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  • 1 - they dont expect people to farm 7x islands of 15x plots each. 2 - market wont. Prices of farm outputs will crash, with the new potions being the only thing that keeps potions afloat until the mega crafters are max spec.

  • Tracking is a complete disrespect of players time. Forcing a player to spend 10-15mins running around the map, doing boring unfulfilling and content. If i wanted that, i would do ZvZ. There is no enjoyment in running to 6-10 circles on a map, to either click on a graphic or chunk 20% hp from a mob for it to disappear to another circle which forces you to run across the map for...the same play loop. Tracking needs a serious overhaul of execution before this update goes live. It is unrewarding for…

  • Suggestion: Caerleon - gets rare animal breeding bonus.

  • Brecil therefore gets no bonuses? The change is good and is much needed after six years of farming being in a point of stasis. This will revolutionise the farming, transporting and food/potion crafting economies.

  • .4 resource access

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    Quote from Quagga: “Quote from noxmortus: “x.4 are valuable objectives. It makes sense that people group up to contest these. Simply put, it is not solo content. ” but what content is this.. how many times you can meet some random guild with 50ppl and after first engage and losing 5-10ppl they runaway.... most of this groups mass for it and don't even want to fight, they mass to take adventage with numbers and get it for free from smaller groups, this is the reality of current albion.. not count…

  • .4 resource access

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    You can access x.4 resources. You can literally transmute them from 4.0 all the way to 8.4. x.4 are valuable objectives. It makes sense that people group up to contest these. Simply put, it is not solo content.

  • new NDA changes

    noxmortus - - Feedback Testserver


    Need to remember the game is not only balanced around mists. Sometimes Devs will stimulate meta change by buffing under-utilised weapons/abilities. Devs do this in every game. The proposed NDA changes are marginal changes, which will not cause significant meta changes in any content. What it does is provide slight QoL improvements for Enigmatic users and make the dominant kite builds in mists a little bit more difficult to play. Overall, the changes are fine and arguably is nothing to be upset o…

  • Quote from Unangwata: “it's not matter of chat. It's matter of what kind of players play Albion. Can't do much with that. That's what Albion attracts... sadly ” Also because it is anonymous. No one knows who you are in reality. So people feel safe to be the trolls, abusive idiots and anything else that tickles their fancy. Part of the issue is that some mods engage in the toxic behaviour that merely reinforces the anti-social nature of global/english/help chats

  • @HearTheSilence What you propose does not work. Asia server had players in 8.3 in the first 3-4 days. There were billionaires within those same first few days. Players who know how to exploit the games economy and mechanics will continue to do so. A wipe would do nothing but hurt the community.

  • Quote from Yaakz: “How to protect the mechanic of solo HCE? 1. Start arguments about something pointless, like the fame per hour. Ignore the silver, the main reason of doing solo HCE. 2. Complain about the risk of doing it. How much silver you lose. How complicated is to have a party of 5 to start it. 3. Change the subject and talk about the profit in other types of content. ” A demonstration of self importance there. No value add to the discussion.

  • Again it comes down to efficiency. For a solo 30min BZ fame farm session (low-medium spec gear- nothing 100 spec, at a gear cost of 250k-500k silver), I will average 1.5mil, 250k raw silver, 350k in loot drops/tomes. Then you have the people that farm statics, world bosses, ava chests etc How long does it take to solo a Lvl8-9 HCE? How much does their gear cost? How much silver do they get per run? How much fame do they get per run? How many solo runs does that HCE player need to do to equal wha…

  • Weekend Update, July 10

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    @Talion It is probably worth mentioning that SBI has previously successfully defeated the DDOS-ransoms. This would further reinforce to the community (especially those players who were not around for the previous DDOS iterations of years ago), that not only is SBI committed, but it has also beat them before.

  • It feels like East Server has been hit by DDOS during maintenance. As server has been loading (and no connection/online) for 30mins and counting.

  • nothing to do with the solo players in 8.4 with hellion jacket solo farming static dungeons...

  • Server DDOSed?

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    Both servers are "Online" but unable to connect to either. This is confirmed from multiple globally. So is not a regional ISP, connection issue. Servers getting DDOSed for the bot banning>?

  • Noting the Soldier Helm changes, will the "block" ability in gatherer hats also have a reduced cooldown to mirror that of soldier helm?

  • Get Ol’ Betsy with a Single Referral

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    Waiting for that "Bee" poster to start complaining

  • Issue: Bots have infested East server Solution: IP restriction to 1 active account at a time. * yes this will hurt legitimate players who run multiple accounts in towns * yes this can be circumvented by using other devices, but how many botters have 100s of devices? * yes they can be circumvented in part by technology

  • Quote from ZmrdKrakonos: “do not remove slow from black monk staff you should increase it even noone is using that weapon and now you will kill it. ” If noone is using the weapon what difference does it make if there changes to weapon function? The change is actually a good thing which may result in BMS being used in open world content and not just PvE in HCE/Ava Dungeon.

  • West also has the issue with people who have quit the game and/or the server, who are sitting on vast stockpiles of gold. That gold is untouchable and is contributing to the inflation.