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  • Quote from trubblino: “Quote from TheSlayer: “You opened multiple tickets about the same issue. All but one would have been closed as duplicates. ” I don't know why you are acting like somehow it's just the players that are causing the problem, because you had the same opinion in other threads too but let's say I made a mistake by making more tickets but why after more than 40 days no one has said anything about my problem and it hasn't been fixed yet.I lost my premium days because of this probl…

  • Quote from winsenxon: “I already know this. I haven't left yet but let's say that I already reached the required days to qualify for rewards, would I still receive the reward if I leave the guild before the season ends? ” Yes. Literally all you need is the bar to fill up. Then you can do what you want. There is a reason the last month of season is normally really quiet, all the hangers on get their 65 days then fuck off.

  • Ganking Round table

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    Look up "AngryWolf" on YouTube. Large gank groups are NOT rare in the Redzone.

  • The tank has to tank from INSIDE the boss. If you stay inside his character model you'll never lose aggro.

  • Quote from MythicalError: “Hi, this thread is about what the development team will do about lost items and silver for those effected by this terrible bug. You are off topic. ” The development team won't do anything. They develop the software, they don't deal with reimbursement. You probably mean the support team.

  • Quote from Quagga: “red zone is a different story.... I still don't know/understand why SBI is not taking any steps to fix the problem.. ” If they are playing from 2 seperate IP addresses (Phone and PC for example) good luck proving its the same user.

  • UI Size Issues

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    The size of Various UI items appears to have been changed with the Knightfall patch, examples : Buff/Debuff Bar Icon tooltips are Larger than they were prior to the patch. Take up a lot of screen space when hovering them. UI Element tooltips in the map (Dungeon info, Portal info etc) has been made smaller than it was before. Seems smaller than the rest of the UI. Not sure if these changes were intended, but due to some of them getting larger and some smaller, I assume this is a bug.

  • Known Issues Knightfall Patch

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    Quote from uAchapCe: “1> Travel map seems to be randomly placed on screen depending on zone. Sometimes centered, sometimes pushed to top, to left, to right etc. 2> There does not seem to be a way to re-center travel map. if (1) is a bug, maybe (2) doesn't matter. If (1) is intended, maybe (2) is the bug. Help ” The Travel Map is centered on your player pin. If you are in the bottom left of the zone when you enter the map will appear to be on the top right of your screen. If you enter via the top…

  • Quote from Quagga: “The funny thing is that none of the pve( I assume) who are demanding compensation are writing here about the fact that they are violating TOS and using "15" self scouts making pvp players lose content. this is a meme that someone liek them demand compensation.... of course it's sad that the patch has bugs, but to be ANGRY about it, it's like wtf u doing ” Technically the people using scouts wouldn't have been affected, as they would have noticed the issue when they tried to z…

  • If any compensation were to be given it wouldn't be via a forum. You guys who lost stuff should petition.

  • Quote from Elestir: “And speed-hacking is even easier to prevent. Simply verify all movement info from the client on server. Not a rocket science... ” This is a great idea until you try to do this for 500 people at once in ZVZ. Then the server catches fire. If speed hacking were "so easy" to prevent, again its something that wouldn't exist in any other game. But it does, because its not as simple as you think.

  • - Description of the issue: When hovering over the "Est market Value" section of your inventory before todays patch you would see a pop up with "Equipped Value" and "Inventory Value" in. This no longer appears to pop up. - Steps to reproduce: Mouse over the "Est Market Value" section of your inventory. No popup. - Result: Nothing shows up for inventory value. - Expected result: A pop up with inventory value should show.

  • Quote from Twillightheretic: “It's on the west as well. now, my question is why easy cheat runs at ring 0 , putting my machine at risk, but can't stop radar, or any of the other hacks. looking at it, radar has been in use for several years in albion. perhaps it's time to admit easy cheat software isn't working and look for other solutions. ” What "other" solutions. Counterstrike has been around for literal decades and still has hackers. Its 100% impossible to stop ALL hackers from EVER entering …

  • You opened multiple tickets about the same issue. All but one would have been closed as duplicates.

  • Ganking Round table

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    Quote from Vaelyyn: “I have been denying so many players from ganking sessions because i know it's going to be a disaster if they join. ” You could just train the people who aren't good to be better?

  • Quote from winsenxon: “If I was in a guild for 75% of the season but left the guild, would I still receive a reward? ” There is a handy gauge in game that will show you if you've been in long enough or not. Go to "Season Overview", then the second to bottom icon that looks like a Cup/Chalice. In the top right you can see "Current Days in Guild" which will tell you if you have enough days or not. This won't work if you've already left, however currently we're only on day 58 of the Season, so if y…

  • Hot to contact GMs

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    Post or login at and submit a ticket.

  • Quote from PlatinumWyvern: “and if your implying that in ZvZ you would see everyone on a command mammoth what guild has that much money, im only speaking from personal experience playing on west but iv played with some of the big guilds and they cant really afford to stack everyone on a command mammoth or battle mount ” The reason for this is that Command Mammoths are VERY expensive because if you die you lose it. If suddenly when you die it just goes on cooldown for a week/fortnight, the arse w…

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Quote from Amoebius76: “@Blenfjorn did you use any of the cheating stones provided for the Playtest on Staging earlier this week or today? Some adjusted the specs to be within a certain IP range if I remember correctly. ” I did use some of the stones, but I did not realize it would reset my specs. Kind of a weird choice but no biggie now that I know what happened. As long as it doesn't happen on live server. hehe ” Its a TEST server. The idea is to be able to TEST things. …

  • Quote from trubblino: “I made 4 tickets and none of them was answered ” You realise this is a big part of the reason tickets are going unanswered, yes? People submitting multiple tickets about the same issue just increases the workload on the support teams.