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  • Try transmuting 5.2 resources to 5.3 rather than paying much more than you need to be!!!...forget the other tier transmuting costs. To transmute x1 5.2 rough resource to 5.3 costs 26,395 silver plus the x1 5.2 resource u need (they are cheap if you have to buy one)... There is no negative to my telling you this unless you have slight psychotic issues and need to express your stupidity. I'm only telling you all this because i'm drunk and feel sorry for having made enough silver/gold for 12 charac…

  • WTB rageclaw 70kk (million) silver

    Sariath - - Trade


    message me in game

  • thank you for letting us know

  • Server lag issues!

    Sariath - - Server Performance


    since the update my ping has gone from 280 to 320!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta love australia!!!

  • Yeah just acquire about 60 million+ silver and you'll be able to get one from the market/AH

  • Maintenance???

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    what is happening with overtime maintenance? if there are problems can you keep us informed as it's kind of pointless me sitting here waiting for something that may not come anytime soon.

  • what's going on??? It has said server is starting for about 30 minutes now! If you are having issues, then change the status so some of us don't just sit here waiting for the light to go green. Thx

  • FCUK my bad luck

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    10 hours after release my modem decides to turn itself off. I thought there might be an outage so I ring up my ISP provider and went through all the possible fixes to see if it was a minor problem, but was told is a major fault on my end. And if is within my house/property border I will get an immediate charge of $157 and then $55 per 15 minutes of work they do to fix the cables/wiring or whatever it is that fixes it!!! I can't get my HTC Android phone to open Albion anymore either So hopefully …

  • quite simple. go out in groups of 3-5 and do dungeons in t3 gear and you'll get that much silver in less than an hour each

  • Zitat von Icarus: „Well this launch was an absolute letdown. Over an hour into launch and still can't claim my rewards and gold. So much for an a equal head start right. Preparing an hour before launch and still can't even sell get gold to sell while plots are already getting bought up. Great launch. “ Pointless selling gold now anyway. you have to wait till people start collecting shitloads of silver ingame for the price to go up so gold is even worth selling. 1-1 ratio is like throwing ur gold…

  • Australian Guilds

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    Zitat von Cheewy: „Hey all. I am returning to Albion for the release and I was interested in hearing peoples thoughts on what is the best oceanic guild available for pvp and player base. Love Cheewy “ CHEEEEEEWY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see. Glad you are back man I would say join my aussie guild I have had for the last few betas/alphas but my guild has only ever been me in it so is a bit quiet most of the time lol See in you in game bro

  • Should have registered the name on the forums. Then if someone does take your name, just contact support and they will fix it.

  • No premium - Test server

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    At least your download speed for the 45mb update isn't as slow as my 18kb/s i am getting. Has taken about 25 minutes so far to get 14mb yay!!!

  • Having 2 different servers

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    Zitat von Bercilak: „We truly believe in a) having one world for all players who share the same storys b) not splitting up the community Kind regards, Stefan “ except your world excludes Australia and surrounding areas!!! My story = 280 ping and can't pvp in large goups as I get killed before I even see anyone

  • Has always been only people from same guild can see

  • From what i noticed the big guilds who get the black zone territories first are gonna be in T8.3 gear in 2-4 weeks easily. The T7 nodes I saw have 23 resources on each damn node and now they made those zones spawn .1 .2 .3 a shitload more than before so it's going to be easy to do crafting/gathering etc. as long as you are in a big guild who has territories close by or have a zerg escort. This game has become hopeless for small guilds or solo players. There is absolutely no way you are ever goin…

  • Zitat von pranaki: „hi, ive heard game will close 2 weeks before release (so during 2 weeks we cant play), or that will be shorter ? thx “ Yes that is correct

  • That would be F'D for solo players wouldn't it??? I played since the second alpha and this beta has totally ruined the game for anyone wanting to play solo!!! Without having multiple people helping you achieve anything in game that could make you sustain an economic situation that would allow you to get anywhere whatsoever in the long run = forget playing solo or in very small groups!!! You are forced to gather 1 resource or concentrate on crafting 1 item (if that's even possible unless play 5-8…

  • Typing Chat Bug..

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    maybe it's because you mis-typed... Example ect = etc. lol It has happened to me on rare occasions also so I don't know what causes it. I usually log off and on and it gets fixed is the best answer I have.

  • the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. (after being penetrated)