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  • fishing for 3 hrs without banking your asking for trouble

  • Spider

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    are the treasure drones showing on the mini map too. There is a group of 4 Pibe who keep entering zone running straight to the drones no matter where they are they somehow know and then they take drone and leave. Ive seen them enter zone and run right straight line to drone 3 times now. Is there a way to view drone location i am missing?

  • Server is bad right now. Even with ping of 23-30 i am experiencing long black screens between zones. My alliance tried to zvz yesterday and it was like people were teleporting all over the place because the server lag was terrible. This is not connection of player lag. This is 100% server lag. It either cannot handle the system they put in play for mobile or the player base has expanded enough to cause strain upon server that it is ruining EVERYONES gameplay. Of course if they made new server it…

  • Everyone in a zone with more than 5 people is literally wearing rubberband shoes already. There is no reason for SBI to hand them out. The game is nearly unplayable although my ping is between 20 and 30.

  • please revert the territory capping interrupts back to hard CC only. I am tired of naked alts coming and punching me half way thru a cap interrupting me when i should be able to just ignore them and continue capping the terry.

  • If they were going to change something it could be the garbage cluster que system... Get to an objective early? PoE, Arch + Squad will mass 20 alliances and your defensive position is ruined as your defense is zoned out to god knows where with no choice in the matter to be ganked while your main zerg dwindles down from 350 to zero. Just upgrade the servers so we can do 400 v 400 and have some really epic battles

  • Quote from KickinMACHINE: “Disarray changes are terrible. Its gonna just bring handholding back and force actual alliances to split again.. ” What do you mean bring it back they are doing this to give smaller alliances a shot vs the handholder zergs. Bring it back he says like it actually went anywhere.

  • Just count the oscillations of your local quartz crystal and you will never need a watch again

  • Conceptual Wrongness​​ SBI

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    There is nothing wrong with Albion except Alliance handholding. When 5 mega alliances join up and send 400-500 ppl to attack one alliance it totally ruins the spirit of of the game.So even if u build best alliance 5 other alliances will gang up on you to steal your territory. Instead of this lame cluster que BS we have now thats abused on all angles by these mega coalitions only the attacking and defending alliances should be allowed to fight over a zone. But since SBI wants to keep feeding thes…

  • They just need to remove nonsensical concepts like Outlaw status in the black zone. There are other ways to improve. Like start making territory upgrades based on materials instead of crystal wins. This could sink alot of silver in the name of season points. SBI tried to nerf black market and Corrupted dungeon loot all you did was make it harder for new players to get into the game. Anyone with a year or more in has economic supremacy if they are smart with their money and aren't losing 8.3 sets…

  • you want to make a change remove Outlaw status in the black zone. WHY it was ever invented in the first place is pointless and absolutely stupid. You want to put it on the royal continent fine. But outlaw status in lawless lands ? Absolutely dumb. All it does is give cheap shot wins to hordes of gankers targeting solo individuals outside their hideouts. Can't go in YOUR hideout that YOU built and operate because you have outlaw status from DEFENDING YOUR TERRITORY? This makes no sense realistica…

  • its easy gathering in black zone just not on weekends. My problem with it is if it's a free for all zone there should be NO outlaw status in the black zone at all. In the royals fine but the black zone is literally the place you should be able to attack anyone at anytime without being barred entry to your hideout or whatever else. Engaged in a fight i can see that cuz maybe your friends won't open the door for you because the enemy might slip in since your fighting. But the outlaw status is garb…

  • More damage only to players. THIS change makes greataxe more of a pvp weapon instead of for pve clearing which it will now cost more energy and do less dmg to mobs. I am not a fan. I don't think anything is wrong with it to begin with

  • Snooze fest on combat changes

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    Your talking about a brand new hyped game that just launched of course its full of players. You know what else was full of players when it came out 'Artifact'. Which then died over the course of 6 months. I agree alot of weapons and armors need reworking and upgrading in the name of balance. The plate and alot of leather armors classes especially. Clothies are basically everywhere which is really non rpg and no one wears plate except pve tankz and zvz tanks. The only gankerz using plates are in …

  • I think albion is not balanced for 1v1 pvp even though they have an option for it in corrupted dungeons and duels etc. They are balancing for group v group and zerg v zerg which plate armors have significant roles and uses in. A cpl grove keepers and a healer can keep a flank protected all day and thats what the plates job is in the long run to be the shield between the damage and the cloth damage dealers. Whether they do it by holding agro in dungeons or CCing in zergs this is the balance sbi i…

  • Island Mover

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    better than it is now with chests of nothing but runes and silver bags. Half the time you don't even see the runes! Would be nice to see the loot increase for solo dungeons in black zones. What should be done is the loot should be set per zone so that zones that have little or no dungeon activity build up loot over time to increase dungeon use in zones that aren't filled with large alliances with 100s of people. Like the arch zone with 15 hideouts there should be limited loot in every zone so th…

  • Sounds like more ganky bois crying again. Don't worry now you will have 5v5 10v10 2v2 hellgate for all your smallscale needs. Oh you don't want to go up vs people actually prepared for a fight? You just want easy loot from people trying to fame up in a non 500 man alliance protected zone? Small scale is great right now the problem is your mad you can't go loot famers 5 at a time. Because as soon as equal numbers come out in pvp gear you do like all the rest and high tail it out of there (a few a…

  • point sharing is a terrible concept. especially at end of season when one guild is grinding to make rewards. Then the guilds that already made it to silver/gold/crystal just slack and collect useless points and crippple the team playing hard.

  • Solo Random Dungeons

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    I agree Map loot would have to be increased by 50-100% to make it worth doing them over Randoms. I don't mean adding 50-100% on to the supposed loot multiplier on the chests either i mean t7 flat maps need to go from 260% to 390%-520% still this only makes the loot 1 higher level than the current maps now. So maybe even more would be needed to keep maps selling otherwise the map price would tank and it will become a trash loot.

  • LYMH VS POE who will WIN?

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    PoE can flatten Lymh if they came in force. Maybe its bad time for them or something that give lymh a chance? Maybe they just don't care.