". Maybe ask them to float in the air and spin the head around. You might have some very good items, but the price your asking for is just such a high number most can't bid... Maybe start the auction at something most people can bid on. No one is bidding and you keep lowering the price over and over and over again.... Just my advice... I hope this helps you get rid of it and put some gold in your pockets.

  • Playing only on mobile - worth it?

    Gmank - - Mobile Version


    I play on my smart phone during my breaks at work and when I'm home in the living room with my family. My wife will be making dinner and / (or) on her phone chatting with friends and family. My kids will be watching tv or doing home work. I'll be sitting on the couch on my smart phone playing albion. When everyone goes to sleep i jump on my computer and play on the PC for a couple of hours before i go to bed. So to answer your question you can do BOTH or just ONE or the other. I love the PC and …

  • oh no.. your going to hate me... I have another dumb question now related to what you said. If i have access to the closed server.. why give me one day early access when i get access on feb 20th with everyone else? is everything we do on the closed beta not permanent and it resets March 20th? sorry, english is not my first language and i'm a bit slow, lol.

  • Quote from xBaca: “Bronze pack is one type of Founders Packs. Bronze Pack give you access to closed beta, closed beta will start 20 february 10:00 UTC TIME for all East Founder Packs. You will not start playing 19, you will start playing 20 february, Your Bronze Pack give you 1 day of headstart when will be release of Asia server, close beta its not release of Asia server. East server will start 20 march for all players, your founder pack give you 1 day of headstart its means that you can start …

  • Hello. A couple of days ago i purchased for around $20 dollars a Bronze Founder State Pack for the "Asian server". Some people are telling me I have to wait for March 20th. (AFTER) closed beta. Some other people are saying i get to play closed beta tonight because im a Bronze Founder member since i paid 20 bucks for the asian server founder state. If im a bronze founder does that mean i can play in closed beta, or does this mean that i have to wait a month to play? * 2/15/23, 10:13 PM * BRONZE F…

  • It helps, thank you. My problem is it says.. * 2/15/23, 10:13 PM * BRONZE FOUNDER STATE * * Founder Packs offer numerous benefits, including early access to the server, Gold, Premium, exclusive items, exclusive access to the Closed Beta and a unique Beta Season with persisting rewards starting February 20. I purchased a Bronze package. This is part of the Founder Pack for the asian server. I thought it also said that anyone that pays for a Bronze package for the Asian server will have access to …

  • I purchased the bronze package a few days ago. From my understanding I can log into the closed Asian Server not on the 20th, BUT on the 19th. If you get the bronze you get in on the 19th, right? If this is true then what what time can we log in? I live in the Philippines and need help on when and what time i can log into my Asian server so i can play. Thank you.

  • Same here. I want to upgrade my bronze package to silver. What do I do?