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  • Actually a well rounded answer. Short version "Everyone else said it so I said it too". But I expected no answer so I am satisfied. Even more so that you admit finally that it is not actually official.

  • @Morcstar You asked for someone to make a separate post about you. So I did. Specifically asking why you are lying about your Discord Server. I even placed it properly in the Banter Section. Link below: Morcstar why are you lying about your Discord Server? - Forum Banter - Albion Online Forum Expecting that you will ignore the thread but hoping I am wrong.

  • @Morcstar You asked us to make a thread with this question, so here you go. You keep making the claim that your Discord Server is "The Official Martlock Discord Server"? This claim suggests that SBI endorsed you, and everything knows they did not. I am going to use the same example as I did in your thread to explain what "official" means in the context you are using it: *** Pepsi is the official soft drink of the NFL (National Football League - American Style Football). Pepsi can't just go ahead…

  • Quote from Shivaay: “People who have not used the Forum even once, have created an account here just to defame Morcstar ” Look at the likes on his original post. Mostly people who have never posted before. At least call out that both sides are doing it. You yourself have only 2 total posts as of now.

  • Okay buddy. I really was just trying to help you, even if it was with harsh truths. Good luck with this.

  • Quote from Morcstar: “Actually, I'm deliberately trying to dodge some arguments. Because I don't want to confuse the issue and turn it into a double discussion. But you insistently try to draw attention to things that are irrelevant to the subject and try to divert the subject to different places. And that's pathetic. Likewise, as AtomicGG has stated, if you have a problem with me or my claims, go open a topic related to this topic and discuss it under that heading, I will give you the answers y…

  • @Morcstar Since English is not your first language, let me help you out with a definition: The word "official" used in the context you are using it implies that the governing company (SBI in this case) has endorsed you. For example: Pepsi is the official soft drink of the NFL (National Football League - American Style Football). Pepsi can't just go ahead and SAY they are the official soft drink of the NFL, because the NFL could sue them for that. No, there has to be a contract which is approved …

  • You're still not addressing one huge LIE! And that is claiming your Discord Server to be "OFFICIAL" when SBI hasn't endorsed it.

  • BTW nice Stats Flex. It doesn't make you king. I never claimed to be King of Martlock even though I could have when I was still there. But I am not an egomaniac.…7be9160b890cabc50d52b6294

  • I thought you were "King of Martlock" and your server is "The Official Server". Wouldn't that make you responsible for everything? lol But seriously, don't pretend that it is "difficult to understand" how people who are not in the Martlock Faction to come to this conclusion when every time we go to Bandit all we see of Martlock is blobs of people all wearing Miner Boots. Maybe its not your guys, but don't say it is difficult to understand why we think this when you must be aware it is going on. …

  • Now he is saying Martlock doesn't wear Miner Boots during Bandit. Something everyone knows is bullshit. Martlock is NOTORIOUS for wearing Miner Boots during bandit. This guy is just a straight up liar.

  • Quote from Quagga: “on the other hand a lot of people including myself have lost any interest in bandits event because of the overused miners workboots, it's like T5 blob of flat 4 miner boots PVE ratsIf someone is trolling you, I'm with them with all my will, if something needs to be done, it's definitively not changing /nerfing bedrock mace etc. but making the bandit event actually a pvp event, where points can only be earned from pvp and not from PVE ratting outpost.. ” Agree on Miner Boots. …

  • Quote from Jayce122: “Hey dude, can you pass the HCE Discord link? It's kinda a open discord for anyone that wants to do HCE and have hints on it? seems cool, i would like to join :3 ” I will DM it to you. Seems wrong for me to post it here. hehe

  • As someone who loves Faction Play, and who also convinced the Devs to finally remove the Grizzly Bear Cheese from the game (you're welcome everyone), I do see this tactic as becoming a problem as more people learn about it, so I get why Morcstar is making the post. Maybe we should look past his 'questionable at best' credibility and actually look at the issue he is talking about. Same-Faction players trolling and resetting bosses IS a problem. It should be fixed. So as was suggested, make the bo…

  • @Coyka You misunderstood me. I was saying that I personally have seen him make this claim. It's the other stuff people are saying that I didn't see first-hand.

  • Maybe you should stop making false claims about your Discord Server and people will take this claim serious. BTW, I am not involved in the tactic you are describing. Just a bystander here. Bedrock Mace is trash. Make the Faction Bosses immune to the E is probably the best solution. That would be what I suggest to fix this.

  • I can't speak to anything that anyone else is saying but I have first hand witnessed you calling your Discord "official". So that is NOT a lie.

  • Quote from OducoDe: “Thats mixedCanadian as far as i know of. Morc insults more on personal level and bans you the moment you criticise him. He never makes mistake and everyone else is at fault when sth bad happens.Oh and he likes to write "fuck xy" in faction chat a lot ” Got it. But yeah I am confused why SBI never muted him for the false claims of having the Official Discord for the Faction. Everyone knows that's BS.

  • Quote from Coyka: “And calling your discord Official... I'm pretty sure that more rule breaking than the weapon that SBI made for us. ” He should have been muted for this months ago. Not permanently, but a 'warning mute' of a few days. Unless SBI endorsed his Discord Server as official.... which of course they have not. Is he the same Martlock leader who constantly says racists things in the Faction Chat and elsewhere?

  • Why put up with swolebenji?

    Blenfjorn - - Forum Banter


    Quote from uAchapCe: “If you all stop replying to this guys walls of gibberish, he might go away. ” I'm going to actually report him for the RL accusations he is making and maybe they will mute him.