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  • Support are the only ones who will be able to answer your question. You will need to email them.

  • Send an email to They should be able to help you.

  • There have been massive changes. 2017 was the year the game launched. I would suggest watching one of the streamers that tends to focus on answering new player questions. @Blackboa is a good one. He does solo, group and arena. He's easy to approach and his explanations are clear and well informed. You can also check out the AlbionFAQ YouTube channel. @DrizztOfSothebys does a good job at explaining things in short easy to understand videos. Some of it you may remember from "Back in the day" other…

  • Quote from Alzre: “Quote from YeSer: “Quote from Alzre: “Quote from YeSer: “Quote from Alzre: “Quote from YeSer: “Quote from Alzre: “ Quote from YeSer: “as i say in the other threat.. the biggest benefited from the bug aren't only who's use them.. its who's sell them too. what about who's earned billions selling higher price than normal. and there's a lot player abuse this bug thx to your announcements about not rolling back.. give them a huge excuse to sell those item and trying to lie player t…

  • If you do not already have a Hideout, I would suggest checking out prospective zones Before you attempt to do it on the live server. Check out possible placement zones. Just because a spot in a zone looks like it is Available, does not mean that you can actually place a HO there. I had some friends that were VERY grateful that they took my advice and checked out their potential placement there, before they tried it on live. The zone that they were placing it in had what looked like a lot of free…

  • 7 day premium is available when you click the link to by premium in game. It will give you the option to purchase 7 days for $4.99. Just be careful may automatically renew. I just checked and it is still available for purchase. Get the one week premium, preferable during a week that you have plenty of free time to grind silver. Then use the silver to buy a 30 day premium package.

  • I need help

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    La mejor manera de reportar trampas es enviar la información a support@albiononline.comTienen personas que hablan con fluidez todos nuestros idiomas admitidos en el personal. The best way to report cheating is to send the information to They have people that are fluent in all of our supported languages on staff. I used google translate, please accept my apologies for any errors in grammar or phrasing. Saffiana

  • To follow up on the above, Always make sure that the password for your email account is drastically different from the one you use to log in on your Albion account So ABC123 and ABC1234 is not good account security. One of the first things that someone who has acquired your account will do is try that same password to see what else it will unlock.

  • I need help

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    That should not be happening. Are you getting to the landing screen? The screen that has the button in the lower left hand side that says "Play"? If you have gotten that far try clicking the "Settings" icon. The little gear. From the window that pops up, click the "Repair" button. If that doesn't work then try reinstalling the game. If neither of those 2 options work, please send an email to Support will probably ask some questions about the OS you are using, as well as s…

  • New Player

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    These are some good videos to watch. AO Faq. They are created by a member of the MOD team.

  • Email Support are the only ones that would be able to make a change. Depending on what you said, that change is NOT guaranteed.

  • Did they click the "Save" button? A lot of times folks tend to forget to Save the changes that they made.

  • Tips for new players?

    Saffiana - - Beginner's Questions


    There is no rush to join a guild right out of Tutorial Island. Don't just click "YES" on a random guild invite. Some of them may be legitimate, but many of them are Potato Farms, with taxes set to 100%.

  • To clarify, you will need to do it through the menu board on the house. If the house is set to be attackable and you use a demo hammer everything will get destroyed including the anchor. it is possible that this has been fixed and houses can no longer be attacked but I’m putting this in there because yeah way back in the day I had a demo hammer equipped and accidentally demoed a house.

  • the best place to get the answer to that question will be to email They will be able to best explain how to run give-always during your streams.

  • You can send Screenshots or video recordings to

  • I only know of one person that played in the pre-alphas FlufferPope. He stopped playing about 2 years or so ago. I started playing in the 2014 Alpha tests.

  • I would suggest that you email It is really strange that such a new device is having problems running the game. I've had no problems with it on my 11 ProMax or even older devices as long as it had at least 4gig of ram. The 13 ProMax Plus should be able to run it without issues, considering that as far as I am aware it has at least 6 gigs of ram. I will say though that if you are trying to participate in ZvZ, you will probably experience problems. But do go ahead and put…

  • I don't know if the island and items on it can be recovered, but your best option is to email @WHIT3ROS3 unfortunately if there is no one left in the guild the devs have nothing to work with. I've been through this with several friends and/or guildmates who did exactly the same thing that you did and there just isn't a way to give perms if there isn't a character left in the guild. TBH, I think I even did it myself once but, I was in a rush to get things done, I couldn'…

  • Copied from the system requirements: iOS - iOS 14.3 or higher - 3 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) iPhone - Min: iPhone 7/8 Plus; iPhone 11 or newer recommended iPad: - iPad 7th Generation 10.2 or higher - iPad Pro 10.5 (12.9-inch) or newer - iPad Air (2019) or newer - iPad Mini (2019) or newer Android (Play Store) - Android 8.0 or higher - 64-bit ARM processor - Snapdragon 660, 820 or higher recommended - OpenGL ES 2.0 support or higher - 3 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) Please note that these are the MINI…