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  • Why remove full loot? Gear caps are good enough. You can risk what you're comfortable losing without worrying about being massively out geared. Refined enchanted materials needed to go, glad they are gone. The people who wanted them to stay just wanted to be able to have massive gear advantages on launch. They should git gud instead.

  • Having different tiers is just going to create a ton of clutter and confusion. It should only be one generic tier.

  • Learning Points recharge

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    There shouldn't be a game system in place that people feel obligated to have in order to advance. Learning points should allow you to finish off the last 10% of a skill, not 75% or w/e it is now.

  • Clarent Blade.

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    The problem is its just too easy to line up with arcane buff. Its the highest damage instant AOE in the game. That said I dont think it needs a damage nerf, but does need a 1.5s charge up/cast time.

  • Newer player here. Learning points is P2w in its current iteration. I'd suggest putting some substantial restrictions on it unless you want your launch reviews to be bogged down by p2w talk instead of talk about the good aspects of the game.

  • Maybe because refined resource drops break the whole economy/combat balance when the server is fresh? I think a perfect replacement for refined resources in HGs and chests would be a HG artifact drop. I know they are supposed to be more rare but when they cost 10x other weapons I think its a little too rare. They should only be worth 2-3x more at most IMO. So either that or maybe refined resource drops don't start until 1 month after launch. Or allow gatherers to gather the enchanted version of …

  • Alternate weapon/armor skins and magic animations would be dope.

  • Zitat von Joshuan: „Increased the amount of fame gained from studying from 1x crafting fame to 2x crafting fame. This ensures that crafting with focus can turn a market profit in the long run. “ So did this effectively increase the rate of leveling up crafting by 50%?

  • If only arcane was the problem then why does the sword line look like this: Dual swords ~850 damage, telegraphed E, 4m range, two handed Clarent ~850 damage, instant E, 6m range, one handed so you can also get 15+% damage reduction. artifact so 100 more item power aka extra tier in damage. Clarent needs, if nothing else, to have a cast time/telegraphed added to E so people have a chance to avoid the damage. Even then I think it still needs to take a hit in numbers somewhere.

  • Frost slows should be a counter to low mobility melee. Everyone's running melee bruiser heavy 5s teams (clarent, carrioncaller, daggers) because they straight up do the most damage and have enough mobility so they arent countered by anything (besides maybe one frost staff). If people want to keep bringing 2-3 melee dps then god forbid theres something out there that shuts it down. It'd be like me as a caster saying there should be a way to counter play silence/purge.

  • The CC element of frost is just under tuned. Frost beam should scale from 30-70% instead of 10-50%. Ice bomb, if they're going to keep it easy to dodge, should slow for double what it does now (40% instead of 20%). Then since frost bolt is spamable just a slight nudge up to 25-30% is all that's probably needed. Frost should be a counter to low mobility melee and currently only icicle staff with its 75% slow actually does that. Thats why frosts current 20% slows feel like (and essentially are) no…

  • As others have suggested, there really need to be a way to practice 5v5 fights within your clan. Why not just build it into the current siege system? You go to a territory you own and within the territory information there could be a 'clan skirmish' button. The button would instantly create a siege scenario at that tile that goes live in 5 min. Players from your clan could sign up just like they do in a normal siege but can join both sides. The game creates the usual territory fight but only for…

  • Zitat von nRated: „One thing i prefer to change its remove all refined resourses drop. from all events not only Hellgate “ ^ This (things dropping refined rare materials) is screwing the progression of gear/the economy up big time.

  • State of Gathering

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    This is the first beta i've played. The current economy creates a MASSIVE power gap. New players who play the game intuitively (go gather materials and craft) are sitting in t4/t5 and broke. Meanwhile people in the know are spamming hellgates and sitting in T6.3 gear with millions of silver. This is going to discourage TONS of new players who feel that they are just getting lapped by other people with no clue how they are doing it and they will quit. Economy/gathering/pve needs some serious atte…

  • Heron spear needs to have some sort of drawbacks. Projectile speed and AOE size probably needs to be cut in half.

  • So private and guild island have no crafting tax? Don't they have a crafting tier cap too?

  • T4 artifacts are very hard to come by and on the AH cost MORE than T5 & t6 artifacts. T4 runes are also close to or more expensive than higher tier runes. This doesnt seem like good design.

  • Wind/Thunder/Storm Staff

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    The animations that the druids use for lightning spells looks dope. I hope they add a player staff that uses em.

  • Whats the plan for after launch? What sort of up and coming content do we have to look forward to?