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  • Here's a great video that goes into detail about skipping mobs in dungeons.

  • Can someone tell me if Albion still requires Easy Anti Cheat to run? I can't find any info whether they switched to Battleye or use both now. I'm asking because I'm unable to play Easy Anti Cheat games due to a hardware issue and I don't want to reinstall just to check it myself. Thank you.

  • I think you shouldn't play PvP MMORPGs. I know Albion is pretty unique and there aren't many PvP MMORPGs you can compare it to. Making Albion more like World of Warcraft won't improve anything. The core audience wants PvP. They don't want participation trophies and everything to be on easy mode. Progression in Albion is very very fast in comparison to other MMOs. You will catch up before you know it. If you want fair stick to Corrupted Dungeons and Hellgates.

  • Game launch problem

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    I try to provide some help since I have the exact same issue. Execute the albion-online.exe in your game folder. This will launch Albion without anti-cheat. You won't be able to play like this but this way you can make sure it's not Albion causing the error. If this isn't a problem with Albion itself, SBI can't help you and you need to check the Battleye faq for help.

  • BattlEye Issues Collection Thread

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    Can you confirm that Easy Anti Cheat is completely gone now? I don't have Albion installed right now. I'm not able to play Albion at all because of a hardware incompatibility with EAC which would resolve itself if it was gone.

  • Quote from solventh: “seems you dont understand the connection between. i m not gonna explain furthermore. ” You don't make any sense to begin with. There's nothing to explain lol.

  • You can easily maintain a 30 day premium by logging in once every three days to spend your focus. It pays itself. Getting your first 30 days is the only difficult part. Do group content. It pays a lot more than solo content and you can let others open the chests if you have no premium.

  • Quote from solventh: “Quote from Embelia: “The playerbase has grown from 60k to over 300k daily users in three years. It has more players than ever. ” thats because of making the game f2p in 2019. fix your point of view. ” What's your point? Players after the f2p release don't count?

  • You don't have the data to speak on behalf of the entire community and make such exaggerated statements. No wonder why this game's dying. The playerbase has grown from 60k to over 300k daily users in three years. It has more players than ever.

  • Are you really asking them to add more predatory monetisation schemes? You can buy gold and convert it to silver if you really don't know what to do with your money.

  • Why exactly can you not stay in Corrupted Dungeons? It has everything you wish for. How is wearing 8.3 toxic and what's stopping you from wearing 8.3 yourself? What is 2+2? And no, don't give me 4. That's offensive. That's what you sound like.

  • European Server

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    140ms ping is perfectly playable.

  • Hellfire Gloves

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    This weapon's E has a really strong synergy with Triple Kick, making it possible to hit all three bounces on a target. Yes, it's kinda weak when you don't use Triple Kick. It has received a rework in the past already.

  • IP Cap Needed In Mists

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    8.3 players risk a lot and they often get killed by players who risk far less. Yes, 8.3 should win more. 8.3 players still die to other high-tier players and to strangers teaming up. They aren't invincible. Doing anything in the mists will put you at risk of being ganked. There are so many ways to avoid PvP if all you want is a participation trophy from doing PvE objectives. There are still Corrupted Dungeons if you want ip soft-capped content. It always boils down to: I don't want to buy 8.3 my…

  • Awful balance in PvP

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    Welcome to Albion. Now get out.

  • Why aren't you in 8.3? It's easy-mode. You said it yourself.

  • Transporters use furniture to not get pulled by the Graveguard Armor chain or block Bearpaws E line-of-sight. I have seen entire furniture roads. It's transporters that benefit from furniture spam, not gankers like many believe.

  • They just need to nerf lifesteal on mobs. Especially: Shadowcaller, Dagger and Hellion Jacket. Also Nature Staff Revitalize shouldn't work on yourself, just like Holy Beam. In general they need to revisit equipment that got special rules for "when used on mobs". Spiked Gauntlets is another one of those utterly broken "PvE" weapons.

  • The best thing you can do is ignore him. That player could have simply closed the game and he would probably disappear while he's downed. It's a waste of time for both sides. He will lose 5% durability. Combat damage alone doesn't lower durability. Might be nice to get a dev response.

  • SBI can restore deleted characters and rename them if the original name is taken. You can check name availabilty with the killboard. Do what you want with that information.