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  • If we could not advertise him here that would be just great. New players have no actual game knowledge, so his videos appear legit.

  • And if we could not advertise this dude that would be great.... Also, a very simple way of fixing the problem would be this: Mobs in static dungeons should not be granting faction points. Problem solved. I do a daily round of mob killing in a static myself as I find it to be fast and easy way to collect 5k daily faction points. I spend most of my time in the bz so doing rz faction fighting bores me but I still collect at least these daily points just cause I can and is something to do. Yet even …

  • First come, first served I'm afraid. No way around it. You can add an extra letter to your name perhaps or spell the name backwards but that's about it.

  • Original Founder

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    New founders packs will be for the new server that is going to be opened soon (Asian server). You already received your benefits from the original pack that you purchased. The original founders pack does not apply to a new server as it's going to be a fresh start over there. There are several running topics on the subject of a new server already. Check them out for more details.

  • You need to realize that new server will also bring new players. If the game is being promoted as new and you are there on the first day but realize that some people are already max spec in multiple things and are way ahead of you on servers day 1, are probably just going to be discouraged. You expect to play catch up when you join a game that has already been running for a while but it doesn't feel right running a race where some people are starting way in front of you by default. Another thing…

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    Quote from hullierter: “I live in Singapore. Can I transfer my account /char onto the Asian Server? Including all my achievements (Island,fame,weapons,gear,destiny board etc). Not keen on starting by zero and "losing" everything. Thanks ” You can't. It's a fresh start on a new server. The experience would be ruined for new players if someone could just transfer with loads of silver, spec and items.

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    Reserving judgement. SEA did have horrible ping so this will allow them to actually play.

  • Just close the game and run the launcher again. It will make another update and it will work.

  • Just remove the death skull, please. It already has no room in the game anymore but it is completely out of place in the Mists. We already don't get Outlaw debuff here so please just remove the death skull. It will not fix much but it will be a step in the right direction. Increasing the number of players that it takes to create a blob is not going to help. Just another player standing around with gloves or a bloodletter is enough to make anyone hesitant to dismount. It doesn't matter if the num…

  • I don't want to sound too negative but at the very least another significant spawn chance increase for Mythical Creatures in the Mists is very much needed.

  • A young adventurer joined a guild that was settled deep into the black zone. After a few successful days in a region he now called home, he decided that much more gear and resources will need to be available to him in order to sustain his constant urge for fame and riches. Eager to relocate his most valuable sets and his well-prepared meals and beverages he made a big investment and purchased a transport mammoth. Blinded by ambition and driven by youthful stubbornest and ignorance he loaded his …

  • I am resurrecting this thread for a moment just to say that I was totally wrong thinking that JB was going to be a big mistake. So far it turned out that it was mainly a positive addition to the game and hasn't really ruined anything. I know many others who feel the same. Just wanted to share.

  • It's not hard to try. LFG is full of people asking to join or for people to join HCE runs. Just look for someone who is LFM for some low level maps (1-4) and go for it. Those you can just yolo. However, those are not representing how difficult things get later on. Specific builds are needed and I highly recommend you to start of as a light crossbow as that is the easiest one. 4.3 excellent and masterpiece gear will do fine till level 10 maps with some spec and knowledge. Your most important item…

  • Most important change is this (as that quest was bs where T6+ tards were camping the place 24/7): wPh+0nGAreLwAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

  • Google HCE discord and join it. All the info regarding HCEs can be found there.

  • I thought this would be a very bad addition to the game but it actually does feel great. However, what it did is made gank groups go way up in size. It now feels that you never get attacked by a few players any more. It's a group of 15 all the time. I guess they are all the time hoping to catch someone who is trying to Journey Back.

  • So people do whine about everything.

  • Based on many conversations that I had with a lot of people over the years I concluded that not a lot of Albion community actually likes ZvZ but does them as a necessary evil. However, what if we were to address this at its core? What if ZvZs were to be removed from the game? How would this be done you ask? Well, what if instead of a disarray that starts from the moment you get X amount of people in the zone we were to rework it into a buff for those in a party of 2 to 5? Yes that would probably…

  • Journey Back Ability

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    The chance is not needed but it is coming none the less. It becomes next to useless for those who gather and have a home set at a HO but it is quite something for those who have home set at a city. I get that this is done in order to get people who are not in a guilds who live in a bz to go out and give it a go so I am kind of Ok with that. However, I do feel that it is not needed but I don't blame the gankers. Invisibility shrines were enough to get people out of the portal zones. Problem is th…

  • As title suggests. The invisibility buff lasts way too long now and I am not sure why this change was needed. My guild has a HO in a T7 zone 2 tiles away from the hub. This new buff makes it a free ride to HO every time. Personally the change makes it easier to bring gear but this feels too OP and too beneficial. You can ride 3 or 4 tiles while still having a buff. This is going to cause problems in ZvZ as well as blobs will just appear inside enemy territories. Please do not let this go live in…