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  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Wasn't at some point curse ticking from 1st second, instead of 0th? And would that even change anything? ” It would mean that the curse player will need to delay their casts by 0.6s, as the second natural tick would occur at 3s. But let us be realistic here, SBI will never put an emphasis on skill now that we have a mobile player market.

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “I feel like this "double proc" talk is very very minor ” Every time you get 2 curse Q1s in a row, it plays a massive role. Every time you miss the 2-4s window is a DPS loss, as you're essentially loosing a single DoT tick's worth of damage. Against melees curse gets its Q1 casts almost immediately as they come off cooldown, so it's not a rare occurrence either.

  • Give more spells the ability to be cancelled mid-cast, but put them on a fixed small cooldown if you do.

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “what is this "double proc" everyone keeps talking about ” Since DoTs start at tick 0, there are 2 ways to trigger their damage: 1. Apply it 2. Wait for it to tick down on its own A "Double proc" would be applying or refreshing a DoT right after it ticks down on its own, meaning you get 2 instances of damage in a period less than the natural delay (in this case 2s). Quote from Captainrussia: “What I did notice is that the DoT does not take any DMG bonuses it seems ” It …

  • @The_Support_God The standalone DoT proc is unaffected by any nerf as long as it triggers in the 2s-4s window. So the CDR nerf only affects the DoT proc at application and the direct damage of vile curse. If I take your numbers from above (36 for direct, 117 for dot) the nerf only applies to ~57% of overall damage, which would be roughly an 11% DPS nerf and not the aforementioned 20%. You also get the ability to actually use CDR food with curse Q1 now, which is a sidegrade of sorts.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “All i see is 3 nerfs to Cursed Solo play. ” It's hardly a nerf due to double proc. Quote from Captainrussia: “yeah, its a 20% DMG nerf is what it is. ” You clearly have no idea how DoT mechanics work. Quote from VseOtlichno: “First of all, it removes double damage proc from course stacks. ” It does not. The on-application DoT triggers on projectile arrival, not on cast. This just means that you can carelessly spam Q and it will autotime the double proc for you even i…

  • Quote from Lockemup: “game really needs more anti dash mechanics ” Dash length cut by slow % when active, roots blocking dashes during their duration, as a suggestion. CC should counter mobility, but when you have dashes that are affected by literally nothing, especially 3-slot mobility weapons such as daggers or gloves, what stops them from just slamming head-first into the keyboard for a disengage, as long as they have an upper hand on meters covered per unit of time (which is every other weap…

  • I take the early 2k moderators from CS 1.6 as a benchmark. Any lower in quality and community sense - it's a given that these people are soy cucks.

  • Things are settled after a testing session, @Mandulf is correct, as I just got mixed up with relative and absolute damage resistances. Shields truly are not that bad as long as you approach the ~3k max HP range.

  • @Mandulf Let's jump to a convo, We're not updating the page fast enough, this is getting messy. And I'm sort of bad at math.

  • Quote from Mandulf: “Since the armor is the same in both situations, if we ignore it we get: ” I fixed my calculations there, it didn't seem to update yet on your side yet. Heal = 305/(1/(1-0.067*(1-0.56)) - 1/(1+0.038)) = 4553.303598

  • Quote from Mandulf: “I'm pretty sure the damage reduction from armor and magic resist is independent from the damage reduction from the defence modifier. ” No, It has a distinct order. % defense modifier reduces the incoming damage AFTER accounting for base armor resistances.

  • Quote from Mandulf: “If anything needs to be done to 'rescue shields' ” You got one thing wrong. The % defense modifier becomes active only after accounting for the magical and physical damage resistances provided by armor, not the other way around. So for example, if you have a full cleric cloth set at 1200 IP (that's what I have the data on hand for) your stats will look something like this: HP - 2354, Armor - 127 (56% phys res), Magic resist - 151 (60% magic res); A taproot at ~1200 will have…

  • I remember seeing something on the forums among the lines of the sarcophagus outperforming the taproot when you have a healer, but only after you get healed for ~5 times your max hp value, which is honestly not impactful at all. It probably was useful at some point when TTK was much larger, but definitely not now.

  • Even updating the game to a new engine version is a pain in the ass, but you want to re-make it in a completely new one? Yeah, that's not even slightly feasible.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “pve State ” It's not even that great in PvE either.

  • I'd much rather fix the interrupt economy and availability in the game rather than introduce such a blatant band-aid, but it's SBI we're dealing with, so here we are.

  • State of Albion Online end of 2022

    Hattenhair - - Rants


    Quote from Shadowbrick: “other players might still get offended by something you consider to be a joke. ” Nobody asks those questions. Moderators are always the first to be offended at someone's else expense.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “remember the days about 1.5 years ago (Pre call to arms patch) we were asking to nerf holy healing cause nature was dead? and when nature Got a Mini rework to Cleanse Heal + some other buffs it was so strong it pushed holy out of the healing meta for crystals? before holy flash was turn to what it is now several months later ” All of it again boils down to the slowpoke balance decisions. Overall damage in the game goes up, one healing staff is buffed, and the other o…