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  • Hi 1. ) If you are harvesting cotton, you should always use the gathering gear that comes with it, which you can start using once you reach Adept Fiber Havester (Tier 4 harvester). If you gather in red or black zone, you should probably use a bloodletter or 1h mace for mobility, plus invisibility potion. 2. ) When you say invisible pig I guess you're referring to the Spectral Direboar. While the "invisible pig" is good because it has invisibility and can carry a lot of weight, I prefer the Pest …

  • Quote from JohnsonChicklet: “Hi, I chose Forest Cross as my starting zone, but then decided I wanted to focus on gathering fiber, so I am spending time in Bridgewatch and might journey over to the swamplands. 1. Does my starter zone have any bearing on the game progression? Does it affect what faction I can join? What guilds I can join? In essence - does it matter? 2. There is a little house icon over Forest Cross on my map. I am assuming that is because I chose that as my starter zone. Is it po…

  • If you compare the silver/h from this to other safe silver-making methods, this will probably never be worth it without buy orders and mammoth. I have never tried it, but I bet there is a lot of silver to make for those willing to invest. It is clearly worth something since there are so many people doing it.

  • Guild island question.

    Brannstrom - - Beginner's Questions


    IIRC everything related to that account will be deleted, including islands and the guild it owns. If you have other members in that guild, I do not know what will happen, if it will transfer ownership or just disband. Why would you want to delete your alt and not just make a second alt?

  • I think it's still pretty simple, blue and yellow zone are non-lethal, even if you faction flag. Red and black are lethal. If you have removed lethal zone notifications, you have to check the map before you enter a zone to know if it's lethal or non-lethal. Am I missing something?

  • Quote from Loucipher: “@Brannstrom, I don't quite follow your logic here. When you get ganked in a yellow zone near the exit towards the red zone - as in the above case - the idea is to prevent getting accidentally drawn into the red zone, not to escape the gankers into the same zone you're trying not to be drawn into. For me, keeping red zone entry warning enabled is all I need. If I want to enter the red zone, I click "Yes" and go in. If somebody tries to kick me into it against my will, I cli…

  • Hey! I would advise against permanently enabling notifications for black zone entry, and maybe even red zone, even though this would've saved you. The extra 0.3 seconds it takes you to react and click on the enter button might be a help in escaping gankers, this has surely helped me many times. IIRC there is no possible way to get pushed or dragged into black zones, and if this happens to you again in a yellow zone, just enable the red zone notification while they take their time dragging you, i…

  • Quote from Alysandra: “Hi, SBI is it to much to ask to get some real data on stuff like drop rate, faction points values, etc? Thanks Cool mount, time to hunt for moose. ” I remember asking for this about a year ago, and they answered that they didn't want to release exact information so that people cant easily calculate the absolute best way to earn silver, fame farm etc.

  • Time to use all my time farming the new mount

  • Amazing! Please add me on the list, my IGN is Brannstrom

  • Quote from NauticalNuisance: “does this tool take data from the screen I'm looking at? I'm trying to find a tool to stop me from having to manually take all data from the auction house. ” Without having read about this tool, I would guess it is reading the network packets sent, not reading your screen. If you want to get prices from the auction house automatically you could use AlbionOnlineData ( to do exactly this. With this you can get the most updated price shown with …

  • Want to rent farm plots in Caerleon

    Brannstrom - - Trade


    Hey! I want to rent a total of 20 farm plots on preferably fully upgraded islands in Caerleon. If you have farm plots here you want to rent out, contact me with a price, and how often you wish to be paid. Discord: Peter#8103

  • Hey! After today's daily maintenance I have not been able to launch the game at all. I am getting Launch Error (29) from what I believe is EAC, not Albion itself. I have tried repairing and reinstalling through the settings in the launcher and completely uninstalling. I have also gone through and done everything on EACs list on what to do, found here: I also tried to download the game through steam to see if it was possible to launch there, but no diff…

  • Repair question

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    Hey! Resource gathering could be a way of getting a small amount of silver very quick, at least enough to repair your armor. This can easily be done in the safe blue and yellow zones. Tip: Try to repair your armor before its durability gets too low, because the armor gets weaker the lower the durability is.

  • Hello! I am now returning after a long time away and I wonder what people do to make silver now adays. Crafting seems to have damped of and doesnt give as much of a profit anymore, so I was just wondering how people make their silver now? Gathering will always work, but it's time consuming and doesnt grant A LOT of silver. Any tips?

  • Are you suggesting that there should be .4 and .5? I would love making gathering more exciting and adding something that can make it less linear and boring, but .4 and .5 is something I dont think should be added into the game. Maybe you can find a treasure of some kind inside what you're gathering would be easier to add.

  • Exactly what I do. I craft while in queue and I am often able to put items in chest before accepting, but sometimes, I need to cancel.

  • Ignore weight in Arena

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    Hello, folks! I think that weight should be ignored in Arena. If you're on an Ox and with over 10% weight you get alot more than 100% when you get in the arena. You cant use a mount in the arena and you dont drop out items. I've had multiple people on my team being overweight when they come in the arena, and it's instant loss. Ignore weight in Arena plz.

  • Hello, I am trying to make a guild island that is focused of crafting and gathering. What buildings should I have and what buildings dont I need on a guild island?

  • I totally have to agree with you here. Of course, there might maybe some more limitations, but when I got my friend to try the game for a week he said that all he did was walking and chopping trees, nothing more. You dont really get teh full albion experience with all those limitations.