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  • Zitat von Chaoseth: „You clear to the boss and they want to invite a friend or Guild mate so they want to kick you “ Im not sure this is even possible. They kick you and they get a random person in. Even if it was they'd go to the bother for a couple thousand fame? I dont think so. How come ive ran literally hundreds of expeditions and only ever been kicked once (i went AFK to answer the front door so fair enough). Removing the kick function would turn expeditions into a griefers paradise. If yo…

  • Zitat von Bmac: „Zitat von Arqe: „Zitat von Midgard: „Zitat von letwolf: „possibility to respec is a MUST “ No. It isnt. Too many lazy bastards playing Albion who want to chop and change on a whim. “ No the truth is too many "no lifer children" who are grabbing money from his dad or mum, playing albion and comparing themselves with people who have to work and busy with real stuffs. “ This lol “ I haven’t lived with my parents for 30 years, hold down a full time job that sometimes includes travel…

  • Zitat von letwolf: „possibility to respec is a MUST “ No. It isnt. Too many lazy bastards playing Albion who want to chop and change on a whim.

  • Zitat von solventh: „experience is not something u can redistribute, fucking 2000+ generations.. “ Yup. The millennials are gathering in numbers in this thread. you can almost smell the self-entitlement.

  • Zitat von LeBluK: „Hello, What can i use multiple characters to get the daily bonus from expeditions more than once? thanks “ Yes, you can. I do it.

  • Ganking really sucks

    Midgard - - Rants


    Zitat von slizzard: „Ganking is incredibly easy for the experienced mind. Knowing what your target will do is half the battle. For example the lizard mount on release had CC resist which made them incredibly difficult to kill/catch. At Savage I put our greatest minds to the task of learning how to solve this problem. Within one week of the mount being released we had developed an effective strategy of eliminating this advantage. “ Yeah, but can you do it solo?

  • Zitat von Bohica: „Caerleon “ He quite clearly stated ‘other than Caerleon’

  • Zitat von Komamura: „Zitat von MissBehave: „Yep you were close it is 0+0 “ in game? XD I could meet you up XD (unless you meant I missed the chance by a margin) “ he meant there is zero gold on each account.

  • That’s a neat idea. Can you not get around it by tracking most recent gains? I think that’s an option and will by default list what you’re wearing once you gain in it?

  • Expedition kick votes

    Midgard - - Feedback & Suggestions


    What’s you’re non-standard build? Maybe that’ll give a clue to maybe why you get kicked.

  • Gender/appearance?

    Midgard - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I’m sure we will see it at some point. But right now it should be a very low priority to divert resources into this. There are far more important things that need addressing than cosmetic changes. Personally though I wouldn’t like to see a gender change token. Appearance is fine though.

  • Remember what you sold us?

    Midgard - - Rants


    Zitat von Archiemedis: „Early days saw guilds already make use of this tactic, without lp in the game. But with lp, everyone was doing it. It changed the game forever and many players tried to explain this in great detail over months. So my own conclusion is, that SI was not able to tackle the real problem and acted inside their skill limit. “ SI didnt want to tacklle it as it wasnt a problem for them. Far from it ... it was a money earner. All those alts need premium. SI knew exactly what they …

  • Zitat von Fooky: „Zitat von Midgard: „Ouch! Butt hurt poster!!! “ Troll much? “ Butt hurt much?

  • Ouch! Butt hurt poster!!!

  • Zitat von Fooky: „Zitat von Midgard: „And maybe thats exactly how the Devs want it to be. “ If that's what they want they should take 10 seconds to say "Not gonna happen". Then we wouldn't have to guess what they maybe want. @Korn Maybe if they wanted you to make 2 trips they would have made the wt limit half of what it is on a mammoth? “ you have your answer. Sounds like it’s working as intended.

  • Zitat von Amatarasu: „Costumes. Permanent Costumes for gold with option to disable enemy costumes. Cosmetic only, no stat boosts. Option to disable other players costumes so no excuse not to have them Would love to do BZ with T6/7 gear just to look pretty but theres no point cause T4 armor + T3 spear is enough to solo farm T7 zones mini dungeons and outdoor camps ez. “ you’d only look ‘pretty’ to yourself as only a lunatic wouldn’t switch this option off.

  • Zitat von Fooky: „I plan my loads carefully to minimize the number of trips. “ And maybe thats exactly how the Devs want it to be. That you have to plan your trips. Increasing the slots could (particularly on a mammoth) mean that one trip is all thats ever needed. Perhaps thats not the game design theyre looking for.

  • Zitat von letwolf: „Zitat von sirina: „can you link source please? “ NDA Balance Playtestsat the end (keeps updating) Zitat von Midgard: „Sick to death about people getting hung up on ‘buff’ or ‘nerf’. It’s called balancing. “ when nerf, it's getting worse for all who invested their hours into that itemwhen buff, it's getting better for those few who played that, and attracts more people to use that item. wtf nerf anything and ruining their investments?! “ more fool the people who jump onto a bu…

  • Sick to death about people getting hung up on ‘buff’ or ‘nerf’. It’s called balancing.