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  • Nice feature!!!

  • AO does not allow 3rd party access to their data.

  • AO + Sandboxie + EasyAntiCheat

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    As far as I know, it was always that way. It will keep/save the last account you logged into. I suppose it may be easier if you changed the passwords marginally. Though of course that could compromise your account security. So fair warning if you did do that. I also have more than one account so that's why I know

  • I like the idea that one could make a temporary camp to regain health, focus or even to repair (maybe it would take a greater amount of time vs money like the repair scroll). I would also love to see pets in the game. Perhaps they only show up on one's personal or guild island though. Like a live prop. Buy them at the AO shop. I also like the idea that you cannot tell what another player's stats/gear is, but perhaps only in Red or Black zones. Though we can already tell what tier someone's gear …

  • Warmest wishes to you and yours this holiday season and in the New Year!

  • oooh! Love it! Thank you for adding farming to this one. I'm stoked!

  • Adventurer's Challenge F.A.Q.

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    Seriously folks! this is an ongoing, ever changing thing here. They are testing out ideas and based on player feedback just as they will continue to test out new things, new contests, new monthly challenges. If you don't like this one, don't do it! Pretty simple, that. Just don't do it. Whine/complain in the /Rant forum or put constructive criticism in the /Feedback forum. Whining does nothing but make ya look like a dumbass. Bring Solutions! Suggestions! Give reasons why you are for or against …

  • Contest Title Name: Hard Core Trivia Are You Smarter Than A Tier 5? Trivia Chest Trivia Quest

  • A lot of the suggestions/asks if this or that will be added should be new threads (or find ones already on the same topic) in the Feedback forum. Just my 2 silver's worth.

  • The question I wonder about most is... did Robin get a haircut yet? I teased him in one of his latest Youtube videos about needing a haircut. Just me being cheeky! don't smite me! lol Quote from deundebrek: “Wipe ... wipe ... a lot of players would love to see this coming, with me including. [snip] ” Why can't we downvote comments/posts? Dumbass troll wipe comments. As for the other "solution", that needs to be put in the Feedback forum.

  • AO is a PvP sandbox game. If you don't want to pvp and want quests, then go play another game. 'nuff said

  • It would be far more useful to see the actual stats of items players are wearing/using on the Killboard and Character Builder pages, on mouseover. NOT the image "title" or "alt" in the html tag, which is completely useless information to even see. As I tend to hang out in the /help channel a lot, I refer tons of new players to look at both for build ideas and to see what players are actually using currently (char builds tend to be outdated, quite often).

  • They are adding new guild emblems. Are you reading all the upcoming changes in Merlyn? Keeping up with news, announcements, new dev videos? Just sayin...

  • You already do get new portraits available to you as you skill up, and/or from achievements? But I have a ton available to me now. Much more than when I started. The 30 stack limit on building on islands is only for the first tier of houses/guild halls. After that, it will take however many resources required that you have on your character up to the amount that character has on them, no need to keep handing more in per stack of 30. You can ask a friend or guildy to help you add resources, it ma…

  • So I read, that's awesome! Seems like a little, but it will help the monotony I'm sure. It will be the same speed as watering

  • Quote from H4n1baL: “Some minor good news! We're reducing the planting timer to bring it in line with the watering timer @Piddle. So it's down from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds. Believe me, it feels a lot better already. - Lino ” For the love of my sanity, I'm thanking the Albion Gods for this! It takes WAY too long for me to flip my farms. So long that by the time I'm done I often just log off and don't get to actually play. It's like a freaking job and that is so not-fun. So thank you, thank you, …

  • As far as I know the devs have stated they won't allow any access to their datastream by 3rd parties, period. So this is all moot, no? And I don't blame them, in fact I applaud them for it. I call Bullsh*t on players not being able to make money on the AH without spreadsheets. Anyone who knows me in-game can tell you how often I claim that "Math is NOT my friend", or my forte. Yet I somehow manage just fine lol. Lastly, I'm sorry, but there are SO many, many ways to make money in AO. I always te…

  • btw, it's not just for guild farmers. Some people really do invest a lot of time with personal islands, on multiple accounts. I may have more than one, or two... and it takes me a long time to flip my farms, herb gardens and pasture. Too long, because a lot of the time by the time I am done, I'm done! No more energy or desire to play the game, or go gathering like I need to. So it therefore seems like a damn job, and that is so not-fun! So for those of us who invest so much time in-game farming,…

  • Thanks so much for taking this on! I was looking forward to seeing the new buff food and associated items in your database. I'm sure it's being worked on. So thank you!