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  • I have to say that i actually expected more of these upcoming patches. Zitat von Vortech: „ Where are the logs? Where are the ranks? Where are the permissions? Where are the statistics? How about guild banks or vaults? Where is there mention of Guild Auction House improvements, permission, and or control? “ I would like to add few points and correctives to this great list Vortech has done. These should been done before release. - Crafting request system - Guild coins (for reward system) - Guild …

  • Zitat von Korn: „We will publish our road map in the coming week. “ Ok really nice. I am sure players will appraciate this very much.

  • When we can expect to get more information of future expansions? If i remember right, there was post where devs promised to make announcement in 1-2 weeks where they reveal some plans for near future expansion or larger patch. So are we going to get something? Soon maybe? @Korn @Bercilak

  • I have not been fan of expeditions, but i have not mind that those are in game either. Until now.. Zitat von Jonathan_Silverblood: „ Zitat von Bercilak: „Ive played in various guilds in Albion. And even in bigger guilds there are times during the day where you wont find people doing a dungeon with you. We believe that its important for the overall experience to have a few experiences which you can do alone without the help of a setup group. And every decent guild will go into open world activiti…

  • Zitat von Skarnik: „lol I don't get why people are crying, they cried about the 3 second auto attack dismount rule, as it's the best change yet, and yes I'm a pvper not a gatherer! People just don't like change and think they can make /run a game to often lol. “ Excatly.. you dont get it. Comparing massive world rework to minor mechanic change shows how much you know. LoL

  • Zitat von Dragnon: „This game is designed for tablets, in the long run. Just because the android version sucks at the moment doesn't define their intended design for the game. The evidence of this is all over the place. “ Nah. If tablets would be the primary devices then that part would have more focus straight from the start. Problem with tablets comes ahead with combat. You cant compete against PC player and maybe if all PC players stops playing, after that tablets can be number one device, bu…

  • Zitat von Dragnon: „Zitat von FireRunner: „Zitat von Dragnon: „Zitat von ntall1: „Zitat von Tabor: „Not fully understanding the perspective of the folks complaining about portals. Do you really find it more entertaining to mindlessly run 10 zones to get to the port followed by then potentially running another 4-5 zones to hit your desired zone? The previous system was tedious and caused all folks not living in black to not bother. Now the Caerleon portal system minimizes the dead travel time and…

  • Zitat von Korn: „ The main goals of the Caerleon rework were as follows: - Make the Outlands more accessible and increase activity in the Outlands - Make the red zones more accessible and increase activity in the red zones - Have a clear blue <-> yellow <-> red <-> black trade route, and make trade about danger rather than distance traveled These goals were formulated based on extensive beta testing. Memory is often selected, so a lot of players will have forgotten how the situation was in Beta …

  • Why PvP is broken

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    I prefer Vlad the Impaler style.…6825c3699b98ab43c4c740f02

  • Focus itself is kind of good system (or it would be) and helps invidual player to compete, but i hate the aspect that it pushes you to use alts and that way also maintain more premium. Alts dont bring anything good to this game and should not been part of the game at first place. At this point it is too late to take those out though.

  • Zitat von Kest: „I would agree that the armor pierce should be more difficult to land. This could be done either by reducing its' overall range, or adding a cast time (maybe .5-1second). “ This would pretty much do armor piercer useless.

  • I dont see cursed staffs OP, but more like used a lot, because of meta team comps created by players. If you think demonic staff f.e. it was less used in beta3 even it was better back then what it is now. If top teams starts to use double armor reduction or double healing reduction compos, it wont make those weapons automatically OP. Most teams just follows the same path unless something different and more efficient will be created. With this logic we should also nerf heavy xbow, carrioncaller a…

  • - Great curse staff is not used that much anymore, that it would need nerf. - Well i have seen lots of healers using nature atm and it seems to be quite good in balance with holy.

  • Worst update - Caerleon

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    Zitat von Thai: „Whoever came up with the Caerleon idea deserves a promotion “ Caerleon idea must be result of braindamage.. no options.

  • I agree those numbers are ridiculous and could be checked in future, but let just ARCH have their crusade, it wont last long anyway.

  • @FastEddie about the GvG vid. It was nice to see your tank running with mace and leering cane, it was something more fresh and seemed work really well at least in that fight.

  • Nice videos, but where is the GvGs the headline promised?

  • Worst update - Caerleon

    Thomas9 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    To get back meaningful localizations, markets and trade routes, next changes could be done: - Remove third resource from every biome. - Decrease from 16 portals to 4. - Add 2 black zone cities. Make them better when compared to Caerleon. - Add black market vendor (T5 max) to biome cities. - Add 5 ports to every biome part in Royal continent and 5 ports to Outlands. From one port you can only get to one specific port. That way every city will basically have own port in use. Better option than tha…

  • Are Claymore's Viable ganking?

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    And you can easily swap between swords because they share the same mastery level. So you can use different swords in different situations.

  • Zitat von Jacknight: „Can we use Adventure cart + horse together ? “ When you go to gathering ride with horse, but take chart to your inventory. After you hit max load with horse change to chart or ox. This way you can move faster at start and you can continue gathering after horse is full of resources. This works nicely at least in green/yellow zones, but can be more risky tactic in reds/blacks. So this was not excatly answer your question, but consider it just as a tip what came up my mind rel…