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  • Hello friends. Im starting this post in efforts to help draw attention to an issue that is going on in the BLACK zones. We tested our suspicions when we first suspected something wierd going on after not once not twice not three but 4 diffrent times being chased down by a large numbers of players. The group just always came straight to the location we were in after entering the map. Wed get away leave go do something else and come back to the said zone. Within a minute everytime the same group …

  • Pvp the BLACK and the RED zones are just cancer anymore. Solo players and small groups are always the target of 20+ players thinking they are the best thing since sliced bread because they just ganked a solo player. If this is you " That SOLO player" Then we are looking for you!. We are a PVE focused guild with daily trips into the black. {Merlyns} We dont go out trying to gank. We focus more on the Pve/Gathering Might/Fame farming. Meanwhile laughing at the kids and there 20+ man blobs that are…

  • Quote from ThreeHades: “Quote from Quagga: “Quote from LadyDaisy: “Yes, Gatherers old and new will be very happy. 30% vs 100% loss for hours of gathering is not perfect, but better than 0. Poor grumpy Gankers who sit on portals and zone entrances are upset.....oh so sad. If everyone loves ganking so much, why are there more people in the yellow zone vs the Black. hummmm? Let me explain for those who do nothing but run around and gank others all day. I spent 3 hours running around gathering, in t…

  • Quote from TheRoadExplorer: “Quote from becauseahaha: “Quote from Korn: “encourage gankers to play in smaller groups ” Feels like you dont know how your own game works. All your recent changes were forcing gankers have more bigger and bigger party every patch, because every patch ganking got nerfed. ” I am interested how this change will play out but yes, I agree. I just cannot see how this would make the ganker groups smaller. ” I agree on not seing how this will reduce gank group size. Reason …

  • In my opinion K/D ratio in this games a joke as 99% of any player kill is a direct result of a blob of players vrs 1 person and run from everything else. Show me a K/D ratio on a player thats the result of 1 v1 2v2 3v3 (Fair fights) and ill shut up

  • Report toxic dorks

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    Quote from Thisaoplayer: “Agreed. At least keep the game fun for everybody. Accept that your character will end up as loot. And accept that it's just a game. For mental issues.. go see a doctor. Don't spoil fun for others with personal issues. This is supposed to be entertainment. Albion Online is not a game for everybody. This game is only for those that can accept, that their in-game inventory will end up as loot. But also, this is banter forum section. So basically, expect rude replies here. …

  • Black zone nightmare

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    Black zone is nothing but 10 v1 ya either dont go or go and always be over run by mass ammounts of grouped players. I just go run around 1 map outside town find a dungeon i wana do then go back swap my loadout to my 8.3 then run do dungeon and sneak back to town. Its all i do in the black. Its pointless to do much anything else. I dont allow my grankids to play the game seeing there is such a massive undertone that stealing from others is ok...

  • Quote from AIEQ: “That's why mmo's are dying. Unlike Albion Online who gives challenge to everyone. This game literally tells you to figure it out, find solution to challenges, and keep at it. Unlike those dead mmo's who spoon feed you everything. Just take a break, and relax for a bit. Sooner or later you will be out there in the black-zone laughing with your friends about killing a 4.1 poor dude or being amazed able to fight a 1500 small scale group or escape a angry blob cause you guys gank t…

  • [RESOLVED] Extended Maintenance

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    Wont be any compensation. You play the game with premium knowing any downtime is a "Gank" and you accept this when you log in. Just like going into the red or black and losing your gear. You knew b4 ya entered the area

  • Satchel of Insight ganking me!

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    Turned off unequiped and even destroyed the Satchel of Insight. Tried reloging. Tried striping gear and zoning then log/relog. Even went to the black striped gear and beged a Pk to kill me. Nothing i do can stop the silver from draining from my character despite the Satchel of Insight no longer equiped or even in my ownership